Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update #1 and #2 8-5-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

08/05/2021 Update

Our military intel contact said he sent the Fed-FDIC blocking legitimate RV accounts info back up the line, and yes the problem was not yet fixed as Mr Fleming’s source said and as our guy mistakenly said; his current info today Thu 5 Aug is that Interpol is involved now with DoD & UST to straighten it out, arrests will be made if necessary, and his info is the same as MarkZ this morning whose sources described it as partly due to compartmentalization of the RV roll out process, MarkZ also said it was being fixed now which is what our guy is hearing too —because Interpol is working it through with DoD & UST it will be a hiccup and not become a major problem—they’re making sure the cabal loses every time:

. .. MarkZ Thu 5 Aug: “I have heard some legitimate accounts have been frozen while they work this out. . . 99% of these accounts will soon be off hold……This is just a hiccup….not a major problem.”

. ..His info is that there was a release at 7:50 AM and 11:02 AM this morning Thu 5 Aug for moving forward with bond payouts & F&P (+adjudicated-settlements+PP) payouts/notification-deliveries toward the liquidity cascading shotgun start & T4B start any time now to Sat 7 Aug; his info is that the UST & DoD are still releasing the hundreds of thousands of payouts globally to each level as part of a “controlled operation payment release” to prevent security breaches that would rehydrate the Deep State;

. ..He said that Iraq’s govt, PM Kadhimi / Kazemi, the CBI, & IMF meeting tomorrow Fri 6 Aug are a very positive marker of global RV progress as MarkZ and Sheila (CMKX expert) said this morning; said keep prayers going & watch inboxes; he said many behind the scenes are very excited at how close we are like MarkZ said he was this morning:(edited)

[2:42 PM]

MarkZ Thu 5 Aug: Absolutely [we still get our 800 numbers today in a shotgun start] ….. I rather expect once they move big pieces of the bonds redemptions….dropping millions and billions of liquid funds…..that’s when I expect to see our shotgun start.

MZ: I am actually feeling really positive today…..excited this week…we are so close guys…..

. ..He agreed with Mr Fleming’s source that the Covid-19 vaccinations are harmful (deadly to those with weak immune systems like the flu is ) and the COVID-19 vaccinations were engineered by the Deep State half-wits that are panicking that they are losing the war and losing power to actually be spreading the second wave of the Delta COVID-19, so don’t get jabbed and be a spreader; he agreed that that the actions taken by TX gov Abbott and FL gov DeSantis are meant to stop the Deep State insanity still raising it’s ugly head like a wounded dog that’s already dead & dying.

08/05/2021 Podcast Update



08/05/2021 Update #2

Our military intel contact said the releases today take time to produce the expected liquidity working their way through the chain command;

. .. He said it’s not lies & kaka; and Isaac was dead wrong when he claimed a week ago that there was no bond liquidity anywhere in the world after MarkZ had said during his daily streams the last 2 weeks of June that he PERSONALLY knew bond holders who went silent under NDAs and who had received a portion of their bond liquidity;

. ..No one knows everything guys.

.. .. A little more humility is in order.

Today at 3:41 PM

He also asked do they want to shut down MarkZ too because his expected intel does not always happen as expected? Is that annoying kaka too? Are Isaac’s dead wrong statements about bond liquidity disproven by MarkZ annoying kaka? Wolverine’s intel has been wrong countless times too!!

He said stop shooting the messenger! We are all doing our best and we are on the same team trying to get over the finish line.

08/05/2021 Podcast Update #2



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