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DeepWoodz » November 27th, 2021

I would defer to anything MM might say about this, (See article below)  but we’ve all read the articles about deals with many countries where they talk about signing MOU’s concerning trade exchange.

Well, this is where I personally believe the second set of books are being used. Besides of course the payroll of Walkingstick’s firm.

This article gives deeper understanding to the value of these deals. I suspect trade exchange has been going on at a different rate than we have yet to be told about. Hence the statement from Frank about how fast the rate will rise in his opinion. 

Now the articles are coming out, to explain what has been going on for some time, and they are auditing to make sure all the boxes are checked for the revelation to come. Supply and demand is how we have been taught. Building trust in their currency = building value. 

Samson » November 27th, 2021

Customs reveals a comprehensive review of tariff adjustments that will be presented to the Council of Ministers

27th November, 2021

The General Customs Authority revealed, today, Saturday, the existence of a comprehensive review to amend and reduce customs duties, which is scheduled to be presented to the Council of Ministers, while revealing positives that would reduce unemployment rates and raise the purchasing power of citizens.

Director-General of the authority, Shaker Al-Zubaidi, said that “determining the value and customs fees for personally imported materials is among the reasons for the decline in the trade record in ports and federal outlets, as well as double taxes and a lack of logistical support in ports.”

He added, “The audit that is being worked on includes a review of the fees of all categories, especially with regard to reading the numbers of imports, which can accommodate up to 5,000 categories ranging from those covered by fees and exempted, as well as production inputs that constitute an average percentage of the total of these items.”

He continued, “The proposed regulation for this review comes in implementation of the directives of Finance Minister Ali Allawi, based on the provisions of Article / Second of the amended Customs Tariff Law No. 22 of 2010, in which the Minister of Finance was authorized to amend the percentage of fees and present it to the Council of Ministers for a vote.”

He revealed Zubaidi, at the same time directed the customs to work on the adoption of the import value of the invoice certified in the embassies of Iraq in the countries of origin and to the fact that the customs value of imported goods to the country deal represents the value of the price actually paid or payable on the sale of such goods for export.” And that “the Commission will adopt Calculating the speculative rate of customs in the event of detecting a case of willful manipulation or forgery in the certified certificate of origin.

With regard to determining the value by the customs officials responsible for this file, Al-Zubaidi explained, “The clear discrepancy in determining it came due to the adoption of custom and personal diligence among the employees in our customs centers when clearing goods because of the reliance on the higher measurement than the value established in the certificate of origin, which leads to a breach in the legal powers and the margin of personal judgment for the assessed employee, taking into account the possible suspicions of forging certificates of origin as well as the accusation of job corruption.”   LINK

Can Iraq request financial assistance from the Security Council and America? .. Legal answers

26th November, 2021

Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi answered, today, Friday, the possibility of Iraq requesting financial assistance from the UN Security Council and the United States of America. Under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations to request economic assistance from the United Nations and it is known that ISIS was placed under Chapter VII pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 2170 of 2014.

Various countries have announced their readiness for economic assistance to Iraq, including Britain, so Iraq can request assistance from the international community the United Nations to rebuild generating cities Confronting the results of the war against terrorism in accordance with the foregoing and recovering the smuggled funds estimated at $500 billion.”

He added that “under Article 27 of the Iraqi-American Strategic Agreement for the year 2008, Iraq can request economic assistance from America, as this article necessitated,” noting that “the International Anti-Corruption Agreement of 2005 signed by Iraq in 2007 allows Iraq to request the United Nations to recover the smuggled money as money laundering.” And financial corruption.” And he pointed out that “the current situation and the lack of a health facility to confront the Corona pandemic and the drop in oil prices have obliged Iraq to move in this direction.”  LINK

Rikani: Public companies are exploited to pass suspicious deals and we have incurred huge losses

11/27/2021 13:33:24

The Kurdish politician and a leader in the Kurdistan Democratic Party, two Rikani banks, attacked public companies in the country, indicating that they are being used to pass “suspicious deals.”

Rikani said in a tweet on his Twitter account: “Economic and structural reform begins with public companies that incur losses to the national economy exceeding $15 billion annually.”

He continued, “In addition to the poor service, it is exploited to pass a lot of suspicious deals.”  LINK

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