“It’s Already Over!” by Rambo – 8.18.21


Entry Submitted by Rambo at 2:51 PM EDT on August 18, 2021

I watched 5 minutes of the news yesterday and the Operation Mockingbird disinformation agents we’re foaming at the mouth over the possibility of a China vs. U.S. war over Taiwan. So, guess what, they’re going to get one. Only this war ALREADY OCCURRED!!

Roughly 3-4 months ago, the United States sent warships to the South China Sea for a “drill”. Where have we heard that word before? Usually right before a False Flag event. But this was different, because unbeknownst to the Drones, the U.S., in concert with Japan, Australia, The Brits and several other countries, went to China to ELIMINATE THE CCP!! Which is the “Deep State” in China. We all know by now that Xi is working with Trump and Putin to take down the NWO worldwide. If you don’t, you do now. This is where it gets tricky. You need to FREE YOUR MINDS FOR A MOMENT.

First, remember, “YOU’RE WATCHING A MOVIE”, RIGHT? And don’t movies need to be “produced” BEFORE THEY HIT THE SCREENS? Yes, they do. What are we being told by “Q” and a myriad of other White Hats right now? “FAKE WW3 SCENARIO INCOMING.” What? Yes. Do you see it now? No? Let’s continue. Like everything we’re seeing right now, most of what it has ALREADY HAPPENED!!


Let’s deconstruct this for a moment. The Main Stream Media is “THEM”, right? They’re all part of the Black Hats.

Now, would you be plastering all over your controlled propaganda boxes that you’re getting your asses kicked right now? Would you tell the Drones that our prearranged world’s No. 1 super power, the CCP within China, the same country that was going
to take down America and become the world’s reserve currency, just got its ass handed to it? Of course not. They need you stupid, they need you believing “THEY WIN”, not you. Now multiply this by 1000. This is happening everywhere and with
everything that it is your seeing.

In conclusion regarding this “FUTURE WW3 EVENT”, it’s ALREADY HAPPENED!! AND WE WON!!! They’ll be showing you an

So, when the Drones are freaking out, you’ll be laughing. When the world is in chaos, you’ll be rest assured that it’s only a “movie”
to show the Sheeple, to take them to the precipice, “LEST THEY FORGET”.

Now, quickly. Think about the R.V. in this scenario. How in God’s name can you implement a Global Currency Reset without
STABILITY IN THE GEOPOLITICAL ENVIRONMENT? You OBVIOUSLY can’t. Then how in God’s green earth could we have
the R.V. on our doorstep if it wasn’t ALREADY OVER?
You couldn’t. THIS PROVES what I’m saying now doesn’t it? There is
no way they could push this out if there was ANY CHANCE THAT IT WOULDN’T BE SUCCESSFUL.

This requires abstract thinking, the ability to push the veils away from your “Matrix” eyes and allow yourself to have faith, faith that just as “Q” has been saying, “THE MILITARY WAS ALWAYS THE ONLY WAY”. AND THAT’S IN EVERYTHING.


Lastly, can we please not eat our own on here? Let’s allow our words to connect with people. Let’s allow the content of them either make sense to the reader and they alone can determine whether or not they resonate with them. We all know that there are disinformation agents on here, and they’re obvious to everyone. Let them align with the devil, while we align with truth, because divided we’ll fail, but united we’re unstoppable.

I hope that this post gives you all reassurance as we move into “THE STORM” phase. It’ll be fun, because we ALREADY KNOW THE ENDING OF THE MOVIE, WHICH IS “GOD WINS” – “Q”

God Bless you all.



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