“Alliance Humanitarian Rates” by Ron Giles – 8.24.21



Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 3:10 AM EDT on August 24, 2021

Let’s talk about rates being “offered.”

Rates offered or proffered for currency exchanges have been around for decades. Can you name them all from memory? Do you remember the bank’s backscreen rates compared to the front screen rates?  What about default rates? The default rates are rates you get when you don’t have a clue what this is all about. 

Then there are the Contract rates. Who is the Contract with to provide you a rate by contract? A Bank? Was it the president of the bank? Was that person authorized to contract for the Bank? Who negotiated the rates for currency holders. Was it a Revaluation Paymaster? Did that person negotiate a Contract Rate for all paymasters? Is there only one Bank that signed the Contract Rate or does it apply to all Banks regardless of where you go to exchange your currency? Was the Contract rate just for the Paymaster who contracted the rate? Was the Contract negotiated for all Banks? Which bank pays the money for the RV or do they all? What is the date on the contract and is it still in force after 20 some odd years? Which one of the gurus is authorized to give out contract rates offered to the general currency holder? Come on gurus, do any of you really know about contracts and how it relates to an NDA or is it part of your contrived intel?

Now gurus, who negotiated rates for Zim Holders? You talk as if someone negotiated a Contract rate for everybody as if I as a Zim Holder gave anybody the authority to negotiate a rate for me. Why do you just assume that there is a contract rate for Zim when there are those who know that it does not exist, it is inconsistent with the way the Alliance has put out intel for the redemption appointment. So DoD Intel Contac, why do you give confirmation about something that is only contrived and not true. Is this part of your scam? Instead of confirming endless dates, why don’t you go on record and explain to all of us Zim Holders how this redemption rate is going to be approved at the redemption appointment. Don’t you think that is more important than your endless dates? Why don’t you give a date and then say if it doesn’t happen by this date, I will admit that I don’t know when it is going to happen…or a least gives us 10 or 15 dates in advance as to when it might happen. Then you could say that it will happen on one of these dates or you will admit that you don’t know when it will happen and then admit you do not get your information from the real intel source which is the Alliance. Don’t you think that they should know and if so, do you think they will give out a Military Secret to a guru who does not have a clearance or a need to know? And then you call yourself a DoD Intel Contact for Mr. F who has destroyed his integrity by listening to you. As a former military pilot, I would only give you one time to be wrong, and then your credibility would be shot. Your dates and rates would be disregarded and you would be washing dishes for the rest of your miserable career. Excuse me for ranting in public, but you are the one that is messing up publicly and doing a lot of damage.

Back to the rates.

Do you remember the negotiated rates? Zim Holders do? They are not mentioned much these days because the bankers don’t want you to know there are other rates available than the ones they are instructed to offer you. Bankers can’t let the people think they are in charge of their own lives.

Then there were the rates you get for your first 2×100 T Zim notes and then the different rates for more than 2 up to no more than 10. If you have more than 10 you are encouraged to give them to someone else so they can start at the 2x100T Zim rate and get as much as they can as well. This encourages you to give your 7-year-old a few Zim and take her to the redemption appointment with the promise that you will increase her allowance if they keep the NDA. 




Now isn’t that ridiculous? Have you noticed these morons never talk about the Alliance as being the ones in charge? The bankers are not in charge of QFS Gold-backed currencies. Aren’t we tired of fiat currencies already? Gold-backed = Alliance. Fiat or fake currencies that will not be in the QFS = Bankers.

Then there is the exchange rate for currency holders; Dinar or Dong, who also have Zim to redeem. If you have Zim, then you get a lower rate on your exchange currencies cuz they don’t want you to have too much money to do your Humanitarian work. What lowlife bottom feeder from the swamp dreamed that one up? You must be limited in what you get because they want us to believe there is not enough money for everybody to do humanitarian projects. Always a limit, limit, Cabal, Cabal, bankers, bankers, Elitist, Elitists, power over others, power over others, guru lies, guru lies; this is all the antithesis of the Alliance. It will all go away and Humanity will rise out of the firey Hell these Satanists have created for us like the Phoenix resurrecting back to life. The Alliance is our connection to the new Earth and to the new Quantum Financial System wherein lies the Golden age of Mankind. It is just around the corner and up the block a ways.

Remember that the exchange of currencies is a banking service. The devaluation of a currency is part of the Cabal Governmental control over other countries. If it were not for the Alliance and their generosity, there would not be an RV or redemption. 

Remember, the banks will not give us enough money to get ourselves out of debt AND do humanitarian projects as well. This is a debt-slavery financial system and the banks have to keep people in debt or they cannot control us. None of them got the new memo. So, we can’t be Humanitarians AND get out of debt too, or so they want us to believe. Their bank motto is “create a lack mentality so people will continue to think they are free while still being enslaved debtors.”

If what I am saying is not true, then tell me why the Revaluation has not happened for 21 years now? Why won’t they RV and let us have our exchange profits? There are three reasons, IMHO, 1. The banks would have to pay for it costing them many Billions, and 2. the banks don’t want us to have money to pay ourselves out of debt, and 3. they are going bankrupt and going out of business – there is no money left.

And then tell me why the Cabal operatives have included the Zim Bonds in the delayed RV event when the Zim Bonds are a defunct currency and not a live currency to revalue? You can’t spend or redeem Zim Bonds anywhere in the world except with the Alliance Redemption plan, but Revalued currencies are still valuable in their own country at the devalued rate of exchange.

And then please tell me why the gurus are targeting the Meek of the earth with their limiting RV garbage intel when anybody can purchase Zim Bonds and make big money on the redemption, even their so-called Wealth Managers and Banker bots are trying to do that? If the Alliance wanted the wealth managers and the bankers involved in the RV, they would allow them to redeem Zim Bonds and exchange currencies in the Quantum Financial System, but that is strictly forbidden. These people are really pissed that the Alliance knows who they are and stops them at every attempt to redeem.




Why is it necessary to get rid of the Central Bank banking system when creating a new financial system?  

If you put a rotten apple in a basket of good apples, it is just a matter of time till the whole basket of good apples becomes rotten. There will be no rotten banker apples in the new financial system, the Alliance is standing in their way.

If you think the banker bots are just letting this financial gain event pass them by, your mind is Missing In Action. They created Tier 4A because the bots are buying up Zim like there is no tomorrow. They are buying everything they can find, that is why the price of the Zim Bond has gone up to $260 for a 100 T Zim note on eBay. Are you aware that they have been selling large boxes of 40,000 100 T notes in certain marketplaces around the world? That’s 40 quads at a time. There are only so many 100 T notes so the prices are going up. But what about the larger face valued Zim Bonds? They are really cheap compared to a 100 T note or 50 Ts or 10 Ts.  The gurus say the powers that be won’t redeem large Zim Bonds, but who said that? Not the Alliance. If you are a Hiumniitarian the Alliance will redeem them regardless of them being paper, Gold, or Blue. It’s easy to say that because the Angel at the Appointment will know who you are and will not deny you the redemption if you are a real Humanitarian. They also know your intent in purchasing larger bonds be they Zim Bond notes printed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe or the facsimiles printed by the Chinese. Bless you, China, you are getting greater funds into the hands of Humanitarians.  We are smiling all the way to the Redemption Appointment. Ca-ching.

Truth is, the Alliance knows all about these Non-Humanitarian rotten apple types and has been setting them up for the sting operation every chance they can. The Tier 4As are going to the Elders and redeeming these large amounts of Zim at around 5 cents per Zim dollar, but they only get Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR), no liquidity – no money. (Did you get that – they are going to the Elders, not a bank to redeem the Zim Bonds) Most are not Humanitarians and the alliance will only redeem Zim for those the Alliance deems to be Humanitarians. Most SKRs then will never be funded. This sting was a good way to get these bots labeled and arrested. The Alliance knows who they are and is processing them through the Disposer as discardable waste. (A bot is a robot, not a human).

Does this now make sense as to why the Cabal Operatives are trying to limit the true Humanitarians from getting their rightful funds? Nothing about the Central Banking System or their banker bots will survive the transition from the old to the new Quantum Financial System. The Quantum Consciousness (QC) has already neutered the Central Banks and has taken over their entire financial operations, leaving them helpless to steal money or make money as they did before. When a banker steals money, the QC knows who it is, where the money is, and will eventually put it back into the proper account. This sting operation has netted thousands upon thousands of banker bots being arrested. The QC is now diving deep into banking management to where the banks might not be so corrupt as they once were. Real soon the banks might become a safe place to put money again. Maybe a safe place to conduct the Redemption Appointments? Banks are all over the place and very convenient to most Zim Holders for their appointments as long as they have been thoroughly cleansed.

After this tremendous cleansing process, fake Humanitarians will have been eliminated and the real Humanitarians are coming to the forefront and receiving their funds according to their asking.

This has created the new rate I am calling the “Alliance Humanitarian Rate.” This is the rate true Humanitarians will receive if they only ask for it. Hundreds of these Humanitarians are joining Love Won Society and are positioning themselves to qualify and ask for very high rates in the Hundreds of Thousands per Zim. The Alliance is looking for Humanitarians who are responding to their inner guidance and those who will ask for the rates that will give them the funds they need to bring Mankind into the Golden Age. These Humanitarians, who are being identified as authentic, will be given the rates they want, regardless of the gurus trying to limit the funds they receive with all their limiting diatribe. A true Humanitarian would never “settle” for 11 – 33 million for a 100 T Zim note when they know they can get up into the Quintillions, or more. These humanitarians will be doing some real Humanitarian work instead of just pretending. And they do not need to choose from a list of Cabal charities that are only in it to launder and steal the funds; Red C—-, UNI–F, C—— Foundation, etc. We have our own projects and will do just fine on our own. We don’t need these worn-out talking bobbleheads when we have the Angelic realms to supplies us with counsel and advice as is promised.

Rates really do matter. Most Love Won Society Zim Benefactors are asking a minimum of $500,000 per Zim while many who do not have a lot of Zim are asking for way more, into the millions. Each one is positioning themselves to do the work they came here to do. Starting with the appropriate rate is key for their success. The Alliance is supporting their endeavors and rewarding their efforts with the full funding quotient they will need to build and sustain their projects over time.

That is why I am calling this new rate, “The Alliance Humanitarian Rate.” The Alliance loves the Humanitarians and being the ones in charge, they’ll do what’s right for us.

It’s nice to have found a home with the Alliance. Slaves no more, we are free, Alliance Free.




Love and Light

Ron Giles

BTW we found where Zim Benefactor’s Emails were hiding and we now have just under 1700 committed to becoming Zim Benefactors. I love each one of these really, really smart people.


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