“The Destiny of Humankind Chronicles #13: Ra’an Message (2)” by Raanra – 10.1.21


Entry Submitted by Raanra at 8:20 PM EDT on October 1, 2021


The Following Introduction is for Those who have not Read it Before.

RA’AN’S Message is Below. 


I’m in FREE-WILL Communication, Coordination and Co-Operation with RA’AN.

Yesterday I Talked with RA’AN and We came to the Mutual Conclusion and Agreement that it Would be for the GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS, if I let RA’AN Talk To You Directly.

Those Who Think that this is All Just my Imagination, Feel Free To Do So!

In that Case You Could Just Take This as My Opinion.

No Need to make an “Issue” Over This!

If You Like More Information on Such Things As: “What is this All About?” or: “What is this Communication Like, Between RA’AN and myself,” You can find a Link at the End of this Post, where You could get more Information.



“This is RA’AN Speaking. We are a Combination of the Soul Group of The ELOHIM and the Soul Group of RA.

“We, The ELOHIM are of Very High Vibration, Much Higher than Even 6th DENSITY.

“Yet, with some ‘Stretching,’ You Could be Able to Feel Our Vibration and be Uplifted by It, Should You Wish for this to Occur.

“We, the Elohim are the Ones Who Created Your Physical Universe, But Never Got Introverted Into it and Never Became the Effect of It.”

“You, Most Likely, have had a Hand in Creating This Physical Universe As Well. The Difference is that You Took Different Decisions, Took Bodies, Got Introverted Into the Physical Universe and to Some Degree Became the Effect of It.

“However, You are “No Less” than We are, – You are Creator Gods Just The Same.

“It Just Is that You Took Different Decisions, Which Resulted in a Different Future for You, i.e. the ‘Future’ You are In Now. 

“RA is the Soulgroup Who has Taken Care of Humanity, the Solar System and Neighboring Systems for Times Immemorial.

“RA is a 6th DENSITY Soul Group.

“DENSITY” Refers to Vibration or Frequency.

“The Higher the “DENSITY,” the Higher is the Vibration or Frequency.


“You Could Consider ELOHIM and RA of the Polarity of GOOD and Being The CHAMPIONS OF GOOD.

“LUCIFER and His Group had Come to Terra to Play the Role of the CHAMPIONS OF EVIL, taking on the Polarity of EVIL.

“What Ensued was the BATTLE OF GOOD VERSUS EVIL that has Been Raging for Thousands of Years on Terra.

“However, LUCIFER and His Group Undertook this Mission as a Sacrifice; – They took on this Role as the CHAMPIONS OF EVIL for the Purpose of Providing an Environment where People Would be Prompted to Take a Stand, Either for GOOD or EXTREME EVIL.

“Taking a Stand, for Either GOOD or EXTREME EVIL, is Necessary for SPIRITUAL ASCENSION.

“When No Clear Clear Stand is Taken, this could be Called INDIFFERENCE, which will Not Result in SPIRITUAL ASCENSION.

“INDIFFERENCE was the Problem of Your Biblical PARADISE.

“The Problem was that this INDIFFERENCE was Preventing SPIRITUAL ASCENSION.

“You are now in the Final Stages of this Battle Between GOOD and EVIL and You Could make it Your FREE-WILL Choice to Take a Stand for GOOD and Find Yourself in PARADISE Soon Again, – HEAVEN ON EARTH with NESARA/GESARA!

“But This Time ‘Round, the Ones in HEAVEN ON EARTH will be the Ones Who Have Taken a Stand For GOOD.

“The INDIFFERENT Ones, or the Ones who are Taking a Stand for EXTREME EVIL Won’t be in HEAVEN ON EARTH OF NESARA/GESARA!

“The New PARADISE, – HEAVEN ON EARTH with NESARA/GESARA, – is a Future Filled with Humanitarian Accomplishment, Happiness, and Bliss.

“These are the Basic Choices You Have:


“Taking a Stand for EXTREME EVIL and Enter the “HELL” of FOURTH DENSITY NEGATIVE.

“INDIFFERENCE,” Leading to the ‘PURGATORY’ of,  Most Likely,  Many More Thousands of Years of Suffering, Similarly to How May have Suffered During the last few Thousands of Years.

“FOURTH DENSITY NEGATIVE and FOURTH DENSITY POSITIVE are Both Characterized by Higher VIBRATION than THIRD DENSITY, But FOURTH DENSITY NEGATIVE Consists of the Beings Who have Taken A Stand for EXTREME EVIL, While FOURTH DENSITY POSITIVE Consists of the Ones Who have Taken A Stand for GOOD.

“If You Look Around, You Probably Can Spot People Who are Taking a Stand for EXTREME EVIL, Others Who are Taking a Stand for GOOD and Still Others who are Relatively INDIFFERENT.

“Can You Think of a Few Examples of Such People to Make This More Real to You?

“Right Now the Battle is Raging Over the Minds of the People who are Still INDIFFERENT.

“These Will Either Absolutely Insist on Staying INDIFFERENT, or Will be Taking a Stand for GOOD or EXTREME EVIL.

“What is Your Choice?

“Just in Case You Prefer Taking a Stand for GOOD, Would You be Interested to Know of a Way You Could Very Effectively Take a Stand for GOOD?

“By Asserting Your Own Power and Sovereignty to Bring About HEAVEN ON EARTH WITH NESARA/GESARA!


“By Not Slipping Back Into Giving Your Power Away but Doubling Down on Asserting Your Own Power and Sovereignty to Bring About HEAVEN ON EARTH WITH NESARA/GESARA!

“How So?

“By This:

“When Hearing ‘IT IS HAPPENING NOW!,’ Do Not Relinquish Your Own Power and Sovereignty of Actually Making Sure It Actually Is HAPPENING NOW (OR SOON)!

“Do Not Sit Back and Say:

” ‘Oh Good! They are Now Actually Doing It!’

 ” ‘They will Now Implement RV, Currency Redemption and Enormous Sums For Humanitarian Projects, followed by HEAVEN ON EARTH OF NESARA/GESARA.’

” ‘Therefore I can Relax as They are Doing It!’

“Did You Notice that by Adopting This Attitude, You Would Have Given Your Own Power Away, by Leaving it All Up To Them?

“Isn’t This Exactly How it has Been Going for the Last 10 Years, Without It HAPPENING NOW?

“Isn’t it that for the Last 10 Years You have been Hearing these Reports of ‘IT IS HAPPENING NOW!,’ and, Because You Believed it, Have Left It Up to These ‘Others’ to Actually Make it ‘HAPPEN,’ which then was Followed by IT NOT HAPPENING?

“After 10 Years of Failure of this Particular Operating Basis, Wouldn’t You Say It’s Time to Change It, and Instead of Giving Your Own Power Away, to Double Down on Asserting Your Own Power and Sovereignty and MAKE IT HAPPEN?

“Do You See Very Clearly What We are Talking About Here?

“Just in Case You Decided that it Would be Better to Double Down on Asserting Your Own Power and Sovereignty and MAKE IT HAPPEN, – How Could You Do It?

“One Way You Could Do it is by Flat Out Demanding that It IS HAPPENING NOW.

“Another and Very Important Way Would Be By Asking Us for HELP to MAKE IT HAPPEN, As the More You Ask, the More We Can Give. 

“We Cannot ‘Interfere’ Unless We are Asked to do so, Often Enough and Emphatically Enough, So that it is Not a Violation of FREE-WILL for Us to ‘Interfere.’ 

“Which Way Do You Want to Go?

“Do You Prefer the INDIFFERENCE of Leaving it All Up to Them?

“Or do You Prefer to Take a Stand for GOOD, By Doubling Down on Asserting Your Own Power and Sovereignty and Flat Out Demand it that it IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING NOW and Asking for Our HELP, Often Enough and Emphatically Enough?

“Do You See that by Doing the Above, it is Within Your Own Power TO MAKE IT HAPPEN?

“We would Like to Invite You to Make Up Your Mind Very Clearly:

“Do You Prefer INDIFFERENCE Or do You Prefer Taking a Stand for GOOD?

“Do You Personally Prefer a Future of Continued “Purgatory,” or Do You Prefer a Future in HEAVEN ON EARTH WITH NESARA/GESARA?

“It is not that the ALLIANCE is ‘Bad.’

“The TRUTH is that the Alliance Needs Your HELP, Your Power and Sovereignty to MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW!

“Should You Decide to HELP, then This is the HELP that is Needed:

“To Flat Out Demand that ‘IT IS HAPPENING NOW,’ and to Request Our HELP to Actually MAKE IT HAPPEN and Request So, As Repeatedly and Impassionedly as You Can!

“If Enough of You Take a Stand for GOOD and Do This, Then It WILL BE HAPPENING!

“As, Then, if Anybody Would Try to Stop it, the Pressure Would be So Great, that They Would Get Flushed Out.

“What is Your Choice?

“INDIFFERENCE, Or Taking a Stand for GOOD, Or Taking a Stand for EXTREME EVIL?

“You Have FREE-WILL!

“It is Really Up to YOU, Whether it Happens Soon, Or Possibly Much Later, Or Possibly Not At All.




For more Information on RA’AN, You may want to Refer to the Introductory Part of This Earlier Post:




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