Dinarland Highlights for August 31, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 8.31.21

Frank26 (KTFA)

“The Minister of Finance announces the completion of the preparation of the 2022 budget and comments on the exchange rate change.

What?!  This is the fourth article saying that they changed the exchange rate…they’re telling the 2022 [budget] is of a new dimension.  It is something that they’ve never ever witnessed before.  A new exchange rate.   Quote “The process of changing the exchange rate was not easy…should have been changed years ago.”



I believe the Iraq dinar rate is going to change for the better.  I believe it’s going to get back up there.  The reason for that is…in comparison of Iraq country to the Kuwait country and if you look at the things that contribute to the value of the dinars, their currencies, you could see that Iraq clearly has more to offer…should have a stronger dollar but right now the Kuwait dinar is the most valuable currency out there…I know the Iraqi dinar is eventually going to catch and pass the value of the Kuwait dinar.  If anything it’s probably going to be the most valuable currency.



The two most important facts that everyone should look at when they consider the dinar. 1. How much dinar is in circulation? Answer- well over 42 trillion. 2. What is Iraq worth? Answer- all the minerals in the ground including oil is only around $16 trillion.



According to my banking sources we have a lot of activity. They still believe it will be the 7th for exchanges with notifications as early as Wednesday right now. I am hoping this is accurate. We have been here before so we need to manage our expectations.

“Anything new on the dong…?”

Nothing new..still expect the same rate….still expect it to go at the same time…In fact much of what we are hearing rate wise is not expected to change on anything.  If something does change…I will let you know.



Tuesday RV Update: The news I’m hearing is positive! We still need F&P’s to go and that will kick everything off!



I still see the rate coming out in the .50 to 60 cent range and then growing from that point.  But if the United States doesn’t have as much control as they did and somehow we pull more troops out of Iraq you’re going to see a de-dollarization and you’re going to see them add value to their currency literally overnight.  And you need to get out [of the dinar/exchange].  You need to be prepared…it’s not going to threaten the revelation of the Iraqi dinar.  If anything it’s going to quicken it and that’s the way you have to look at it.

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