Stargate Newsletter: One Who Serves on the Global Financial Reset


One Who Serves: Global Financial Reset

Here are two excerpts from One Who Serves, channelled by James McConnell. 

The first excerpt is about the global financial change-over, and the second excerpt is about martial law in Australia and Canada. It’s worth reading the whole channelling for further reassurance about shedding from the jab not affecting Light Warriors because of their high vibration.

And the various monies that are coming in, or are attempted to come in, are being held off in various ways and for various reasons here. And it is not something that you need to be concerned about, because all of this is going to become alleviated quite rapidly here as we find it, as these announcements come forward, as the various things begin to shift more and more.

And that is not only here in this country of America, but also in Canada, England, France, Europe, Germany, and so on, and so on, and so on. All of the various countries of the world are coming together. And it is happening now, even behind the scenes, that you are not aware of, where various factions, or Forces of Light, are coming together to bring this Great Changeover to this planet.

Guest: …In Australia and Canada, Martial Law is supposed to begin in August. Is this action from the dark, or from the Light Forces?

OWS: We would say it is from both. In other words, those of the dark forces have their plan. They are planning to have lock-downs, and virus scares, and vaccines to everyone, and all of this. This is part of their plan. And as they continue with their plan, those of the Forces of Light have their plan as well. And they are doing everything they can to go against the plan of the dark forces. The various things that are planned, such as Martial Law, as you are saying here, or lock-downs, and this type of thing, can be utilized by both sides. It can be started by that of the forces of darkness, but the Light Forces will be able to use this for their benefit as well, you see?

In Blossom Goodchild’s latest channelling of the Galactic Federation of Light, they described an ‘amping up of the energies’. I heartly concur with this description. Sometimes the intensity is so great, I can FEEL the rushing of speed as we hurtle through space on this Ascension journey. I believe that it explains my bouts of dizziness and vertigo.

EVERYTHING is quickening. Today I was in K Mart, a ‘big box store’. A customer was berating the staff for lack of service – she wasn’t holding back. I sensed that she typifies the extreme edginess being experienced by all humanity at present, whether they are aware of it or not.

I am drawing comfort from frequent phone calls and visits with fellow Light Warriors, and plenty of time outdoors in nature. There are times throughout the day where I am just ‘getting by’ in terms of surviving the constant energy blasts. I know that I am not alone. I know that millions of Light Warriors all around the world are just ‘getting by’ in the same manner.

Thank you, lovely blog readers, for your loving supportive comments and emails. I appreciate every single one of them.

Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


Source: Stargate Newsletter


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