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These were put together a long time back – does anyone know the latest numbers?  VND: 0.47–1.37–2.27; IQD: 3.61–6.00–8.00–28.50; RIAL: 3.67; IDR: 1.47; ZIM: 0.11–0.22

I have heard VND: 0.47–1.37–2.27 quantity rate up to 15.00; IQD: 3.61–6.00–8.00–28.50; RIAL: 3.67; IDR: 1.47; ZIM: 0.11–0.22 quantity rate up to 0.70

Red and F111F: Tony said yesterday IQD $4.81 I think.

To release the lower Denoms on Sunday and the rate is $4.81

Question to the room, when Tony mentioned the $4.81 for dinar, I thought that it represented what the rate would be in country. Does anyone else have that mind set?

I didn’t think it did initially; however, from what I read coming out of Iraq, they were talking like their new rate would be like the “old glory days” rate which was around $4.81.

That rate will only be for Iraqis who leave the country. In country, the buying power will drastically change and they will be paying pennies compared to what they are paying now. Just like here. Your value at home doesn’t change with the rate of the dollar.. it is in relation to other currencies.

The meeting with my new banker & wealth mgr went very well.  My wealth mgr is putting a portfolio together for me to pick up next week; discussed at length what I was looking to do in terms of starting up a non-profit /charity/foundation, etc.; also went over various entities willing to help with

kayseyko1, did your banker acknowledge that they know about the RV (revaluation)/ GCR?

Not directly; but it was pretty obvious she knew something; when I inquired about certain info, she immediately stated she would put together a portfolio for me; also spent time discussing wealth mgt…It’s funny, when I initially spoke to my banker, he offered to bring in the wealth mgr to our meeting – this was AFTER I had mentioned the currency exchange, trying to feel him out. Once in the meeting, he acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about – total flipflop; but it was obvious that the wealth mgr knew something was happening.

There are a couple of things I would like to say about my banking meeting with the wm today: 1st, they seemed to like the fact I was organized with what I was wanting to do with my money; 2nd, also liked the fact I had an established relationship with a law firm to assist me with legal issues; and 3rd, I came across to them as being responsible with my money.

The Prime Minister of Kurdistan confirms the strengthening of the Iraqi economic infrastructure

The Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani stressed on Thursday the need to strengthen the Iraqi economic infrastructure, especially in the field of energy, while the Federal Minister of Electricity praised the progress made by the region in the production and distribution of electricity.

 A statement by the Presidency of the Regional Government received by Shafaq News Agency stated that Barzani received in his office in Erbil the Iraqi Minister of Electricity, Adel Karim, and during the meeting, they discussed the importance of strengthening coordination between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government to improve the electricity situation by taking advantage of the capabilities available to both sides.

 During the meeting, Barzani stressed the need to work on strengthening the economic infrastructure, especially in the field of energy, by making use of various sources of energy production.

 He reiterated that Iraq is blessed with good capabilities, skills and wealth that can make it self-reliant in producing electricity, if these resources are used in a good way.

 For his part, the Iraqi Minister of Electricity praised the progress made in the Kurdistan Region in the production and distribution of electricity and the prevention of abuses on the national electricity network and the use of associated gas burned in oil fields to produce electricity, which can be used in the rest of Iraq.  link

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