“Update: Exchanges and NESARA” by Danlboon – 8.30.21


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 1:54 PM EDT on August 30, 2021

There are very few, 10 people, that know what is going on with everything, but there are a lot that are doing the proper work for the Republic in their certain situations. And I could be providing what is to come about as to my intuition and just a story for you rather than have all this guru stuff coming over week to week, as it may be very interesting to read as I have been involved in the NESARA stuff since 2015.

‘Bearer Bonds known as Birth Certificates’ may have been put in secure quarters like a Military vault with the gold and would not be sent to the individual post offices, as I stated before, for people to collect them as once it gets going then we may have massive roits at the post offices as people would think they were stored there, or once you pick yours up you could be robbed, and if you were robbed there could be a tracking chip in it so only you could start the account, and when you go to pick yours up will a postal clerk go in the back room and try to find yours out of 30,000 and take an hour, so that cannot happen.

About 200,000,000 people will have to verify and pick theirs up as those are most of the living adults in America, and for this to be on an expedient schedule like 30-60 days, most likely they will be approved copies by the Military to take to your bank, or even a new bank, that that bank must have the authority to start up the account for you to access as it is already your own Treasury Direct Account per your SSN with the US Treasury so you CANNOT be denied like getting a loan, and by the way they have been using that account for any loans as they have asked for your SSN so they are very familiar with the TDA, so you will hand over that ‘Bearer Bond’ and you work thru the process of passwords, ATM cards, credit cards, checks, any other items, and you no longer need loans, yet for any present joint account you may want to wait to split that soon after for each of you partners and then close that one, and then the ‘Bearer Bond’ will then be sent to the Military for safe keeping that that action was completed, and if the banks do not comply then they get in the paddy wagon and disappear.

And for those that need start up capital for a business or just for a reliable car you got it now.

So the better way I got thinking on this is that of the 2020 election ballots that the Military was involved in marking the individual paper for every precinct, and now they will be putting a special code in the computer when they get printed out, at the USPS, but the County Records Depts. will still have their computer database to print out for any security needs, but the originals will be gone, yet the USPS will now have the same database being watched by the Military as those are high value Bonds.

I have heard that these can only be made available to those 21 years or older, so there could be some problems by some people, and then you have family disputes to possibly be settled in the courts and why should others collect on your own Bond, and this goes back to your ancestry as the Bonds began in 1940, so if you do your digging then you can collect on them, yet they have to be divvied up by the descendants, and if people moved or died in the past month then you would have to make arrangements for those people, but try to just be friends and get your own Bond and not 100% of the 8 past members of your family, yet there are also those that were adopted and are adults would they be able to get anything?

There are also those in prison that will get theirs, but there will be I think special people accommodations that will be done in those facilities to get that account open yet only those funds for what the inmate needs for medical or legal costs will be extracted, and they will not be denied to use those funds or else the warden goes to prison. Then there are those that were incarcerated for a crime they did not commit and have been released yet have no funds to survive on, so this will be resolved. The most popular is the homeless for which they need living quarters to start with to even open the bank account, yet if they have enough info they should really have no problems.



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