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Entry Submitted by Dave at 10:15 PM EDT on August 16, 2021

“Quantum Financial System” by Skeptic SG – 8.15.21

SG, I’m sorry you’re so skeptical when I see so much to be excited and optimistic about.

I’ll address your comments with what I believe to be true, and maybe something I say will help you shift a bit toward being more optimistic and hopeful.

Based on what you wrote, I concluded that you pretty much got most of your information about the Quantum Financial System (QFS) from Mr. Ward.

I’ve listened a ton to Charlie. He played a big role early on in helping me get a basic understanding about the War and NESARA/GESARA.

He played a major role in moving the gold out of the first 150 miles of the Vatican-Israel tunnel. He explains that he has spent over 5000 hours researching, but that seemed to be for his own education. He pretty now just joins other people to talk about what’s going on around the world. Occasionally, he may throw out a new tidbit of info, but usually he and his “round-table” participants just rehash current events and make some comments about them, which I don’t find to useful.

The more I listened to Charlie, the more I came to dislike the fact that he makes money from this whole thing with his “Insider’s Group.” I know people have to make a living, especially when they spend their full time researching and sharing what they’ve discovered, but it kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Another thing that turned me away from him is when he’d have guests on his show who would spend half the show promoting their own products. May have been great products, but it turned me off.

Consequently, I rarely listen in on a Charlie video anymore.

As far as the QFS is concerned, I think there are other resources who provide far greater information than Charlie has provided. Here’s the best one by far that I have studied: qfs2020.com/blog. Lots of topics so click on the QFS topic link.

Now, let me respond to your comments.

Skeptical SG: I do not think ‘God’ is in any way part of the QFS nor should you imply so.

I don’t know anything about your belief in “God,” but I believe that “God” is a part of everything. And if there’s anything I do “know” is that the QFS is not human-made.

Further, the QFS resides in another non-human-made system called the Quantum Computer (QC), which is really not a “computer” as we know it. It’s really Quantum Consciousness that we have been given a way to access like a “computer.”

The QFS is really more like an accounting system and not like a bank at all. In fact, the QFS completely eliminates all banking systems, thereby, eliminating the “middleman.” All “money” in the system is represented by gold certificates, with each certificate carrying a serial number that corresponds to a specific bar of gold. When money is moved from one party to another in the QFS, the corresponding number of gold certificates is immediately transferred from the sender’s account to the receiver’s account.

This is other-worldly technology that can’t be hacked, can’t be screwed with, and can’t be fooled. In other words, no dirty “money” can move through the QFS. The QFS will flag it, hold it, and notify authorities.

The QFS destroys the corrupt Central Banking System, which will be gone soon.

So, my point is that the QFS is not just another man-made computer application. It’s far more than that. I personally can’t see how “God” could NOT in the process.

Skeptical SG: What happens to the assets held in QFS when the holder dies. QFS keeps the money…..RIGHT???

If a person has money in a current bank account now and dies, what happens to their money? Doesn’t it just sit in there until someone comes along and legally claims it? Of course, banks never know when someone dies, so money could sit in an account for years before the bank does anything with it.

Accordingly, with the current banking system, wouldn’t it be wise to set up a trust that includes the bank account as an asset so if the account owner dies the trustee can access the money? Of course it would.

Same thing applies to the QFS. The QFS has no way of knowing when someone dies. So, that person’s money will just “sit there.” For how long is anybody’s guess. But no one owns the QFS, so there is no one to “keep” the money.

The solution is the same as for the current banking system: Create a trust for the account.

Skeptical SG: What will happen to fiat money not being held in a bank account? I’ll bet there will be no adequate transition period and a lot of folks will have a source of ‘wall paper’ just like bonds became wall paper.

You would lose that bet. Once the QFS is turned on, there will be a period of time when everyone can “sell” their Fed Notes to the QFS. My understanding is that the Fed Notes will gradually be removed from circulation over the year period after the transition. At that time the Fed Reserve Bank will be officially closed.

Let’s think about this for a second. We have a worldwide Alliance that has sacrificed so much in fighting this War to free us from tyranny, slavery, corruption, and communism. Do you really think they’re going to then turn around and screw us when it comes to money? They’re doing all of what they’re doing so we can ALL–not just the elites–enjoy great prosperity and abundance.

Skeptical SG: No one is addressing what a person worldwide will receive to reimburse for sums of money stolen from them by the deep state. This should be part of the QFS operation.  It is said that 34 Quintillion $$$ have been recovered and that every person in the world will be worth 4 million QFS Dollars. That QFS will transfer into ‘everyones’ account 100K each month for eleven straight/continuous months. Sound like ‘BS’?

No one is talking about how much we’ll all get because no one knows. The return of money is part of NESARA/GESARA not the QFS. Yes, eventually the money will be put into the QFS, but that’s a separate issue. The amount of money to be used for the entire implementation of NESARA/GESARA will exceed $34 Quintilian by many times. This $34 Quintilian that you’re referring to was just the amount the Charlie Ward’s team recovered from the first 150 miles of the 1500 mile-long tunnel from the Vatican to Israel. There is another tunnel leading from the Vatican to Switzerland. I’m assuming both tunnels are full of gold. However, the gold Charlie recovered was distributed among the many countries from whom it was stolen, so I don’t see it being used for the NESARA/GESARA rollout.

It’s my understanding that none of that money will be used for the GCR/RV/Zim Redemption and the rest of the NESARA/GESARA rollout. That gold comes from the St. Germaine Trust/The 5 Chinese Elders Fund/The Philippines Fund (I don’t really know if these are all separate buckets or just different names for the same bucket). What I do believe is that there is so much gold that has been stocked away for hundreds of years for this specific time that it will never be exhausted.

What I read that we’ll all get $100,000 a month, not for 11 months, but 11 or 12 years. But does that really make sense, does it? What would happen if that were the case? It would destroy all the economies around the world along with the vast majority of people (just look at what happens to the lives of big lottery winners).

I believe the Alliance is too smart for that. Therefore, it’s my understanding that they chose to release the funds back to the people in a more controlled way through the Humanitarian Projects (HP).

Skeptical SG: Seems an awful lot of garbage being pushed, and this is just another Deep State Operation to keep them rich and in power. Just saying….., prove me wrong….

Yup! A whole shitload of garbage! But the Deep State is being eliminated and won’t have any way of screwing this up. That’s why it’s taking so long. The Deep State has successfully thwarted the implementation of NESARA many times. This time, however, is different as the Alliance has already arrested all of the top and mid-level Deep State people.

But the Alliance will not take any chances. They’re going to make sure nothing stops NESARA/GESARA this time. So, we just have to wait until the War is over for it all to roll out.

Oh, and once the QFS is implemented, any remaining Deep State folks will be in Deep Shit because they’ll be broke. Can’t steal from the QFS and can’t put dirty money into it either. They’ll be locked out.

Now, just don’t listen to the RV “gurus” who keep saying the money is coming any day now. They’ve rarely been right about any of this, so don’t waste your time. Wait for the EBS. Then you’ll know we’re there.

I don’t know if I proved you wrong, but it’s the best I got.

Skeptical SG: Sounds like you are ‘windbag’ Dr. Charlie Ward…are you?

No, I don’t think Charlie is a windbag. I think he’s genuine in what he shares, though I’ve heard him make mistakes here and there. Just remember that he is one of the few who is under an NDA and can’t say much. I, for one, am grateful for his contribution to the truther effort.

Just my two cents.



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