“Afghanistan: Inverted Reality” by Rambo – 8.18.21


Entry Submitted by Rambo at 6:38 PM EDT on August 18, 2021

Like all things in the Matrix, nothing is what it seems, nothing is what they tell us and what they do say, always induces fear, which allows them to control us.  Remember that moving forward.

What if I were to tell you that the Taliban are the PATRIOTS?  What if I were to tell you that the actual bad guys are in the Afghanistan “Government” or what I call “WARLORDS”?  Yes.  Hold on, don’t dismiss this yet, keep reading.

Now let’s deconstruct it.  Let’s first look at two different instances where we were told the “good guys” were actually the bad guys.  Remember the “Syrian Rebels”?  Once we peeled back the layers, what did we find?  They were actually ISIS.  The criminals in government before Trump, all of them, created the narrative that we had to fund and arm the Syrian Rebels to take down Assad, a “Tyrant”, a “Dictator”, when in actuality he is a democratically elected official.  Now, he is not a saint, but it’s NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.

And what about Al Qaeda? Or what I call the C.I.A.’s Military Force. Yes, CREATED, FUNDED AND RAN BY THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, with of course a special thanks to executed traitor we all know as “NoName”.  (“Q” made that up because John McCain’s name wasn’t even worth mentioning.  He was a traitor to this country and took two to the back of the head.) And who did they run wild deposing with the help of the United States during the Arab Spring? The list is too long, go look it up.

So, back to the Taliban.  In the news in the last 24 hrs. we’ve heard two different statements from the Taliban.  First, criticizing the “totalitarianism” of America, calling out, are you ready for it, THE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS!!!  What?  Yep.  Secondly, the leader of the Taliban has proclaimed that, “I will not negotiate with the puppet dictator of America, I only negotiate with the Supreme Leader of the United States, which is Donald J. Trump”.  Oh my.

Now think about it, critically.  “KNOW THE COMMS” – “Q”.  What have all the past administrations done regarding the “Taliban”.  First, they bring in their C.I.A. Operation Mockingbird Media Assets to created the narrative, that they’re all “Terrorists”, Jihadists, animals, raping and murdering women and children.  They then “stage”, just like the chemical attacks in Syria, in this case blaming it on Assad who dispersed the sarin gas amongst his own people, which was a lie.  But I digress.  But it’s virtually the same thing, stage an event, mostly kids and women getting blown up or maimed, and then blame it on “the bad guys”.  WE’RE NOT BUYING IT ANYMORE YOU VIPERS, WE SEE IT ALL NOW!!!  Sorry.

Trump had made a deal with the Taliban, because the local Afghan “Government” is corrupt and that is who the “Biden” Administration (actually all the past admin’s.), the CCP and the other NWO Globalist control countries were backing.

Now for the Question that should tell you whether or not I’m full of it or not.  Are you ready for it?

“Who are the media backing”?  Take a moment, think, the news is all over the fact that the Taliban are back and it’s going to be terrible, what should that tell you as a critical thinking individual who is now awake to all the bullshit?

“You’re watching a movie” – “Q”

Stay the course my friends, Donald J. Trump never left.  He gave the keys to the Military, because it “was the only way”.  Ask yourself this, “Who ONLY flies in Air Force One?”  The President of the United States, and only him….But that’s for another time.
God Bless you all.



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