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Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 8:17 AM EDT on September 5, 2021

NESARA – Information Guide

What does this guy know about financing and currency? When did any of you count out currency more than $5,000 while not being a bank clerk, yet I did it on one job with over $50,000 in one night and that was 40 years ago so it would be about $137,000 today so I had my other way, and my knowledge goes that far back? Do you know who Steven Mnuchin is? If you haven’t looked at your present currency his name is on it from the year 2017 as Secretary of the Treasury, and by the way there have been no Fed Notes made in 2021. What??? What’s going on? On Friday Sept. 3 I went to the bank for a transaction and when I was done I asked the clerk if she knew about the USN to be coming in and she didn’t, so I informed her that it should be soon. I am not privy to release my credentials to be allowed to post these items and I have no NDA to deny my assumptions nor am I under a GAG order, and I do have my other sources.

Maybe that Stimulus Check you then get printed out at your bank and signed, maybe an 8 x 11.5 document and paper provided by the Military, MUST be physically taken to the Post Office Notary Public as they MUST see an Official Document, as the bank’s Notary Public is NOT valid and it needs the USPS third party to verify, for the USPS to ask you questions about the ‘Bearer Bond’ then visibly STAMP the SC over your thumbprint, 2nd signature and ‘Bearer Bond’ info printed on it, paid for by UST. Then that SC is taken back to the bank for the ‘3rd’ signature [requirement] in witness of the bank clerk that they match and the TDA is then opened, and then that SC is sent to the US Military as the proof the TDA has been opened and where. Security Cameras Everywhere. This may be going over board and it may be not the best in lower class communities or rural areas, yet an official Military Document worth millions it must be done this way, yet this paper will not be valid in any way till it’s finally completed at the bank the 2nd time, so if it’s stolen too bad for the thief, yet you can try again as no funds were confirmed, and it’s not like carrying around your actual BC/CLB and then it gets lost so then you just lost millions. Maybe these Stimulus Checks will only go out to start with to those that earn less than $100,000 and the homeless for the testing and sparsely done between banks to catch them, like the EBS testing. Try me on it and I am near a Military base to talk. Maybe the Military is just waiting for me to give them the final say-so on how they are to work it as I beat them in their own game. And of course the banks and USPS will be given instructions about this. I’d say they have another week to work on my idea or I got some spiritual sense it will be done this way. Maybe this is on a ‘Q’ Tweet without my knowledge.

Are we going to have the Big Crash before our TDAs are available? Once you get access to your TDA just go about your normal business and pay what ever bills you have, as they DO NOT now become your DEBTS to be FORGIVEN, as keep normal to keep others from knowing you have access to those funds, and check up on what DEBTS should be FORGIVEN and/or refunded. If you have a nice family or friends then just make a brief mention that this is coming about if they haven’t known about it sooner. If you have back rental payments then pay them back quickly as you should be nice about that as you did have a contract which you were to comply with. By the way, every postal clerk is under authority to be a Notary Public while at their post to receive your thumbprint electronically or by Lawfully/Sovereign in red ink on the documents.

The banks and credit unions are now to be in compliance with the Republic Common Law in which they cannot exist except to be the third party in-between the state and We The People with their transitions and nothing more. There should be notice put out to where you can find all your DEBTS due, either a local public building or a website that has a security access for you personally for those records and that should be made public soon as well, yet don’t use a phone number as that could lead to someone in another state or country that has access.

DEBTS to be FORGIVEN; past rent when you are homeless, IRS income taxes, State income taxes, County income taxes and all their liens, levies and penalties, all types of mortgage, school, vehicle and misc. loans with their interest, liens, levies or any payments, home/land property taxes, all types of public/private credit card payments, interest, liens and levies at that time of release, judges orders for child support, assistance to family members, penalties for failure to pay on now null and void laws, garnishments and any others of similar types if you mix and match these. Yet they will NOT be FORGIVEN for after the NESARA announcement if the DEBTS occurred then or recently and you build them up per this announcement. NO Private loans made between two people even when you made a contract will be FORGIVEN as you should have enough to pay them off unless you were one of the bad guys to where you should not have gone and therefore you will be revealed.

Once NESARA is implemented; on your mortgages they will be FULLY FORGIVEN, and if you are still making payments they must be halted, the question is if your interest, liens, levies or any payments will be refunded and I can only assume it is yes as it was based on FIAT currency and the banks already took those funds from your TDA to put into their own account to claim they have those funds on reserve, which were of course stolen funds and you had to pay interest on your own money as the signature when you signed the loan was actually signing to hand the DEED over to you and they failed to do so. For previous homes that you may have owned and lost, as you are not so-called owner now, I would assume it is the same thing. As of when NESARA takes effect all NEW home purchases will have the 14% Sales Tax attached to it, on a $300,000 home is $42,000, yet when you purchase a USED home there will be NO Sales Tax at all so it is whatever you agree to with the seller that is it plus the miscellaneous real estate fees. I haven’t heard about the NO Sales Tax on used vehicles sold commercially, but I would assume it is the same as homes.




If the present or past home owner had their payments not just forgiven but even refunded, then what about the home owners now that are purchasing homes, are they going to still be required to make the full payment? Well, in a way those others had their payments stolen from their accounts and that is why there should be a refund, but not for new purchasers as they are using those funds directly from their TDA so the total amount in the TDA lowers.

Are businesses and corporations going to have to pay property taxes? Well, the corporations absolutely as they are set up differently, but businesses that depends on where they are at as most likely the ones that work in their home would be Exempt as the People own the home, and a farm maybe the same thing unless the farm owner is leasing it to a business not using the home on it.

The ‘Bearer Bond known as Birth Certificate’ is your own Treasury Direct Account per your SSN with the US Treasury where the bankers set that up to ‘Buy and Sell’ you over and over again as Chattel. And your TDA is easily transferable between banks as the banks are the ATMs for the UST where those accounts are located. The $100,000 monthly NESARA payments are the ‘Dividends’ that the big bankers made for you, and it may be considered a Trust but it is NOT the government that owns it or that tells you what you can purchase from it or your limits or pay out to some government agencies, as once NESARA kicks in then all you have to do is prove your Identity and that TDA is yours, not any of your family members or the government’s, and you do not earn only 7% of the monthly amount to then receive as you can purchase a $500,000 home right off the bat of your own choosing as there are much funds there already. We can realize is it compares to the monthly Stimulus Check, and it is NOT from people NOW Paying Taxes, and that is why President Trump started handing these out for tracking you down and getting people prepared for monthly payments.

Once again the TDA is about $1,000,000 to start and the $100,000 per month for 11 years, deposits from UST, and you withdraw whatever you need for your purchases, as if you purchase a home only you know what is available, yet the salesman and seller will know that you have funds available and you do not need a credit check to make the purchase. The banks will NO longer be able to make loans of this type as they are prohibited to makes loans of what they do not have, and there are no more banking agencies in the US CORP as they fell when the US CORP fell into bankruptcy. What I mentioned before is those under the age of 21 will actually be borrowing from their own TDA and not directly from the bank’s funds thus no interest, and that is why they need no credit check either, maybe they need the Stimulus Check verification before use, but once they turn 21 and their ID is confirmed again then that loan is just signed off as paid and TDA is fully usable, and NO their friends cannot borrow off of their TDA to claim they want to go to college as they should have their own TDA. The children have funds in their TDA but the amounts will be lower at this time according to their age, the younger have lesser amounts but it will grow in time.

This is the video that has been mentioned for which this part gives the present details for primarily the past 45 years of all the banking and government corruption going on, yet at 22:00 it brings up the NESARA Law Constitutionally passed by Congress along with the list of what changes are to be made, however it does not go into detail of what I present as I have more knowledge on that:

Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program
First published at 05:54 UTC on March 13th, 2018.

And Freewill provided me to post these documents on a sub-page so NESARA is not hearsay:
Nesaranews Constitution And Founding Documents






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