Nick Fleming: Chapter 11 and The Military is the Only Way 12-22-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

12/22/2021 Chapter 11


The US GOV INC, is bankrupt under Chapter 11 – meaning they were given a window of time to manage the rearrangement of debt. This time has now passed without correction and it’s the end of the line. Other entities in this same boat include the City of London and the Vatican. This most powerful triumvirate has been ruling the Financial System for centuries. These bankruptcies followed the World Court’s official required timeline, allowing the US GOV INC, to make good on its debts, vs pursue this bankruptcy and ultimate departure. The end of the road was this past Monday, 12/20/21. The metal shades are about to be drawn on all Federal buildings in D.C. With these buildings to be either leveled or raised with bold neon lights proclaiming UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP. Whatever direction is taken, we can know that the deal is done.

How long can the bankrupt US GOV INC continue as if it’s business as usual? There’s no return. There’s no correction possible. The end of the allowed redemption period has passed. These details must be shared so that all of the federal employees working for a salary, have the ability to find another job before the month end. January will be a new start.

Anyone supporting the cover-up of the bankrupt US GOV plan to defraud, with their business “as usual” working in full knowledge of the true state of events, to the detriment of hundreds of thousands of innocents, poor workers just doing a job; you will pay dearly. This is the time to take sides. Either you are for FREEDOM or you will go down with the sinking ship.

As has been discussed, the world is in crisis. There’s one saving Grace, the end of US GOV INC making way for the restoration of the Republic, and the start of FREEDOM under the Constitution, with Abundance for One and All.

To all countries suffering through the bad acts undertaken for decades, by these corrupt, arrogant and greedy entities, we stand with you. We will not let their crimes go unpunished. There will be Hell to Pay. The Payment of which is coming due.

January 1, 2022 starts a new year with a new start for us all.

12/22/2021 The Military is the Only Way


Yesterday we heard that people will be in the bank Tuesday morning, with appointments that were set a while ago, on Wednesday/Thursday last week. No word yet on their present state of events. We have however, heard that there were changes implemented, creating a delay that may go into next week.

It’s important to remember that the people in this bank appointment right now, can only get (liquid/spendable) money for exchange/redemption, if Tier 4 B notifications have started. We’ve heard repeatedly that no bank involved in exchange/redemption, can settle these exchanges in fiat dollars – on an asset-backed exchange, including Iraq, Vietnam and Zimbabwe; (not unless, it’s only a nominal amount, in the form of a loan of 1%), per terms of the World Treaty Agreement. Payout on any exchange/redemption must be in USN, as negotiated with a WORLD COURT TREATY, the same Agreement between China and US, that includes Nick Fleming. Any changes on this Agreement would have included Nick. This Agreement is still in force and we’re all ready for delivery and final settlement.

CMKX and F&P, any accounts with money-on-hold are all supposed to be fully funded today. This has not happened as of this writing, which is 1 PM. Any of these “Accounts on Hold” in Tier 1 banks, due to validated/settled Safe Keeping Receipts, will be released and spendable, all at once – this is the Watershed Event. This event can only happen with, 1) USN available – even if it’s only digital, this together with, 2) the announcement, and Tier 4 Notifications, required in order for this release to take place.
It’s a day/a week for disclosure and we can be very optimistic this will be forthcoming.

Chinese Elders were told their money will release today.

They know though, there will be no (USN) money releases unless Tier 4 B is notified as they Agreed.

The setups are all in place for this Seed Event, the Great Shift, to take place. This Great Shift could not occur unless the Way is Safe for Every-One, all over the planet. We have nothing to fear in this exchange process. (God is Great!)

We’ve heard from multiple directions that 600,000+ sealed indictments are being processed. How many ankle bracelets are tracking these arrogant lawbreakers now? There’s no way to know. What we have had shared though, is that GITMO and multiple locations are facilitating Military Trials – each lasting only a few days, with 3 judges sitting in judgment. It’s a fast in and out and the trial is done. The Military is the Only Way we get our Freedom restored, given that we have millions of DS bad actors, attempting to take our Freedoms away. They are in every System we are subjected to today – Medical, Financial, Administration, Military Industrial Complex (run by retired military). The Military is the Only Way we can be truly, ultimately Free, as God intended, and this includes being free from the threat of FEMA Camps, the JAB, the MANDATES; all to be handled by Military. Can we put our trust in the ethical, Constitutional actions of our US Military? It’s a conditional YES, for now. Not fully supported until we begin with DISCLOSURE. Because only then can we know that we are truly protected under this Restored Republic Constitution.

We can hold the knowledge, deep in our hearts, that this UNITED STATES is a Nation State founded on principles of Freedom for All People, protected by the Constitution and a Great Military. This truth will be told during DISCLOSURE, giving all of Us, a springboard to launch our own stories, to family and friends, neighbors and communities. This is our main responsibility coming up soon.

Will it be before Christmas? Let’s all keep this excitement in check. It might yet. Not today though. Every day we see new changes, receive news about global events taking place, that we didn’t even know we were waiting on. We are witnesses, not authors. We are key witnesses here, and that’s our only job throughout this Great Shift and Watershed Event.


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