The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 10-5-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 10-5-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday October 5th and you’re tuned in to and listening to the Big Call – Thanks everybody for being here tonight – we’re excited – I’m excited

Ok let’s do this – let’s talk about it – I really thought as of Thursday’s call we had some very interesting intel and you noticed it was not out anywhere else – that was interesting to me – and I love the fact that I was able to bring that to you –

However, we thought that everything was pointing to notifications today and that did not happen – what happened instead? What happened yesterday was – ummm let’s just say it was a day sooner than we thought it was going to take place – a lot of times that will happen – I’m referring to – I’m going to use this term in “quote” the take down of 2 social media websites – Face Book and Instagram and the parent company for that – there’s clean-up going on – let’s put it that way –

As a result of that – and I know they were down I understand 5-6 hours depending on what part of the country you are in – it probably caught a lot of people off guard – it caught the stock market off guard – and so on –

There was a good reason for it – a very good reason – and we were aware of it – I say “we” “I” was aware of it – and knew that would take place – there’s a little bit more to it but I can’t really go into that –

Suffice it to say – that the so called 10 Days of Disclosure – 10 Days of Darkness – that we’ve heard about for months and months essentially has started and I think we could say that it started yesterday if not before – and by the way it is not continuing – what I’m trying to say is it is not continuous – in other words just because we have a major event take place yesterday which would be one of the 10 days of darkness – it’s not necessarily 10 days in a row – that is what I am trying to get to – it’s not going to be that way – 

It could be a day here – a day there – 2 days here – you see – it’s not going to be “continuous” – in the sense of one day following the next  – I did not learn that until today – so that’s new –

But…… what we did hear is two different things – one of course is dealing with clean up – of those sites – and those companies – and it was extensive – and beyond that – it takes us to — are they doing more system checks? Supposedly yes – system checks were done today – don’t know if it includes QFS or some other aspects of that – even checked to see if whether that could be an excuse or whether it was “real” and I was told no it was real – in terms of system checks – and I’m going to say it this way – if everything goes – according to plan tonight and overnight tonight – things will be looking rosy for us tomorrow mid to late morning

Now – if for some reason things don’t go well overnight tonight – we’ve been deferred to Thursday – so I am going to ask that we all pray along the lines of everything runs smoothly tonight and overnight all systems “GO” so to speak and that we CAN go – if we are notified – this is an “IF” statement – “IF” we are notified before lunch time tomorrow which is the plan –

If that occurs then we would set our appointments and get our start tomorrow afternoon – approximately 2-3 hours after the numbers would come out – approximately –

So …… I am encouraged by that – I really am because sometimes things are quiet – everything has been very quiet – like some of our intel – have been dead silent – but usually we have to regard that as “good news” – no news is good news – and in this case that seems to be good for us

So we did find out a little bit more here and there – I would say that the Iraqi Dinar has been put in a position where it is trading now on Forex and going up in value and it will be put out but its still not out publically yet – But they will not do that until we get started – by that I mean – we get notified – bondholders are still waiting for their 1- 1.5% of their total – they are still waiting – to get access to that – because those are going to go in concert with us quite possibly very similar tpo a shotgun start – slight stagger –

I see it this way – I think this is what’s going to happen – they are giving / shown an email – they receive an email telling them they have access to their funds – they have liquidity and access to those funds at about the same time that we are emailed and told that we have the ability to set our appointments – for our exchanges and zim redemption

So that’s how close related – I believe the bondholders are with what we are doing with exchanges of our currencies and zim – on redemption

So I feel as though if we don’t get anything unusual or another monkey wrench thrown in the mix here we are good to go – I really believe that – so we’ll see how that manifests to us –

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 1:09:30

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