Dinarland Highlights for August 5, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 8.5.21

Bruce (The Big Call)

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regarding our futures – they’re looking very very bright right now – I can tell you that…The good news is that last night at 8PM President Trump received the paper work to approve and sign and then he added some addendums to it to send back to the World Court – which he did… he had a final signature on this case that allowed for the United States to move forward with the valuation of the currencies and the Global Currency Reset  occurring for us here in the United States – that was a milestone – HUGE –  very important that was accomplished…So – everything has been moving forward and they’re trying to get this thing completed…I think we’re…finally in that last stretch…Thursday is looking good right now…   



Congress Passes Iraq War Authorization Revocation Act

This is good news.  As they work toward their [Iraq’s] sovereignty.  First of all we have to get the hell out of there.  Congress made it official.  It passes the Iraq War Authorization Revocation Act.  In other words they revoked their need to be into war there…looks like congress passed it.  What’s left the senate?

…it’s time for them [Iraq] to kick the training wheels off and let these bad boys learn how to ride that bike.  I have faith in Iraq – Have faith in their current administration.


Frank26 (KTFA)

Turns out we have an issue – the GCC.  Gulf Cooperation Council – a political and economic alliance that consists of 6 Middle Eastern countries.  Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab of Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman…they put their oil together…the GCC has approached Iraq and Kazemi and said they want them to join the GCC…one of the things that came out is the GCC is telling the CBI we want you to be part of a unified GCC currency…we want your currency to be part of a basket…we’ll call it ‘The Unified GCC Currency’…one currency to represent all of us in the Middle East.  What do you think Kazemi?  No thank you.

Both the IMF and the AMF are saying raise the value of your currency…lift the 3 zeros from your exchange rate…that’s old news.  It’s so old it’s Greek Mythology.  But only the AMF is asking them to join the GCC.  They both have the same idea – one ‘unified currency’ in the Middle East.  No.  Absolutely not…Iraq wants to stand alone!

…the Iraqi dinar wants no part of this…there is  a date to change the notes and change the exchange rate.  That date is still solid as a rock… ‘Unified Currency’.  You’re going to start seeing that and when you do you’re going to be well ahead of the curve…this issue is actually forcing that date to maybe come sooner than they expected.



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Watching Iraq lets us know what our timing could look like…I am actually feeling really positive today…excited this week…we are so close guys…



Ordinary income is based on your taxable income and allowable deductions…The IQD is going to fall into this category.  Ordinary income is taxed on a percentage…Under the Biden tax change that he wants to bring in the domain anything over $400,000 is going to be subject to 39.5% taxes.  It doesn’t matter your filing status.  He’s going to grab you right there…over$400,000 gets ugly so you have to have a strategy in order to keep yourself away from all the nasties.  Remember, these are not in play yet but they are on the table.  It’s being debated and voted on even as we speak.



“…Many trillions of dinar in circulation…?”

They don’t have as much dinar out there as people think…First, they are not worried about you and me at all.  The idea that people have dinar in their hands is fantastic.  That’s supply times velocity.  That’s a good thing not a bad thing…if you think they can’t reduce their note supply there’s no reason [for you] to be in this investment…if you don’t believe they [dinar notes] will go away, you need to click the off button.  It’s that simple…

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