“Re: Bad Info about QFS Coins” by Texastreeman – 11.21.21


Entry Submitted by Texastreeman at 3:11 PM EDT on November 21, 2021

“Bad Info about QFS Coins” by Ron Giles – 11.20.21

Good morning : Family

First I hope everyone will have a great Thanksgiving. 

Ok let’s look at this in a window of the people. We have THOUSANDS of new people the last 8 months.

Has anyone notice that as well. For us who has been in this 17 years or more now. I’ve notice it..

Ok let’s open our minds to everything that is being said and other events. 

First if you been here more then 4 years. You know the name Ron Giles.

Ron has brought some great stories over the years. 

Let’s look at the intel providers. They come out every day with intel too couple times a week. 

Then we have people who think they are in the know !!! ( their high sources ). 

Let’s put all cards on the table…!! 

Can anyone who writes a intel report. Are anyone who has high sources. 

Show just 5% of the truth that they talk to the alliances.

Show just 5 % of the truth where you get your intel. 

Show just 5 % of the truth of bank or bank personal !! 

Every question I just ask.. Can not and will not be able to provide us with their information. ( Big Brother secret group of people ).
You don’t matter to them. They are already rich, are one of the first to start this journey. 

Ok let’s look at it this way… Will the alliances high person  please step forward and give us 5% of real proof..!! On what is being said.
Ok ! Let’s look at it this way.. Will a military General in GCR please step forward and show proof..
Ok here go’s the biggest one..
Ok ! Will GOD step forward and show us proof about intel, intel providers, single post writer’s. 
Ok the point am making here today. After 17 years. 

There has not been one OZ. Of proof Of any truth been shown or told to anyone on this ride.

Why !!!   Why. !!! 

You have to go on FAITH… 
You have to go on TRUST..
YOU have to go on their WORD..

It does not matter who writes.
It does not matter who is giving out false information..
It does not matter who tells you the truth.
It all comes down to. ( YOU )..Who YOU are.
Who YOU was
Who YOU will be

Will they let you in the circle. 

Is your heart in the right place.
Are you grounded in life.
Will you do right with your money.

Let me ask you this !  Are you an employee of the united states !! If you say NO.. then how can anyone tell you what to do with your money…

You invested into your future!!  

Thinking I can retired, buy a new home, help my family, help my kids with college. Help people in my town who you see every day walking, working long hours, living on the street. But they are going to tell you what you can do with your money. 

Then RON is right !!  RON WAS RIGHT… Don’t sell your self short in life. Don’t sell your family short in life.

Remember what Charlie Ward has said about all the GOLD they have taken back from Vatican. Then think back of all story’s Trump said he took back all the bad guys money when they arrested them.  Now think of all the drug lords money. Think of all the money the dem and rep have token from you over the years in D.C. Now look at all the GOLD in the earth.

There is so much money and Gold to pay each person in this journey ! $500,000/$1.00 per zim note. You are the good guys and gays !! YOU ARE THE GOOD GUYS !!! 

Remember this is all going under the TREASURY Acct.. And then up into GFS where each dollar will be match with gold certification. 

So if you listen to the $11 dollars to $38 dollars per million on 100T zim BOND.   Then the ( ELITES HAS ONLY CHANGE THEIR SHIRT TO WHITE… AS WHITE HATS ).  

But if ( AI ) THE ALLIANCES IS REAL…( NO ONE KNOWS.)  Then when you go to your appointments and you stand grounded and with a pure heart ( not greed heart ) and you ask for $500,000/$1.00 per Zim Bond.  When they tell you we can only give you $38 million per 100Trillion note. ( THEN YOU ARE DOING BUSINESS WITH DEEP STATE ) 

Now if you want to do projects.
If you want to help your town.
If you want to help your family.
If you want to help with other projects.

Then stop listening to these people who say ( my high sources) The intel providers ,  anyone who say they are in the know. And for sure these people who say they talk to God, the alliances, ET’s in there sleep. Who keeps telling you these deep state rates. 11 cent per million up too 38 cent per million. 



Just keep yourself grounded and in faith with what GOD will provide for you. Why did GOD choose you to get into this project.
God knows every hair on your body. God knows what you will do with your money.

If you will sit down and draw a circle let’s say just 2 miles from your house. Now for the next year. Go to every house door. Go to every business door. And ask them. What can I help you with !!  

Think of those words.


That is a Real humanitarian who brings himself in front of the real help..!! 

They say you will be watch !! WHO WILL WATCH THEM..

They say you can’t do that project because someone has the same idea. ( GREAT THAT MEANS WE WILL CLEAN UP OR BUILD THE PROJECT FASTER..) No one project will be the same. That’s a way to control you and your money. You came up with your project. Not them. So why allow them to control your project. 

why are they going to tell you what and why  you can’t work on.. It’s your money. It’s all going back into the system.
Over the 17 years. I’ve heard ever kind of story.

Am going to end here. Leave it in GOD’S HANDS.   If they don’t give you face value for your 100T zim BOND and on ALL YOUR BONDS. NOT JUST 2 IS LIMIT…

REMEMBER THEY ARE GIVING 100% of value of the 100T  zim bond notes to other people outside of the USA.   Wait..Wait.. Are we not the most people holding the 100T Zim BOND.   Then people in the USA needs the same are better as well..!!!! 

IF NOT..!! 

Then we have not change.
Then we are still working for evil.
Then we have not moved into 5DThen we are still in 3D living in greed and BEING CONTROL BY DEEP STATE BUT JUST UNDER NEW NAME… ( WHITE HATS )

Be Bless
Have a blessing journey
Be Honest, Treat the next one as you want to be Treated.

Thank you


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