“Last Clean up” – MarkZ Evening Intel Stream Highlights 10-6-21


Wednesday Evening News Update 10/06/2021

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: Well this afternoon money still has not moved. I did speak with some Iraqi contacts today again . They say there has been a lot of clean up in the aisles as they anticipate a release of the new rate no later then midmonth. Sooner than later is what they are telling me.  

MZ: They have made it very public over there that they have loaded the ATM’s with lower denoms. And that they have printed and prepared all the lower denominations as well.

MZ: There have been a number of arrests in Iraq- is what I am being told. In Iraq itself and also from confiscation of some questionable folks and their currency.

MZ: There was a hard cleanup over the weekend. This is probably why there was a news blackout in Iraq this weekend. So I got a fantastic update from over there today and they have a lot of anticipation that this last clean up at the last moment is so nobody hid any money or stashed any….Iraq has been very busy over the weekend and the first of this week. And they still are saying they are ready and prepared .

MZ: We are all hoping we get over the finish line any day now. I wouldn’t be surprised to get that call at any time.

MZ: So no money movement in Reno or Zurich…..But lots of Arrests in Iraq in preparation for the event.

MZ: They have been cleaning up banking for awhile now all over.  Including Fed bankers and Fed presidents.

Member:  Mark, cbi iq has reinstatement date on their webpage today of Oct 17th date? Thoughts?

Member:  CBI Document says they will re-instate the Dinar Internationally on 10-17-2021..This is from a Vital Brad video on recaps.

Member:  news came out today that the rules for buying and selling currencies is changing on the 17th in Iraq

Member:  we don’t want to get our hopes up , we have a documented stamped CBI document saying it’s going to be reinstated on the international market on…I looked at a calendar – October 17th is a Sunday

MZ: Iraq has already been given all the mechanisms…..their finance minister came out and said they are now prepared to let their rate float to its real value…..we shared that article last week. .

Isaac: Hello, Just finished all the meetings. After no positive news the final one was to wait for tomorrows to see if the German Bonds will start tomorrow with liquidity. So keep you posted.

Mark, Do you still feel the entire RV will go at once or is Iraq going to go it alone???

Member:  When is Vietnam getting their act together!! C’mon Dong! You’re killing me!

Member:  Maybe Vietnam is all set and ready – standing by for the start?

Member:  Are you still hearing low $2 for Dong?

Member:  TNT says between $6 – $12 for Dong

Member:  what happened to all that news from last week when this thing was supposed to go? here we are a week later and nothing

Member:  Next 8 days going to be interesting.

Member: I take that what is currently going on is the calm before the storm. Nothing but good news, silence is golden.

Member: Mark, do you think we will be done by the 15th?

MZ: At this point …based on what I am hearing……I do .

Member: Bruce says tomorrow.

MZ: I hope Bruce is right.

Member:  Let’s hope the entire cabal run banking system all goes down

Member:  can I tell you how tired I am of this movie!

Mod:  Have a blessed evening everyone and thank you for joining

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