“It’s all a Military Operation” by Rambo – 8.16.21


Entry Submitted by Rambo at 2:00 PM EDT on August 16, 2021

What we’re watching is a precision Military Operation happening right in front of our faces while allowing the MSM/Democrats/Rhino’s to hang themselves.  Every move that the enemy makes is already known, and countermeasures have been put in place.  The “Q” Team/Military Intelligence know long before they do anything that they will do it.

What we’re watching almost daily playing out are STING OPERATIONS!!  Let’s take Mike Lindell’s Symposium for example.  Nothing Mike told us during that 3 day diatribe was anything we didn’t already know!  Trump and his team watched on the Nov. 4rd election night, sitting in a sciff (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility), WATCHING THE STEAL TAKE PLACE!  The “Q” Team/Military Intelligence “allowed” them to steal it.  Mike was given all the sensitive data by Ezra Cohen Watnick, in order to explain to the “MSM Matrix” watching Delegation Representatives from each state that attended, exactly HOW the election was stolen, besides the just true numbers.  This was something they NEVER KNEW ABOUT!! 

Also, running parallel with that was that the M.I./”Q” Team knew that the Deep State Goons were going to be licking their chops trying to not only stop it with Cyber/Hacking attacks, but steal the information for themselves, trying to understand exactly where it came from.  It was reported that there were several planes flying overhead during the event.  Now, my question is this, “Do you not think Trump and his team KNEW they were going to hack into this event?  Yes.  They now retrieve EVERYTHING from the planes, but not only that, who they were speaking to, where they were speaking to which would lead them to the REAL BAD GUYS. Game over for them. 

And what does “Q” always say?  “Ammunition spent”. This event wasn’t for us, the “awake” crowd, it was a multi pronged operation, to do exactly what I just said above.  Killing multiple birds with one stone.

“We don’t do Pre-Crime” – Juan O’ Savin Bottom line.  The reason this had to be this way is because when it all washes out, what we’re going to be shown is that it was not just this particular election that was stolen, NO, it’s city, county, state and national.  And it wasn’t just this one time, IT’S BEEN GOING ON FOR DECADES!!  The people who are in power were not elected, THEY WERE INSTALLED.A secondary benefit from this was that it gave everyone a painstaking look into just what a “Biden” Administration was going to do to us and expose the Rhino’s, and also see exactly who Trump could trust and not trust.  We had to be taken to the “PRECIPICE”, we had to FEEL IT, SEE IT, KNOW IT, “LEST WE FORGET” moving forward.

This was just the elections, now multiply this by 1000!  This was done in every paradigm, multiple agencies, countries and sectors!   It was not just Geo-Politically, but Scientifically, Sociologically, Environmentally and Religiously.  All facets in which “THEY” control our lives.

What I’m saying takes critical thinking, abstract thought, not culled, brainwashed Orwellian Dystopian Reality nonsense.  And if this is hard for you to believe, then just stand back and let the Military bring this country back from the dead for you.

The MILITARY is running America right now, and have been since “The Steal”, they were handed the keys and ever since then, YOU’VE BEEN “WATCHING A MOVIE” – “Q”



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