Dinarland Highlights for September 19, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 9.19.21

Bruce (The Big Call)

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We do know that the rates for the currencies…are locked on the screens…we have a solid rate for Dong we do not know what the rate is for the Dinar now but we’ve heard some things in the past what Dr Shabbibi believed the Dinar could support and I think that’s probably still going to be the case – so called front screen rate…

…You’re not going to get absolute confirmation from anybody – they don’t want us to know that – and so we don’t know that – we speculate a little bit based on the intel that we do get…


Frank26 (KTFA)

On December the 20th we really sincerely thought because 5 days prior to that on December 15th we have the article where it was said very plainly by the IMF Iraq is in the process of adding value to their currency before the end of the year.  It did not happen.  Instead the CBI asked the IMF can we lower the value even more?  What for?

…we can pay our debt at a lesser cost for us.  IMF said brilliant, go for it, you’ve got 6 months.  And they did.  When those 6 months ended June 20th, what happens?  Oh my goodness gracious every day article after article…hundreds of them all for the last 2 months talking about, we’re going to raise the value of our currency.  We’re going to introduce a new small category note for you…by the way we’re going to float our currency internationally‘…



We’re starting to see all kinds of agreement and projects starting…as long as I’ve been doing this I don’t remember this many articles.  It seems like every day now you’re seeing new agreements, new companies coming in, outside investors.  No doubt about it the economy is starting to open up.  This is really good so I’m really happy for the people in Iraq…


Randy Koonce

How are you makin it?

…It looks like there is a really good window open now through the end of September.  It appears that the Biden administration has gone back and endorsed the Obama era numbers; so even tho your money will be coming out over $1.00 – it will not be much over the $1.00.   The good thing is that the Biden group wants it out, and all the parties seem to have agreed. I do not have an exact day but, it looks good from now till the end of Sept…


Walkingstick and Frank26 (KTFA)

It is possible within the next 2 weeks or whatever that time frame is when it eventually gets here, it is possible that the CBI is going to take the ‘sheets’ [dinar samples] and they’re going to say, ‘Citizens come here get into the banks, look at this…this is your new currency coming to you.’  They may show the citizens the new small category notes and not release the exchange rate at that moment.  The show is not the same as releasing



Photo shows construction of new CBI building in Baghdad…


RVAlready (TNT)

I do not think this is being held up on purpose. This gets only one shot. Financial preparation, logistical preparation, and security preparation must all be made ready. I’m hoping we see this as soon as possible. I am expecting this before Oct 1.

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