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The Pentagon announces the end of the US mission in Iraq

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin set, during a meeting with Iraqi Defense Minister Juma Inad Saadoun al-Jubouri, the date for the end of the US military mission in Iraq.

According to a statement by the official spokesman for the US Department of Defense, John Kerry, Austin confirmed that “the US military mission in Iraq will end before the end of this year,” noting that “the survival of US forces in Iraq will be at the invitation of the Iraqi government to support the Iraqi security forces.” 

According to Kerry’s statement, Austin stressed that “the United States will honor the commitments it made in July 2021, including the absence of US forces to conduct combat missions in Iraq by the end of the year.”

The Pentagon spokesperson also indicated that “the two sides discussed the next phase of the US military mission in Iraq, which will focus on “advising, assisting and exchanging intelligence” as part of the anti-ISIS campaign.”  Austin condemned the recent attempt to attack the residence of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, expressing his hope that “the process of forming the new government for the Arab country will proceed peacefully.” 

The meeting between the heads of the US and Iraqi defense ministries came on the sidelines of the annual Manama International Dialogue Conference on regional security in Bahrain. On July 26, the US State Department indicated, in a joint statement with the Iraqi side, that Washington intends to end the country’s participation in military operations in Iraq by December 31, 2021. On the same day, US President Joe Biden said that more US-Iraqi cooperation should include education and training of Baghdad forces.


In dollars, Iraq sets the controls for declaring money entering and leaving Iraq

On Sunday, the Central Bank issued controls related to a permit for funds entering and leaving the country, in order to “limit the entry and exit of funds across the Iraqi borders, and the exploitation of this in money laundering or terrorist financing operations.”

According to a statement issued by the Central Bank today, the controls are as follows:

The following must be adhered to:

1. It is allowed to enter or take out amounts less than (10,000) dollars (ten thousand US dollars) or its equivalent in other currencies without declaring them

2. It is allowed to enter or take out amounts that exceed (10,000) dollars (ten thousand).  US dollars) to (20,000) dollars (twenty thousand US dollars), provided that they are declared, with the need to show what supports the purpose of entering or removing these amounts. 

If not indicated, as for (10,000) thousands of dollars, an order 0 A declaration of negotiable financial instruments for their bearer to be transported inside Iraq that outside it through a person that a postal service that a shipping service that any other means that the value of it does not exceed (1,0000)  Ten thousand US dollars   link


The World Conference of Traders in Financial Markets comes out with 10 recommendations to achieve economic growth

The work of the 59th ACI International Conference and the 45th ICA 2021 Conference, which was launched and organized by the Emirates Association of Traders in Financial Markets, under the slogan “The World in Transition”, concluded at the Hilton Hotel in Al Habtoor Village in Dubai. 

With the participation of more than 600 guests from economic figures and former political leaders from around the world.

Following the end of the conference sessions, the participants reached 10 recommendations that would achieve the goals of economic growth, develop its tools, and expand the base of its dealings with various markets around the world, taking into account the role of the UAE and its early awareness and initiative to employ artificial intelligence in economic sectors, and activate the system Blockchain technologies, in a step that confirms its keenness to anticipate the future and develop plans and strategies necessary to meet its challenges.

The recommendations reached by the participants included the need to take advantage of the Covid-19 crisis, by employing lessons learned and mistakes committed by some global economies in enhancing the flexibility of economic tools, in order to be able to fully shift towards blockchain and digital systems, while providing the necessary solutions to the accompanying challenges, which It includes maintaining data security to enhance privacy, improve performance, and raise the efficiency of cryptocurrencies as an emerging and new type of asset.

The participants also announced the importance of identifying controls and mechanisms capable of enhancing the capabilities of institutions and enabling them to develop a general framework for governance that contributes to facilitating their movement and mobility in the technological digital world, in addition to attaching these controls to a system of policies and strategies regulating the use and application of digital technologies, as well as specifying texts in The work environment includes specific policies for the application of the blockchain, and raising the capabilities of financial markets in times of crisis and turmoil by clarifying and identifying the status of encrypted assets.

The participants recommended the necessity of directing the abundance of options offered by technology, including artificial intelligence, in assessing the risks of epidemics, and anticipating them with guiding solutions, in addition to maximizing the role of information exchange through national information and communication centers, which contribute to rapid response, confronting crises and assessing their risks, in addition to promoting The role of data coordination between the components of the economic sectors, and the shift towards adopting flexible models within the tools of economic work, to be able to keep pace with changes in the technological reality, and activate the reality of innovation and its culture to be the starting base towards achieving the desired success, through growth in the field of application of blockchain technology.  

The conferees said that artificial intelligence has brought about a major shift in money management, as most banks and investment houses are now competing to apply the best technologies. of costs and shift its focus in research and development in order to use the best technology technology.

The speakers pointed out the importance of a balanced mindset and how it affects decision-making, as situations must be studied and analyzed, then decisions must be taken accordingly, and rely on studies, numbers and strategies followed, stressing the importance of leaders’ mental health to guide individuals for a better future.

The participants discussed the supported economic laws that enable financial companies to grow in an effective manner, as well as the partnership between the government and the private sector to achieve the public benefit of the economy, especially during the era of the pandemic, and the UAE was chosen as an example for the rest of the countries in how to provide support to the public and private sectors to ensure business continuity correctly.


Mohammed Al Hashemi, Chairman of the Emirates Association of Financial Markets Traders, said, “The meeting of this large number of influential guests in their societies, and in the reality of global economies, and their participation in the conference sessions, contributed to enriching the event, and led to the placement of many pivotal and pivotal points on the discussion table.

This led to many recommendations that we hope will contribute to the rapid recovery of the economy and the financial sector, adapting to new technologies, understanding the new effects of interest rates, and investments using artificial intelligence.” 

In turn, Ohoud Al Ali, a member of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Association of Financial Markets Traders, explained that the conclusion of the conference for its activities is a starting point for the next step of diligent work towards implementing its recommendations, and gradually dropping them on the economic sectors, while continuing research and innovation in order to enhance the continuity of economic growth, and the development of Its tools are in line with the successive developments witnessed by the world, and keep pace with the rapid developments achieved by technological development.

For their part, the participants in the conference expressed their happiness at attending the conference, describing it as the most organized conference rich in detailed sessions and pivotal discussions, in which a group of pioneers in financial markets, central banks, political leaders specialized in the economic sector, businessmen, and economic academics participated, praising the ability of the organizers. The conference will focus on implementing social distancing policies, precautionary measures, and providing an in-place PCR testing team for the needs of participants.

Following the conclusion of the conference, a delegation from the Emirates Association of Financial Markets Traders accompanied all the delegations participating in the conference on a tour that included a visit to the Expo 2020, and a view of the participating pavilions, in addition to visiting a number of facilities and tourist places that are abundant in the Emirate of Dubai, with the aim of Inform them of the reason that makes it a first destination for tourists from all over the world.  link

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Foreign Minister: The movement to form the new government will start within a few days

On Sunday, Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein discussed with his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias bilateral relations and ways to enhance them.  

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that Nass received a copy of it (November 21, 2021), that “Minister Fouad Hussein met with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, and the meeting discussed the distinguished bilateral relations between the two countries, ways to strengthen them, and the importance of bridging cooperation by creating opportunities It will fulfill the aspirations of the two friendly peoples.”  

According to the statement, “the minister talked about the latest political situation in Iraq, the latest of which was the elections, and how the electoral commission dealt with the objections, and it is expected that the final results will be announced in the next few days, to begin the political movement towards forming the new government.”  


The Minister of Foreign Affairs also addressed “the issue of Iraqi migrants stranded in Belarus, and the government’s efforts to provide support and assistance to them, and to return them by conducting voluntary return flights to Baghdad, stressing the need to depoliticize this humanitarian file.”  

This meeting came “on the sidelines of the Manama Dialogue 17 meetings, which are taking place in the Bahraini capital, Manama.”  

For his part, Greek Foreign Minister Dendias expressed “his country’s interest in strengthening relations between Baghdad and Athens in light of what both countries have in common historical and culturally solid.”   link

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