“Re: Windrunner63 on Zim Discussion” by Dave – 8.30.21


Entry Submitted by Dave at 3:54 PM EDT on August 30, 2021

“Re: Zim Discussion” by Windrunner63 – 8.28.21

Windrunner63, I have to admit I’m a little stumped as to why you suggested that Mary A “went the extra mile” by posting 8 screenshots regarding various aspects of Zimbabwe money.

All I saw were the screenshots with no explanation about what they meant to the discussion of Zim Redemption and the Humanitarian Projects (HP) (I’ll leave the RV of Dinar and Dong out of this since they don’t have anything to do with the Zim Redemption). I saw no point being made other than to support each other in kindness and love, which I fully support.

You stated that Mary “produced documentation on the UCC rule of law on a Zim Bond. It is factual…” I would ask, how can what she provided be considered factual documentation on the Zim bond? And what does that even mean?

Since Mary made no point of what she was presenting, we have no way of knowing what she was actually trying to communicate by posting her screenshots. We can only surmise that she thought that, by posting some screenshots, it would clear up all the confusion about the Zim Redemption.

I would propose that it didn’t do that. Further, I would suggest that what she presented had absolutely nothing to do with the Zim Redemption and HP.

Let’s take a look at why I think that.

First, the first screenshot and the last three screenshots provide exactly the same information. The last three screenshots simply took the first screenshot and broke it into three separate screenshots.

And where did this information come from? From the website of another RV “guru”! Hardly a credible source! Especially when it comes to Zim Redemption and the HP!

I did a pretty thorough search for Zim, UCC, and Promissory notes. I couldn’t find anything other than this “guru’s” blog that linked these three terms.

So, let’s breakdown this first screenshot.

One, it states that the Zim bond printed in 2008, which is the money we’re talking about regarding the HP, was not fiat currency but rather a promissory note because it contained the phrase “Promise to pay bearer on demand.”

Let’s look at the idea that it was a promissory note. The legal requirement for anything to be considered a promissory note is that the document requires two signatures. This Zim money only contains one signature, not two. Therefore, legally, as far as I understand, it can’t be considered to be a promissory note regardless of it bearing the phrase “Promise to pay bearer on demand.”

Further, from my research, I found some indication that this idea that this currency was a promissory note was a scam.

Two, let’s look at the idea that it is not “fiat currency.” The definition of “fiat currency” is as follows: “Fiat money is a government-issued currency that is not backed by a commodity such as gold.”

It doesn’t really matter who printed them, these Zim were not backed by gold or any other precious metal. Therefore, I don’t see how they could be anything other than “fiat currency.”

Three, let’s look at what “UCC” stands for. The only thing that made sense from my search was “Universal Commercial Code,” which governs the commerce between states in the United States. It is not a federal law but rather an agreement the states make so companies can conduct commerce on the same playing field. From what I learned, it has absolutely nothing to do with anything outside of the US. Accordingly, it would have nothing to do with Zim.

Since the RV “guru” who presented this doesn’t define the acronym “UCC”, we have no way of knowing what he’s referring to. Therefore, the statement “it is illegal in every country per UCC law not to honour” is meaningless. It’s certainly possible that there is a “UCC” somewhere in the world that might impact this, but I couldn’t find it. So, if someone knows, please let me know. I’m always open to correction.

Now, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that this statement IS true. Wouldn’t this statement make it possible for you to take your Zim down to a store and use it as legal currency? Or, how about a bank? Wouldn’t you be able to go to a bank and have it cashed? After all, the “guru” is stating that is it illegal for anyone to not honor the money, right?

Now, the “guru” makes this statement: “All the Trillion Series must be removed from circulation only after a legally mandated set in stone publicly advertised redemption of ‘Zimbabwe Trillion Series’ note redemption period paid only by legal tender of the country you are redeeming in, all of which has yet to take place by law.”

Is this “guru” stating that the Zim were never defuncted? Interesting if that’s what he meant because we all know the money WAS defuncted and deemed worthless as a means of exchange for goods and services.

Nevertheless, let’s add this statement to the statement above about no one being able to “not honour” the currency AND this statement about “the redeeming staff at your RV appointment will negotiate with you on your rate, they must [by] UCC law since it’s a promissory note; after Zimbabwe has conducted worldwide PUBLIC notification and held a worldwide redemption period for the PUBLIC only then can the Trillion Series be declared VOID by law; period end of discussion; anything else is illegal and the note holder may bring suit;” and this 2008 Trillion Series currency should be live and valid today, correct?

If this is the requirement and it hasn’t happened yet, according to this RV “guru,” the Zim should still be legal and everyone should have to honor it “by UCC law.” How then was it defuncted several years ago and no longer accepted in Zimbabwe?

What am I missing? None of this makes any sense to me. It seems to me this RV “guru” is just trying to lump Zim Redemption in with the Dinar and Dong. However, the 2008 Zim was never DEVALUED so how could it ever be REVALUED?

That’s why his statement about “the redeeming staff at your RV appointment” negotiating a rate with us makes zero sense. Where did he come up with this? Oh, yeah, his special “source.”

Next, the “guru” provides information about Zimbabwe’s wealth and how it exceeds the US’ wealth by 125,000 times. That may be true, but where is it? Yup, 22 miles deep in the earth. In other words, the wealth is there, but Zimbabwe still has to mine it and bring it out of the earth and then sell it in order for it to be of any worth to them.

Then the “guru” states that, because of this “potential” wealth, Zimbabwe won’t be allowed to get away with not honoring “some of their Trillion Series in a public redemption period of at least 30 days by the UCC law.”

Is this “guru” suggesting that Zimbabwe will be forced to build the infrastructure necessary to pull all the “ground assets” out of the ground so they can then “buy back” this outrageous Trillion Series currency? How much of it is out there? How much of Zimbabwe’s “underground wealth” would it cost to “buy back” this currency, even at a “reasonable” rate? What would that do to Zimbabwe’s economic strength. Sure, they’re rebounding pretty well from the insane inflationary period of several years ago, but I wouldn’t really call their economy strong just yet. I personally don’t think they could take the hit. It seems like it would put them right back where they were.

And what about other countries? Are they supposed to bear the burden of these ridiculous Trillion Series bonds as the “guru” suggests? I can’t imagine it!

Second, let’s look at the middle 4 screenshots. What are they all about? They’re about the RSTG not the 2008 Zim. The RSTG is the new Zimbabwe currency that was put into place a few years ago to eliminate the multiple-currency platform that was being used in Zimbabwe.

From what I could tell, nothing in these documents says anything about the defunct 2008 Zim currency that will be used for the HP. Therefore, they are irrelevant.

So, I’m sorry, but, based on my analysis of all these screenshots, I think they’re worthless in providing any valuable information on the Zim Redemption and the HP.

Now, why have I gone to all this trouble to address this?

Simple: In my limited experience here on this site, I have communicated with a few people who had maintained a completely erroneous understanding of the RV and the Zim Redemption, and it hurt them a lot, financially and otherwise.

Yes, error hurts. And the erroneous information that is constantly being presented by the RV “gurus” is HURTING people. How? These people have goals they’d like to accomplish, but the disinformation is causing them to use ineffective strategies to accomplish those goals. Throwing Zim in with the RV is definitely harming people. Do the “gurus” care? It doesn’t look like it.

I certainly don’t claim to know it all, and, like I said, I’m always open to correction, but until then, I’m going to continue to try to bring clarity to the RV/Zim Redemption issue the best I can so people can know what to expect and what strategy to use to accomplish their goals.



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