Dinarland Highlights for November 4, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 11.4.21


…In the waiting for RV GCR Hell Loop…The misguided Hero, always knocking on the bank’s door, ready for his turn to exchange. Getting the same painful reply to every pitiful request to exchange, hearing only, “Not yet.” …Yes, the possibility to Redeem for the hundreds of thousands of stalwart heroes in this Redemption endeavor, is 100%…We get to the other side…after the required challenges are handled.



Some days the news is slow and coming. We are making progress just very slow to roll out at our level. They are being very cautious and making sure there is no interference. Stay strong and keep the faith. There will be no warning when this happens. It just will.



Iraq pays Kuwait $490 million and is close to closing the compensation file

Iraq is just $629 million away and it is going to be done at the beginning of 2022.  [Iraq owed billions at one time.]  That will close the compensation files permanently.  That means Iraq does not owe Kuwait any more dollars.  This is going to go a long way to restore sovereignty and definitely lifting the restrictions off of the Iraqi dinar…



[via PDK]

We are still moving forward…just not as quickly as we want…I believe we are right in the midst of it…none of us know exactly what to expect.

redemption contacts were told to be on call over the weekend.  It would not surprise me to hear them say it will be a couple more weeks…then bam…they just pull the trigger. Stay calm…there is a lot of smoke out there.  They may be just waiting for the perfect time to release it.




It is…a fact that Iraq has over a hundred trillion dinar in circulation. There is no possible way they could ever significantly RV the dinar.  What they can do is redenominate (LOP) the dinar removing trillions to billions. Or….They can build a diverse private sector and allow the dinar to float up gradually over time…gradually removing and reducing the dinar in circulation.


Frank26 (KTFA)

The process that is occurring right now IMO is that the CBI is educating the citizens that they’re also going to be removing…3 zero notes and taking them out of circulation.  70% has been collected and they don’t want to pump any more 3 zero notes into the money supply…This will cause the citizens…to bring them into the banks… And it takes us to the point where Dr. Shabibi said, ‘Our goal is to return our currency back to the glory days.’  The glory days were in the 40s…We have the governor Mustafa of the CBI today repeating the same words that Dr. Shabibi said…our goal is to take our currency back to the glory days.  To add value to it again.  To be a leader in the Middle East…



Member comment: “One of the gurus is always talking about trillions of dinar out there…You have said on many occasions at last count there were between 5 and 6 billion notes and we were waiting for it to get around 4 billion or less.  I think what this guy is trying to figure out is what denominations are out there and came out with trillions.”  No.  What he’s doing is taking the M1, M2, M3 [reports]…M1 has the currency – How much physical currency is in circulation.  That’s in the M1 report.  The M2 report is the commodities – gold [etc]… there are 4 separate reports and what he’s doing is…talking all those reports and combining them together.What do all those reports [equal] combined together…?  Something like 54 trillion in dinar value.  He’s trying to say there are 54 trillion dinar out there in circulation.  He is wrong



Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Guru Frank26]

The ATMs and the commercials are hot right now.  That’s a hot subject in Iraq right now.  Very hot…IOO the CBI governor has announced to the citizens of Iraq that a change is coming in their monetary reform.  That a change is coming in their exchange rate.  The change is coming in their currency – He called it ‘lower notes’welcome to the CBI announcing to the Iraqi citizens the introduction of a new currency of a new exchange rate…

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