“Re: Hopeless Patriots” by Yippeekiyay – 8.22.21



Entry Submitted by Yippeekiyay at 11:47 AM EDT on August 22, 2021

“Hopeless Patriots” by Rambo – 8.21.21

Rambo has it right but it’s not an absolute rightness.

More to be pointed out. Newsmax, OAN, Trending Politics etc are showing anyone who watches and hopefully many are democrats who voted for B, what these insane elected officials are really about. These news outlets are showing us WHO the DemonRats really are as these news outlets are showing us what the MSM is not. It’s up to the viewer and what’s left of his/her free will to decide if what Newsmax is telling them is truth or not. It is the seed being planted as Rambo says. The rest is up to them. To wake up or not. I have spread the word myself to many and some don’t want to hear the truth. Why? They are simply afraid because it’s an unknown AND their Uncle Tom, the conspiracy nut, has never been  right. And they don’t want to be wrong! They don’t want to be Uncle Tom. They unfortunately are 100% brainwashed. This word is used a lot. It truly means that they are incapable of thinking or better yet, knowing for themselves, no matter what proof is given them. This has been the main goal of 5000 years of the deep state. Turn the people into sheople. Fortunately, not all of us went down that road. 

I have family who have gone down that road and may never wake up. Many of you do too. Truth is many times very difficult to confront. But it’s what will set us free. The traps are the ones we set for ourselves because it’s easier to be complacent and close your eyes and mind than it is to fight for the truth to be known and be awake. It’s a self-imposed trap. 

The extended time frame (created in our own minds) this is taking is simply because more people need to wake up and with our help. The latest news is helping people do so as well. And the more that are awake means the less collateral damage when the truth is revealed to the masses.  

Like T and Q have stated, this Is a war for our souls and minds. If we had not taken the bait (MSM), many more freedom fighters could have taken these demons down a few short years after 911. If JFK’s words had sunk in 50 years ago, 911 would not have happened. Power corrupts. Man’s shortcomings are our downfall. Blackmail is successful within elite circles to do their bidding. General Flynn recently put out a series of videos. One was how people have lost their sense of personal responsibility-the most important virtue Man can possess. It’s THE reason we are where we are. No responsibility means no courage is possible. Just complacency.



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