“Is the Best is yet to Come?” by Stefan – 9.5.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:41 AM EDT on September 5, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice of you to make time for me again!

We’re all running on fumes, aren’t we? The waiting can be quite grueling, even if it were alone. But we also have to deal with hopes, dates and forecasts that rarely come true, or seem to come true only behind the scenes. And on the outside the world seems to become more and more chaotic and tyranny is omnipresent. I wonder in places, and I’m not alone in this, how I know if all this still counts as a wake-up call or if it’s simply a test of all of our stamina. In terms of currencies we want to exchange, we can give up quickly. Give it away, sell it, and we’re out of the endless waiting game, right? No more IDC, no more reading gurus, but back to “normal” everyday life, right? Just like before we were confronted with the RV/GCR. Supposedly free from waiting, but also “freed” from our dreams, desires and goals.

Regarding the seemingly global tyranny, we can’t give up so easily. Well, we can pick up our shots and put ourselves back into the molds or pigeonholes that societies have intended for us. It won’t be easy, that’s why it’s not an option for me. It takes effort to get toothpaste back in the tube and so it is with thoughts and attitudes. The required rethinking back is way too hard. Even harder for us than it is now for the sleeping and silent masses. Because we awakeners are confronted with awakening at every corner, in every news, in every broadcast. Even if we lived media-less, there would be no escape. Think about it and you will realize that giving up is not an option for us, it would never work. So the only thing left for us is to persevere. THERE IS NO WAY BACK! And whether it is a test for all of us, or for each individual, or whether it is because through actions and reactions there cannot be just one plan, it will be worth it for all of us either way.

Let’s read what Mike Quinsey posted about this on September 3:

“You will find that not all people have the same expectations about the future, even those who are spiritually advanced, for there are many versions of the end times of your present cycle. So rather focus on your own understanding, knowing that all paths lead to the truth over time. As long as you strive accordingly, you can be sure that the truth will eventually come to you. Be open to new ways of understanding. And as long as these ways are positive, you will make progress. You will never be given knowledge that exceeds your current comprehension to ensure that you can make steady progress. Of course, your spirit guides also play a role in helping you stay on your path; and their influence can be quite insistent when necessary.

You have come a very long way to get to where you are now, so do not spoil your chances of advancement by slackening your concentration. The opportunity you have now will not be here for a long time, so what an opportunity you have here! Keep your eyes straight ahead, and you will surely succeed. If only you could see the potential that lies ahead!”

Some of us can already see the potential or visualize it regularly. I also put visions, dreams and wishes into the morphogenetic field almost daily. Not for myself, I will automatically live well in the future if I nurture others. Especially if I forgive and am grateful. Yes, it is clear to me that certainly not everyone deserves to be forgiven. But forgiveness is not about the other person, not first and foremost, it is about me and how I feel. Forgiveness heals me first and foremost. And we can all be grateful, basically. Every day! Because we have been given this chance, by whom or by whatever. Gratitude is also a powerful energy that we can use to heal ourselves.

On our planet there are many souls incarnated, many old souls and also some young souls. In addition, there are incarnated souls from inhabitants of other planets, starseeds and yes, there are also soulless “humans”, still. There are different estimations how many there could be. Some speak of 20 percent, a quarter, a third or even half of the earth’s population. These soulless ones sit at present in higher positions, in key positions of the governments, administrations, the companies and concerns, the banks and the stock exchanges. They all know or feel that their time is coming to an end, that their “wet dream” of a NWO has failed, that the power of love has triumphed and is advancing inexorably. They still want to destroy a lot, still want to drag a lot with them into the abyss, in places it even succeeds. But finally their end is near and we should remind ourselves of that every day. They have lost and will have to go. The old world ends and there is no place for them in the new world. Game over!

For all of us this means that we should stop dealing with incidents and events that we cannot regulate or control alone or in masses. We cannot force people to wake up, we cannot stop people from getting the “fix”. Everyone who has tried to convince, argue, prove so far has failed. And that even in the closest circle of family or friends. It is something we can never influence, the mind and will of others. We can try, and whoever has a small success in doing so will certainly feel good. But who feels bad in case of a failure? Only we ourselves. These are hard times, I admit, but let’s be honest with ourselves: If Corona hadn’t existed, would we have recognized the egoists, the indoctrinated, the sleepers, the cabals, the liars and cheats and yes, even the stupid ones today? Certainly not!

I suspect there will be about half of the world’s population left, it could be less, I’m unsure. I have doubts from time to time whether I will really belong to it. So it goes to you all surely also, if you concern yourselves with these messages/news. A saying by Rainer Maria Rilke comes to mind: “If you can think of nothing but writing, then you are a writer! According to this logic, anyone who is thinking about whether they will be among those who remain would have to go with them into the new world, wouldn’t they? And there I go, feeling better. LOL.

We certainly don’t want to have everything better with a “snap of the fingers”, although in some areas it really will. I think we want to be there when we clean up, when we dispose of the old and build the new. Or, as in spring cleaning, have a lot of work, but afterwards enjoy the tidy room, the tidy apartment. Nothing would be more disappointing than to come into a new world built up by others. We would not be able to contribute ourselves again, would we? And who tells us that our ideas, our skills are not needed in the new world. I think that is the hardest thing for all of us to grasp: that we are all, every single one of us, needed in the new world and that we all have a say in what is done in the new world. The cards will be reshuffled, the playing field will be rebuilt, we will be allowed to take some of the old world with us, but ultimately the old world will no longer exist. Therefore, fighting against everything from the old system is also wasted energy. Also the fight against indoctrinated or ignorant people is a fight against windmills, which only costs our strength. Take yourselves out of it, also mentally. I know it is difficult, but what use is it if we weaken or wear ourselves out in a futile fight? Nothing!

So please all hold on, don’t give up, hold the line. Even if we cannot yet see a light, or only a small light at the end of the tunnel, even if all hope is about to fade away if there are renewed delays. Do not give up! We are all needed, we patriots, currency holders, visionaries! The best, our reward, comes in the end, even if things are still chaotic and many seem to lose faith. Hang in there, be strong, have faith! We will really be the ones we have been waiting for! There is no other exit and we will all manage the last hurdles. Together or every one for himself. Take the time for yourselves and for your projects, visions, dreams. Every day anew, over and over again! In the silence lies the power! THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

“The happiness of your life depends onthe nature of your thoughts.”
Marcus Aurelius

“May the LIGHT illuminate your days and your path to perfection.Every soul has the same connection to God (the Creator).”
Mike Quinsey

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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