“Remembering 9/11, Today and Going Forward” by Michael Murdock – 9.11.21


Entry Submitted by Michael Murdock at 5:00 PM EDT on September 11, 2021

I shot this included picture on Sept 11th, 2015 at 9:26am in Tempe Arizona at the 9/11 Memorial Flag Field. Each flag represents someone who died that day in 2001. A day of reflection. I had my dog Sophie with me. She honored those there as well, She would stop and look up at a flag, then bow her head. She was so in tune with the energy and wanted to help heal the wounds. I’ll never forget that particular remembrance day. Sophie passed away December 15th, 2015.

In 2001, I was working for Sun Microsystems, I was sleeping when the phone rang and all I could hear was a voice SCREAMING “TURN THE TV ON, WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!!”. The voice was of a woman I had been dating the year before. The first plane had hit Tower 1, and her dad had called her, she hung up with him and called me to wake me because I was closer to her. We both watched on tv and tried to understand all that was happening when Tower 2 was struck, I was stunned, but then had to tell her to pray, and I’d be there shortly.

I hung up with her, and immediately dialed the White House Switchboard and said “If the President needs me Michael Murdock to reactivate into NAVAL service, I am available for immediate deployment”. The woman was very polite, said Thank you for your call Mr Murdock, if needed we’ll get back to you, and hung up.

Later on, I found out that my Dad, had made the same call right before I did. We hold a sense of honor and respect for this nation we call home.

I hung up the phone and instantly it rang, “This is Michael” I said, and there was Dad’s voice, ever the ready one, Son, pack your bags and get down here, we have food, shelter and preserves to hold us over 3 months. Dad, I love you and Mom, I need to stay here in this area with my friends to watch over them if needed, and right now I need to get down to Campbell to be with my ex to help her.

That day every chance I got, I met with friends, we kept watching the footage, and praying for our country when the towers fell, then we heard about the Pentagon…and then…Flight 93, we prayed for them and finally heard that they’d perished.

Life was touch and go back then, fleeting glances at people, for 3 days the skies were eerily empty except for a few fighter patrols in various places, no gliders, no balloons, no planes.

And then bit by bit life got back to some semblance of normalcy. I was to travel to Colorado later in the year, originally by plane, I decided at the time that I wanted to take a train.

The ride from California to Colorado was amazing, through the mountains, and the snow, the time in Colorado was fun, and then the return trip was one of the strangest things I’ve ever encountered, including being stuck on the train at Donner Pass in the snow, at 11PM at night, full moon, and the lighting in the train went out.

Eventually it came back on and we arrived back in Emeryville at the train station there…2001 was a year to get over with and into the books not a moment too soon.

Each year I reflect on things. I’ve been to Ground Zero many years ago, when there was still rubble there from the fallen towers. It was amazing to remember how when I was in the Navy in 1979, I’d gone to New York th sightsee and one of the places I went was the World Trade Center, so I’d seen it just 6 years after the complex had been completed. It was a marvel of achievement of mankind at the time.

Times change, we move on, but we should reflect. Just think some day in the future, someone will say September 11th never happened, just like they do regarding the holocaust today. I can tell you personally, I saw those buildings one day, when I went back years later, they were gone. It happened. It should never happen again.

Don’t Let It!

God Bless You All.

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN
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