Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Late Night Update 8-4-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

08/04/2021 Late Night Update

Our military intel contact said DoD already took care of the Fed FDIC block of accounts; he said it was not really a Fed/FDIC problem but was related to the problem with Yellow Dragon bonds earlier this week for which DoD needed to update security arrangements & have contracts updated, also needed for all key bonds controlling liquidity for D1, D2, D3 to release the final cascade to all levels from tomorrow Thu 5 Aug forward; He said that the Fed & FDIC are under UST & DoD is in control so the fix was done relatively quickly;

. . His info matches Mr Fleming’s sources saying tonight Wed 4 Aug “[we are] hearing of undisclosed movement in the right direction”; he said that within hours there is expected to be a global release to start payouts at all remaining tier levels, and MarkZ’s bond holder sources today Wed 4 Aug were still being told this timing for the resumption of bond payouts & as TX Snake’s 5-State exchange banker also mentioned;

. .He said payouts into accounts have quietly continued to F&P-adjudicated-settlements-PP accounts and to T3 group accounts, tomorrow Thu 5 Aug the 6 levels of thousands of paymasters globally assigned to pay out lower levels of T3-T4A beneficiary accounts will have their paymaster beneficiary accounts paid out by UST, with the process moving to T4B before the week is out (his current info), if the DoD security teams and the legal teams don’t find reason to have to pause the progress (pray);(edited)

[10:15 PM]

. He said that for security purposes DoD & UST have been releasing the global payouts methodically daily from upper levels to lower levels in what DoD & UST call “a controlled operation payout release,” a percentage of funds have been quietly accessed in upper level T3 bond holder accounts and F&P (+adjudicated+PP) accounts, so that the money that’s been methodically paid into accounts will reach us in T4B shortly—the money is moving behind the scenes making many T3 beneficiary recipients quietly (NDA) celebrate the past 6 days, something we can all look forward to shortly;

. .He said this is still a military operation, he does not have time to argue with intel providers who are so deceived they actually believe the fake Biden is president (probably also believe the myth that 9/11 was done by terrorists with box cutters instead of the truth that it was an inside job done by Bush Jr, Cheney, and a host of other Deep State Freemason pedo-satanists), as almost everyone outside this country knows, what multiple military Special Operations forces have said they were told by DoD that Trump is the true president, including Drew, the Air Force special forces operator we spoke personally with 3 months ago, who also said ALL JSOC special forces were told what Michael Jaco says, former NAVY SEAL who worked with the CIA (good side & knows the Deep State side too)—Biden is NOT the true president, Trump is, the Deep State has been fighting the RV/GCR tooth and nail, and if Trump & DoD we’re not pushing the RV/GCR it would NOT be happening at all—He said anyone who disagrees should provide their evidence as he and Mr Fleming have done over the last 9 months — And And

. .So he said keep prayers going up and know that shortly we will all be able to cross the finish line, as many in T3 groups have already been blessed to do.(edited)

08/04/2021 Podcast Late Night Update



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