“Re: My Struggle” by Dave – 8.8.21


Entry Submitted by Dave at 3:27 PM EDT on August 8, 2021

“My Struggle” by Andrew – 8.7.21

A couple of thoughts, for what they’re worth.

First, I hope you have Zim if you have big plans for Humanitarian Projects (HP). Dinar and Dong revaluations won’t give you the huge amount of money you’ll need for BIG HP. You can do some good with the few million you might get through the RV, but that won’t be nearly enough to execute big HP. So, get yourself some Zim if you haven’t already. And then devour everything on Ron’s website so you’ll be prepared (

Second, so much more is going on than just the implementation of GESARA. We’re also going through an ascension process, which means, of course, that we’re rising in energy, frequency, and consciousness (redundant, I know). And what’s the best way to prepare for the Ascension? Live in the present moment without judgment.

If you’re angry, it’s because you’re judging something, believing that something “should” be different than it is. “Should” and “Shouldn’t” are the two most destructive words in any language because they’re the words of judgment. And judgment is the enemy of peace.

The key to peace is to be fully accepting of “what is.” Resistance to “what is” creates misery, the opposite of peace. Peace is the foundation of receiving the guidance and direction we need to understand the correct course of action for whatever we’re facing.

So, whatever is happening to you and around you is not random. It’s the workings of the Law of Life. And all of Life is working to benefit us in some way. Every challenge we face is a blessing if we’ll change our perspective about it. Even everything that’s going on the world today. Not random. A blessing.


Keep in mind that nothing awakens us more than pain.

Third, remember that the evil you’re talking about has been going on for centuries. It’s not new. Our awareness of it is what’s new. And what’s the purpose of our awareness? To create desire.

Having come to see the truth about what’s happening, what do we all have now that we didn’t have before? That’s right. A strong desire to end the evil and bring about righteousness, however you define that.

The collective desire to end the evil is moving the Energy in a very powerful way. In fact, the energy of this collective growing desire to end the evil has pushed us over the tipping point. Which means that the benevolent non-terrestrials who also desire our freedom can now join the fight to free humankind.

Contrast is the mother of desire, and, therefore, provides great value. Once the contrast (what is) helps you know what you don’t want, you can then know what you DO want.

So, from all that’s happening, and based on what you’ve written, you know what you DON’T want. The next question is this: WHAT DO YOU WANT?

This is so critical. Look at everything you don’t like and then turn it around and write down what you want instead. Then focus only on that. Don’t believe your physical eyes that see the physical world of contrast, all the thing you don’t want. Believe your spiritual eyes that see the new world that’s coming, all you do want. And bring it into existence.


Fourth, where do you get the idea that a “huge” portion of your countryman have taken the shot? I certainly wouldn’t believe the media, health agencies, gov’t officials, and so on. Like the reports on the scamdemic, I believe that the reports on the vaxxes are mostly false as well. Remember, one of the key persuasive advertising techniques is the power of the crowd. If everyone is doing it, it must be right, or good, or whatever. So, yeah, I don’t believe the reports.

Fifth, your understanding of the med beds is one idea. I’ve heard it also. But let me suggest another idea, one I heard from one of the most credible people I’ve ever heard on all that’s going on.

The med beds are based on quantum technology, which is rooted in the quantum energy field. Residing in that energy field is a record of our original DNA, the one that was used to create us in the first place. Accordingly, the med bed doesn’t take our DNA from the sample taken during our preparatory appointment two weeks before our med bed appointment but rather from this original DNA record stored in the Akashic Record. This DNA is pristine. This means that everyone who got shot can also be completely healed. 

Which idea is the true one? I don’t know for sure. But I know which one I want to be true, so that’s where I put my attention and energy. Remember, the Law of Life states that we get what we focus on whether we want it or not. So, be careful what you focus on (that’s true of EVERYTHING that’s going on, by the way).

Sixth, you’re understandably very concerned about who will live and who will die. But let me throw out another bone to chew on: Will you and your loved ones be prepared to rise up and ascend to the glorious peace, freedom, love, and prosperity of the new 5D world that is in the process of being created? Or, will you remain in the pain and suffering of the current 3D world we live in?

What would it be like if you were ready to ascend but your loved ones weren’t (or vice versa)? You’d go, and they’d stay. Or, depending on how it works, you’d stay here in the new 5D world while they’re taken to a new 3D world. Either way you or they would “die.” And a whole lot of people won’t be ready to ascend.

So, how can you maximize the chances that all your loved ones will ascend when it’s time? Simple: Make sure you’re ready to ascend. Make that your focus. Let the “dead bury their dead.” In other words, let what’s happening now around the world play out however it does. Stay focused on your own connection to your Infinite Self. In the final analysis, that’s the only thing that really matters any way.

By the way, I think Trump knows more about what’s happening now and what’s happening in the future than we can imagine. So, yeah, let’s trust President Trump. On everything.


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