“Everyone is Very Festive” – MarkZ Weekend Intel Stream Highlights 12-18-21


Weekend Update with MarkZ 12/18/2021

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member:  Is today the golden day?

Member: Happy Weekend Mark and Peeps

MZ: Today I want to answer a few of your questions….because based on what I am hearing I anticipate exchanges happening very early in the week. .I am very hopeful this is actually it.

MZ: People at exchange centers had been hoping to be exchanging folks this weekend.

MZ: I spoke with 3 different contacts at Redemption Centers today and they are fully staffed. They said its very festive today…they are not anticipating any redemptions today and tomorrow but are staffed making preparations. They were hoping  they were going to busy this weekend seeing people , but today they are doing clerical stuff…making certain they are ready……busy work…..

MZ: They anticipate our release before the holidays. Even though the holiday season is important to many of us around the world. I believe the RC people will only take a day or two off and keep exchanges running.

MZ: Whales are still sitting where they need to be…..everyone is very festive. Everyone seems to be in a long-stretched out holiday party waiting to exchange.

Member: Holly and Wolverine state this morning that money is moving.

MZ: I can tell you that Mr.C has not been paid yet. But, some of the whales had been given some dollars but no really large money movements yet. But that banks are ready to pay out some now to me is huge news.

Member: I’m imagining see those Whales dancing this week!

Member: When we RV will the banks be giving us the old FIAT $$$$s?

Member: I heard if The Dinar goes first we can exchange into fiat dollars for now because the USN’s are not ready yet……but in a couple months the fiat dollars will all be rolled over into USN asset backed currency at that time. But who knows????

Member: How long are redemption centers open for exchanges?

Member: Mark said last week he thought up t 30 days or so…..

Member: Any news on Nesara?

Member: if they announce Nesara/Gesara…will they announce it over TV? Or just do it.

MZ: Yes….actually I hear they will do it…then you will hear about it and get education on it Hearing it will be done on the Emergency Broadcasting System.

Member: So, Monday or more likely Tuesday is the day. from the chatter.

Member: Where can we make an appointment please?

MZ: I have had 2 large banks say they will be sending instructions to Dinar Recaps and others….So sign up there for the daily newsletters….But many other dinar aggregating news sites will have the information like Dinar Chronicles and Rumor Mill news

Member: Concerned about security when leaving RV. If location gets out, following someone to get their debit card may be a danger.

Member: Can we bring cash and have it changed to rainbow currency?

MZ: I am told no…they are not going to have cash there for security reasons…but you can do that afterwards when you meet with your private banker or go to your private branch. Some ATMS will have new bills day one….but probably not all of them. . Getting the new rainbow currency may take a day or 2.

Member: I thought we would be able to walk out with up to 10,000 cash.

MZ: That rumor has been around for awhile…..I was told they decided against that for security. But, you will be leaving your appointment with a debit card and can get all the cash you want afterwards.

Member: Hopefully redemption centers will post big signs “No Cash on Site” to help deter nefarious creatures

Member: Can you make large purchases with the quantum card? Say you want to buy a truck

MZ: I am told you absolutely will be able to make large purchases with this new card. Should not be any issue at all.

Member: What is the St. Germaine Trust?

MZ: Telling about it would take longer then we have hear…it is a trust put together a long time ago.  .it’s easy to find information on it though…just do a search for “St. Germaines’s Trust”  There is a lot of information out there. I think the Golden Age of Gaia did one of the best. Some of the sites make it sound a little “out there”. But I had people in the banking world confirm that it really does exist.

Member: The St. Germaine Trust can only be activated  for payouts 2 times a year. Easter and Christmas. The World Court activates the funding for payouts.

Member: 250 years of contributions by the rich and elite followers-of-light, and compounding interest, Saint Germain’s world trust is over one Quattuordecillion dollars. That is a one with 45 zeros

Member:  Saint Germain specifically stated that the money in his world trust would be used in the future for prosperity and humanitarian purposes

Member: If the internet is down – how will we be notified?

MZ: I personally do not expect the internet to be down. I am told the internet is not going down, but social media may be going down or controlled. I am not concerned about it

Member: IMO . Starlink in place so internet safe

MZ: The Atlantis Report did a real good video yesterday …Titled ..more and more economists are talking about this now…..

Member : Real good video from Bix Weir on Recaps this morning….He thinks the financial system crash is happening and good guys are winning.

MZ: I have gotten to many emails from people this weekend and will not be answering any…There is never enough time.

MZ: A Devastating Stock Market Crash Is Here: Tech Bubble Burst Push Stocks To Drop By 80 Percent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8RfhXOcfXk

Member: Mark-Turkeys stock market crashed yesterday!

Member: This is going to be a looong weekend of pacing….

Member: Peeps…I have a feeling we are very close….keep the faith

Member: All systems are go, the launch control is in place, light this candle!!!

Member: Everyone enjoy your last broke weekend (hopefully)

Member: Mark, thanks for all you have done over the years. We appreciate everything and I will be happy when we all can live with the joy of creating a better world for everyone.

Mod: Just dropping in to let you know Blondie is not traveling tonight and we will have a full Saturday Night Live call tonight. Snake and Ed have confirmed they will be there to answer your questions..

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