“Part 7: Exchanges and NESARA” by Danlboon – 9.9.21


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 8:05 AM EDT on September 9, 2021

NESARA – Information Guide

Some of the Sovereigns and others are claiming ‘The Great Reset’ and the ‘Global Currency Reset’ are one and the same and both make America incorporated, which is false, so beware of who you listen to, as you may have enemies on both sides. Yet my backing is written in stone going back more that 2,000 years as in the Book of Daniel 12:11 it mentions 1,290 days, which from Trump’s Inauguration Day 1/20/2017 to the 7th Anniversary of my last day of work as a Truck Driver 8/2/2020 is 1,290 days, in ‘Restored Republic’ it brings up 7 Trumpets, from 2013 as I change paths I took the early steps to finally get involved with NESARA, and in Isaiah ’45’ it brings up King Cyrus basically ‘draining the swamp’ which today is Trump. So here I try and focus on your early steps of NESARA with you first receiving your TDA.

There has to be a lot of info to look at for all 300,000,000 plus Americans to handle once the Republic and NESARA is announced, and then for all of them to reel in their benefits from their Treasury Direct Accounts to avoid a crash as now all those Stimulus Checks, ‘Bearer Bonds’ and TDAs are to be verified in one way or another as to maybe what I said. It could come down to misunderstanding and the rush to the banks to get cash on hand as in The Great Depression. If massive amounts of people go to the USPS to get to the next step then for the only major city near me with one post office and 21,000 adults then there will be over 1,000 people per day trying to access the USPS to get their TDA moving. With all the flood, tornado, drought and fire damage going on around the country with power being out and damage to buildings, people’s homes and farmland then other options need to be made along with immediate access to those TDAs. Maybe there needs to be a slow flow and monthly Stimulus Checks sent out to everyone for simple help for those that are not involved in disasters, and then the ‘Bearer Bond’ and TDA verification moved soon after for those that do it in their own time and it could take 6 months for everyone to have it be completed. So those $100,000 per month payments cannot just be placed into every bank account, but they will be added to the TDA, as some people have several accounts and then there are those others that set them up per stolen IDs, SSNs, unknown dead people or handed to them as being illegal immigrants from the corrupt government, thus that is why the $1,000 per month will be the stepping stone till they can verify who they are and many will be happy to get that as they would be ignorant of the enormous TDA funds. This will also be the opportunity for everyone to regain accounts that they lost or have a security check for those that shouldn’t have those TDAs.

I just happen to be in a small un-incorporated city where two years ago we had the 2 major earthquakes which then closed our only food store which there has been none since and we have to travel 25 miles to get the basics. Then the only medical facility that was open one day a week just opened up again six months ago, but it is only for certain customers as we have a higher majority of seniors living here, and the post office does not have the capability to even handle what I presented as they only can come up with hand written receipts if you need them, thus that is a rural area. You want talk with the American Public, then come and talk with me as I have been shut down in numerous parts of the country or dealing with it as being a truck driver due to the major weather conditions like hitting black ice at night and I know how to handle that, and I had to travel back to California after the 1994 earthquake and deal with the major interstate reconstruction and it wasn’t too good waiting 30 minutes just to move one mile. And thus I had to deal with four, yes four 6.4M or larger earthquakes in my life and survived, which one I was allowed to skip school for the day. So major occurrences will be coming and those that cannot get access to their TDAs ASAP will be coming after you for whatever you have, so you have to be on a low profile. You may think I want you to feel sorry for me, but no, I am giving you the facts of life if you haven’t dealt with it yourself, and I will be giving you a broad range of things.

For what I said last time; “if you are in the higher level of living and making over $300,000 a year and want to purchase a more expensive home” I never brought in the calculations of your basic earnings to be added for your loan as I just assumed you want that all for yourself for other expenses, all $300,000 plus. Yet I only made the calculations based on one people, so if you have a partner then you can go higher up on your purchase, and there are plenty of $3-5 million homes in California if you want to go that high, but maybe you just don’t want to move here right now, yet maybe it is the best time to storm the most populated state and take control, maybe getting 50,000,000 people here as we have produced possibly 50% of the food each year for the whole nation so California cannot go down the tubes.

For those that are in the T4A-B level then you should know how much you will be handed to you to place in some account, as it will not be $50,000 or more in cash and you deal with it later, but I think you will either receive a Lawful cashier’s check or they then and there will open up your TDA per your verifiable ID and place it there for you. Now the bad guys will not be coming after you then as they have no access to those funds, but the Exchanges have been made. And for the Farm Claims there will be an average of $20 million dollars per claim and they may have the choice of just including that in their TDA, if it isn’t there already when distributed, or setting up their own account. You didn’t receive that check in the mail, just like the ballots? That is not security. By the way, I have had two days of mail this week and nothing so far from the IRS, so still waiting on the DEBTS DUE or DEBTS FORGIVEN notice.

For those on unemployment benefits that those benefits have now been shut down then they should be on the early list of recipients of the TDA, except for those that do not qualify for it, yet it will be helping out as a transition to another format. Those that know they were not born here then they need to get to the State Department to collect their info to see if with their passport and visa is verifiable proof to collect some type of funds or receive their BC/CLB from their country. And those that have moved from state to state recently must provide accurate records to where they were born and other details as the Military cannot hunt everyone down that lives like this, so that is why the database that I assume the USPS will have will have everybody’s BC/CLB in it for it to then be accessed.

For the homeless then there needs to be some businesses that provide a mailing address to start with for those homeless to begin the process, and the first ones on the list will be those that have verification with them of who they are, as most likely it would be the most recent homeless people. Maybe there will be those businesses and other groups that get those people in places to live as temporary living quarters to them once they have their TDA opened up they can move to where they want and that present living quarters will then be made available to others. Maybe it should be motels and hotels that need some business to help out the homeless like have 50% of their customers be their temporary boost in business and then lead those people on the way to getting their own living quarters, yet there should be a reasonable rate rather than $100 per night per people, but I think those that receive their TDA would give a nice TIP for those services as well as promoting them with more business.

For the TDA are your ex-partners going to come your way to try and collect on your NESARA benefits when they even lost before? Well, maybe you could make out a brief written statement to give to them to hand to the judge which states they were never born of and have no access to this ‘Bearer Bond’ or they are a legal/illegal immigrant and therefore they need assistance elsewhere when they may have a partner already, or else they should have their own. Sorry, the divorce was final and all laws that were defined back then no longer exist so they are no longer part of your life, and since we are going into Common Law look for a group that is willing to support, primarily the men, that have no control of or see their children as these can be changed then. By the way, Child Protective Services will no longer exist or they will be drastically changed from just walking in and stealing your children, so try and work on that to find your children from the state. Just a tidbit is the ‘Bearer Bonds’ work in favor of your child this way and not have one couple receiving $800,000 per month for their 8 adopted children from CPS and your child gets nothing, and that is why those funds are not accessible till the People are 21 years of age as a true adult. However, if the child is disabled or needs help then the parent is to pay for it unless the expenses are too high in which an attorney is then involved to resolve the issues for the access of the child’s TDA funds.

Again what I bring up may appear to be too negative, but I am bringing up the harsh realities of what you may encounter that you personally may never have thought about, so I am slapping you in the face right here and now to get you to understand what is coming your way, as people are being slapped in the face for what they thought B was going to do good.

Since I mentioned Common Law and a judge you need to realize that there will be no more attorneys, lawyers or judges working under the British Accredited Registry, BAR, and now they must be retrained in Constitutional Law and not what we have now, Maritime Law, which is NOT Law of the Land, as the original 13th Amendment is the Title of Nobility Act which does not allow foreigners to hold public office, and surely those 100 or so dual Israeli citizens in Congress did violate the US Constitution.

We’re holding you back till it’s time for the “GO” and the Security is around you!

And Freewill provided me to post these documents on a sub-page so NESARA is not hearsay:
Nesaranews Constitution And Founding Documents


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