“Re: Zim Redemption in Canada?” by Luna – 8.24.21


Entry Submitted by Luna at 3:10 AM EDT on August 24, 2021

Reply to Windrunner63:

“Zim Redemption in Canada?” by Windrunner63 – 8.21.21

Windrunner63, I wanted to tell you about this group that my partner and I started a couple of years ago called World Benevolence Group. It’s a currency/bond group at the moment but the true purpose of this group of humanitarians post RV will be to do projects around the globe. This incredible bunch of big hearted, caring and compassionate people will rise to-gether  to make this new world a much better place because it is our destiny.

You will get the latest information on not just currency but also current events around the globe.  Every Wednesday and Fridays we have Zoom calls, where we discuss the latest currency/bond questions, rates  or anything else that is on our minds. We are a group of like- minded individuals who have a common purpose which is to help humanity in any way we can. Most of us have ZIM bonds plus a host of other currencies and we plan on using these blessings to enhance many individual lives in the best way we know how. 

I’m not kidding when I said it’s our destiny.   You see most us here believe we were born for this time and myself personally, I can tell you that my whole life has been about getting ready for this momentous occasion that will soon be upon us. The RV is and always has been my dream and together as a group we will bring into manifestation all its blessing  one project at a time around the world.

Our projects will range in diversity firstly building healing centers, to multi-modality schools that will teach our children to be self-sufficient and being a humanitarian is a way of life!  Helping others  in any way we can just because we can. Another large project is helping the homeless around the world  each of us starting in our own backyards.  This is a top priority for our group , and there are many of  them   already working doing humanitarian work in our own special ways in our communities. Most of us are natural caregivers, so helping people has been a main theme in our lives  already but now the RV will give us the opportunity to not only expand but to make sure it is done right the first time. We have such a strong group of caring individuals that I have noticed the desire to help humanity is a driving force in their own personal lives.

My personal motto is” to eradicate poverty in all its forms and to ensure that all people live with dignity from the beginning of their life till their last breath. ”  Most of us didn’t come from families who had everything but that was then and this is now.  I came here knowing that I would spend the rest of my life ensuring that my mission was on track. Windrunner63 I always knew that I would do something for humanity for I could feel and see the poverty everywhere I travelled. I have been blessed to have travelled to three continents and now with my WBG family we can ensure that all of our missions benefit as many people as we can find. I spent all my life dreaming the dream of helping humanity that I believe my angels put in my path everyone and everything I will need to help me manifest it.  Then one day the ZIM was presented to me and I knew without a doubt that was what I was waiting for.  It’s been   9 years now and my dream has not diminished in any way shape or form and neither have I had any doubts not even for a second that I would be able to manifest it in being.  At that time we did not  know  it was meant for humanitarian purposes

Our projects will range in diversity from building healing centers, new self- sufficient communities  to multi-modality schools that will teach our children that working from their heart is beautiful and so needed. The homeless I have witnessed around the world makes me very sad and though I helped as many people as I could nothing will compare to what we can all achieve as humanitarians around the world. Let’s show all the others how it’s to be done. We are the leaders so it’s up to us to teach by example.  Let’s show all people that we, not only care about them, but that we love them too. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or whether we know each other because we are all One people. One Love, One Mind, One Heart!

For many in our group  are already working doing humanitarian work in their own special ways in their communities.  As natural caregivers  helping people has been a main theme in our lives but now the RV will give us the opportunity to not only expand but to make sure it is done right the first time. We have such a strong group of caring individuals but I have noticed that the desire to help humanity is a driving force in their own personal lives.   

When a world and its people are so imbalanced and out of touch with our Creator it can’t end well, but the fact that we are all being given another chance while in this body to ascend to higher place of being , I, personally feel honored beyond words since I feel my prayers are being answered. I know this is my mission and together with the WBG members , we will achieve this goal one project at a time and one soul at a time. Not one person on this planet will ever be hungry or not have a place to live or not be able to afford what they need not only food but heat to keep them warm and dry not on my watch.  

You can see how broken our society when we have to choose which utility to keep on so we can buy food  and so we have people freezing to death because they wanted to eat.  The cruelty of our slave masters is beyond sick  and is a definite act of cruelty in the highest order.  We at WBG are committed to enhancing people’s lives globally. From Canada’s Arctic communities to the Amazon. No matter what continent they are on, if there is a need for the people we at WBG will be there to help.  If anyone reading this has some ideas or projects they want help with please join us at World Benevolence Group we await you! May you all be blessed!

Peace, Love, Light & Joy,  Luna

World Benevolence Group (WBG)
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