“Response to PZ about Bad Info about QFS Coins” by Texastreeman – 11.21.21



Entry Submitted by Texastreeman at 10:50 PM EST on November 21, 2021

“Re: Texastreeman on Bad Info about QFS Coins” by PZ – 11.21.21

Hello PZ,

That’s a really Great Question. 

Ron Giles has always lead us with great questions.  If I remember Ron correct. Ron if I say this wrong jump right in and correct me. 

The alliances will be in the room as well as someone from off world ( AI ).  They will be able to read your heart and true will. 

If your heart is in 5D and wanting to help. As Ron said ask for $500,000 to per zim dollar. 

You are not asking for 10 years of funds. You are asking for 300 years.

Because most HUMANITARIAN will be in the med beds. 

So you are I are DOD can not tell you what new projects that will pop up tomorrow, next week, next year, or 100 years from now. As Ron puts it. 

So you need to ask for long term funds out..!! 

Pz you ask me what should we do if they only offer a little bit and not face value. 

Well you are the only one can answer that question !! 

There are people on here is jumping up and down for joy with small amount. The DOD or who ever is in charge. Listens to these people who just wants some money and go home..

Well they have hurt all of us who wants to be a HUMANITARIAN. 

Pz most likely if you want more and they don’t want more. You will have to get an lawyer and fight the case in court.
If you look at this as adjudicator case like people in tier 3. The government didn’t want to pay them out too. Like farm claims, Indian tribes, private groups. They all had to sue the system to get their money. CMKX was diamond transaction no one would pay them what was coming to them. So they had to go court.

So if they don’t pay out what is really coming to you and 2 million others. There just may be a federal law suit under the GCR case coming in the near future. 

Judy wrote a update tonight. Explaining things. And Fleming wrote a report on their tonight back a year ago. 

Pz to be complete honest with you. No one…NO ONE knows what will really happen at the redemption center.

The reason is this will be the first time in history something like this has ever been put together. 

Ron may be right ! Or Ron could be wrong. I could be trying to help with everyone to open their minds. Are I could be leading everyone the wrong direction. The intel providers could be right with the rates.

Are the intel providers knows nothing more then the next man and is wrong too. 

Pz only true way to answer your question. Is say a prayer before going in. Allow your true light shine. 

If Ron is right and their is an off world person at the meeting. He will see the true you.

Thank you
Be Bless on your journey


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