“Part 8: Exchanges and NESARA” by Danlboon – 9.11.21


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 8:17 AM EDT on September 11, 2021

NESARA – Information Guide

Now that we are here on Nine Eleven Twenty Twenty One where NESARA was to be announced at 10:00 AM EDT Twenty years ago they, the bad guys, took control at 9:00 AM EDT to show the World that they were in control, and We The People were ignorant at the time and believed what they said. And the day before $2.1 Trillion was announced as to be missing from the Dept. of Defense Fund. So with more wars to come about, more money laundering and human trafficking taking place we have come back from utter silence to out right 1st Amendment protests and actions to prove We The People Will NOT Surrender, yet it was God Almighty that gave you the opportunity to wake up and see the roses as some of your were not born yet, so just be patient and do not give in. There is a lot more of my connections as to what relates to each other yet it is more on a personal level where I keep it to myself, but I can see what is happening.

We The People control this country and will never give it back and that is why D.J.T led the people this way to wake everyone up as he was not acting as a dictator and just handing out orders himself as he was waking people up for them to do the work, along with the People in the 209 countries. As long as we have 10,000,000 representatives in the states then we will stand strong, and the way things are going is that the wasteful bureaucratic government agencies will be no more and you don’t have to beg them to make changes as you We The People will be making them.

What is the easiest way to Shut Down the US CORP Federal Government for the Republic to come about? Have B Mandate ALL Federal Employees to receive the JAB! Thus, most will resign or be fired. You did NOT see this? Who gets laughed at now? The CIA, FBI, FDA, CDC, WHO and ALL the other alphabet agencies would claim they are not a Federal agency as they are private corporations and thus it does not apply apply to them, then they stick their foot in their mouth to then be exposed for their criminal activities.

There will be no Taxes except for the 14% Sales Tax that will cover ALL government expenses and if it doesn’t then you We The People must decide what must be done and not the government. However, there is still a question as if this is just a Federal Sales Tax that will be distributed upon all the states as each state should be independent in the Union, yet I think NESARA was set up for the states to move in this direction and fully put mandates on the FED. If there are questions that still need to be asked that you are not getting the answers, then wait and see if I get them out later, but really you need to talk with your family and friends as you are to be running the country and making those decisions. That is not my money and I am not a financial advisor so I am just throwing out ideas of what may happen from what I have seen over the years.

Now that many of us should be receiving our ‘Bearer Bond’ Treasury Direct Account funds and can live off of that for the rest of our lives then it should be that We The People provide the benefits to others, primarily for the smaller businesses to work for them for FREE and NOT accept a salary so they have the funds to prosper for the losses they took over the last couple of years. There should be forms and/or contracts to fill out upon your agreement so when they receive an audit or any government requirement then they have it on record of how many employees that have volunteered to not receive a salary to increase the company’s revenue for other costs. You have the choice to do this even with the medium or larger size companies yet there should be a law made that it will not be made mandatory to lead to slavery, yet then it might get into discrimination if it becomes known between employees or those that do not have a TDA that that will be kept quiet, just like with HIPAA.

WWG1WGA = When Workers Gain Oneness Workers Gain America

From: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of September 10, 2021 it states: “Currency exchanges for the General Public may begin at banks on Wed. Sept. 15 or Fri. Sept. 17.” yet these are only for the ‘Currency exchanges,’ but will the general ‘Bearer Bond’ Treasury Direct Account funds be included and be made available or will they be declared as something else and how is this going to be announced? By the MSM which we may think is just malarkey and many here do not watch? Or will it be just to provide your SSN at a bank then you can open your TDA, which is absolute NON-Security? So even I do not know as many with their top sources do not know the exact details of those exchanges as they continue to change and even extend pass the World Court orders.

What I saw 30 years ago and went forward with it is Route 66, which was the start of the US Highway System, and that was established in 1926 from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA. Since I was interested in bicycling I made the real big effort to research it and retrace it for the bicyclists to get from Santa Monica to Chicago, as it was best traveling East, along with tracking vise versa, and not make any mistakes to hassle with the normal vehicular traffic which sometimes I had to get on actual bike paths to travel it. So that was several months to get that accomplished, while working a normal job, with the complete Route of 2,482 miles for every turn down to the tenth of a mile. With that I published my own book without doing any of that before, so I made the efforts which many of you haven’t bothered with on other things, and that is where I am here today with picking up my own knowledge. By the way, I have pictures of Martin Milner and Bobby Troup holding my book, if you know who they were. What does this have to do with ‘Exchanges and NESARA’? It is some people make the extra effort, in detail, for the betterment of others as for what I have done already to just give you a sense of reality. Have I given you some answers already?

When I was out on the road as a trucker and the weather conditions halted me from moving that day then I know what it is like for the truckers going on strike, yet for me in my supposed despair I didn’t look at it that way, as I had another day of rest and/or I had the opportunity with my photography skills one time to get a great picture of my truck with snow all around it to end up having it placed in the next year’s company calendar, so there are blessings even in bad situations, so look for them.

There will not be any way for massive lawsuits to come about once NESARA comes into effect with liability placed on everyone else, but it will be for the Pandemic that will be done by the professionals for you to receive any compensation if you are involved. So NO massive payouts of $2,000,000 by you and each of your family and friends because or racists rants, minor or false accusations, so Karens are NOT allowed to freely collect. And if you did go to court for any reason those TDA funds will not be locked to deny you any defense funds.

If there are any of those that have committed crimes yet no warrants have been placed on them then maybe when they get aware of the ‘Bearer Bond’/TDA process then they either turn themselves in or just take their chances on the ID check to receive their massive TDA funds to collect items to commit more crimes. One way they may slip thru the cracks is to go register for some weapons, if that is still required, and see if they can get away with that, but that may be the wrong thing as their picture gets sent thru the system ASAP to try and match with any known assailants on the camera shots. So maybe I may be giving them and/or their family and friends a warning, and if they are given the opportunity to get their TDA and ignore it then questions come about as to why they have not taken it.

There has to be an announcement of the USN/USTN somehow. If you want collectors’ items of the FRN then it will be worthless paper in about a year. I think the Republic will set a deadline real soon to halt all drug deals world wide as those Fed Notes will then be worthless to them and there cannot be suitcases or pallets full of the USN/USTN moved about as they will all be traced. If NESARA is not announced then there is a major problem as then we will not have new elections for the Republic or it will take another year to get that completed when it is to be only 120 days after the announcement and they are not even ready for that as the 2020 audit results have not come out. The World Court has gotten involved for the USA and the 208 other countries and those Deadlines MUST be Followed!

For those Sovereigns out there that have no license plate on their transportation device then how are people to easily read it if it is involved in an accident, crime or if it is stolen as not everyone, like the police, are going to be stopping them just to get to the front windshield to read the VIN, as the witnesses will just say; “It’s a white car,” when they could have seen the license plate and it is from another state.

If you now have $1,000,000 to start with and $1,200,000 coming in by the end of a year for each family member for 21 years of age and older then a family of 4 has $8,800,000 in the first year, but do not squander it as it needs to be placed on hold just in case you have any medical disaster or you are involved in a natural disaster, as insurance. Then when your children become of age then you should be able to provide them how to handle those funds properly.

And Freewill provided me to post these documents on a sub-page so NESARA is not hearsay:

Nesaranews Constitution And Founding Documents


“Part 7: Exchanges and NESARA” by Danlboon – 9.9.21


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