“What is Going on” – RV Intel Update from Holly 12-22-21


Wolverine Wednesday Night Update:

Ok the latest

We have been told many times that the RV is going to happened before Christmas and that has been stated for the last two weeks.

Every time we are told a certain date or week it never occurs. We have been been given  countless of misinformation for many months from many Intel providers and they have never been right.

Is the RV real or a scam? The answer it’s real as people with very high level security have had meetings with the HSBC, UTS, General Paymasters, the Admiral and Chinese Elders and many have flown to Zurich to have meetings with these people.

Many people are now in Reno and have been told not to leave as this is going to happened any day now.

The RV was supposed to happened early this week but were face with things behind the scenes which I’m not allowed in liberty to talk about which caused the delay. The problem has now been fixed and we are just waiting for this to be release.

Is the RV going to be release before Christmas? The answer at this moment is that they are doing everything within their powers to have it release before Christmas and if not before the New Year.

All of us are tired of waiting and are tired of excuses and tired of hearing that its an event driven process as we have one event happening and the RV never got released.

Now I’m waiting for a call later on today and see where we are and are we going to have joyous Christmas or not. 

I was told that there will be no warning when the RV is released as it will just happened and when it does happened there will be an announcement and I can sing my opera to you guys and Holly can kick those high heels.

All we have now is faith and patience. The thing is that people are still in Reno and waiting for this to happen.

God bless you all 


Ed of Ocala:

I have an update.  What is going on is two basic things:

1. The attempted start yesterday at 3 AM EST was unsuccessful because of some code entry problems that were intended to release the funds to people like Isaac and others, as well as make liquid the bonds that fund Tier 3, all the Fines and Penalty payments and our Tier4 funding accounts.   

Earlier today as they were fixing those code issues, several countries told the RV people that they were basically bankrupt and needed help.  Some of the liquid Dubai I funds were used to prevent that from happening.  

No public notice was issued, and those have been solidified for now.   Those two issues have pushed the process timing to a point where Tier 4B appointments will have to start at the beginning of next week.  

Notification timing is still being decided, and could come at any time, but not today.   I will get more info as things become clearer.  

The St, Germaine Trust and the Rodriquez Fund will fund on Christmas day, although individuals will not see the effects of that for a while as the administrators of those get their plans underway.

Holly Wednesday PM Update

I saw the Ed post and I agree with what he is saying.

I have had numerous phone calls and this is what is going on.

1. There is still an active war going on behind the scenes 

2. This is the final nail in their coffin when the rv/gcr  is released 

3. They are fighting tooth and nail to prevent the release and can only delay a day at a time

4. Every day more arrests happen 

5. Eventually there will be no more in the way

6. Keep the faith, see this done

7. Hold the high vibrations 

8. We will succeed and can have this release before Christmas 

9. Focus, laser focus on completion

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