Jean Claude: This Time is Very Different (Special Report w/ Clif High, Bix Weir)


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Streamed live on Dec 10, 2021

Some Bullet points:

Bix Weir: Things are different this time…Evergrande could have been bailed out…..Evergrande is in default….they are letting  it fall…So who is in charge, who is pulling the strings?

BW: This triggers not only a lot of defaults on bonds, but defaults on derivatives, defaults on potential Tether investments, defaults everywhere you look….and this was decided…..somebody decided they were going to pull this plug.

BW: It was also decided to turn Evergrnde  into this gigantic behemoth monster that was highly levered, investing in houses all over the world so that the take down and collapse of Evergrande would assist in the take down of everything else.

Jean-Claude: We heard rumors last week that they were about to default. Now we heard they did default.

BW: They could have swept this all under the rug but I believe there is a purpose for all of this. The collapse of Evergrande will be the largest collapse we have seen since 2008. We had to bail out the banks or the entire system would have gone down.

BW: There is no political will to bail out anybody ever again. At least that the voters get to see. There is not going to be a rejiggering this time…foreign investors are going to get a 100% haircut and truthfully this is going to destroy the entire system.

BW: This financial system is built on everybody investing in everything at the same time. Stocks, bonds, other housing conglomerates…These are highly leveraged investments coming in and its all about to be flushed down the toilet.

Jean-Claude: Are we going to see another bail-out or is this a controlled demolition to install something new?

BW: The only thing that will make us free is the destruction of the debt. The number one problem in this world is debt. Our money is debt. There are two ways to get rid of that problem.

1. Pay back the debt. No country in the history of the word has ever paid back their debt…..ever.

2. Destroy it all and start fresh …That’s where we are.

Jean-Claude: There is something big happening behind the scenes.

BW: The Road to Roota theory is there are good people working behind the scenes to take down the banking cabal. And they are working from the Fed and the Us Treasury.

BW: I know this sounds crazy, and at first my data friends thought this was crazy but through the information I got from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston – The comic books I got “The Road to Roota Teachers guide” and “Wishes and Rainbows” talks about the need for a “Gold Standard”. Instead of a unbacked fiat system.

BW: It talks about printing money to infinity to destroy the old system and go back to a gold standard

BW: It talks about the battle between the good buys and the bad guys. And how Alan Greenspan creating computer programs in the 60’s and 70’s to create the financial system we have today. He was the number one computer programmer in the world during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and nobody ever knew it.

BW: He was behind the curtain exactly like the Wizard of OZ pulling all the levers to keep the system going.

BW: Right now economics is all a lie. It is all controlled with computer programmers run out of the basement of the US treasury and in the electronic trading floor in the New York Fed which gets with the bullion banks they collude with to rig the price of gold and silver. The stock market and the bond market is also rigged.

BW: There is a gigantic battle going on behind the scenes…I think the good guys are going to win…I think they have won. Now they need to mop up the things that we can see. .

BW: We are at the endgame. I believe the bad guys will be taken down fully and it is in motion right now.

Be sure to listen to the video for more Bix’s Road to Roota theory and what happens next with the “controlled demolition of the financial system and thoughts from Clif high and much more.

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