Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Update “Checkmate” 12-27-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

12/27/2021 Checkmate

It’s a chronic dilemma in our RV GCR hunt, to take unfounded statements as fact. Take the statement about the “GESARA Agreement” recently reported. Following a call with principals involved in this said Agreement, it was disclosed that no US Representative has signed in participation of this “GESARA Agreement” between these 78 nations. The US is literally, pointedly excluded, because in the former NESARA/GESARA Agreement with 208 Nation States, the US has been a chronic problem in blocking the release of funds. Now, these nation states are taking action. But, is this possible? Yes, and there’s a story here that must be understood to grasp what exactly is taking place.

The Chinese Elders are forever saying, “The US Treasury is holding everything up,” and they’re not wrong since obviously, NESARA/GESARA/Jubilee/RV GCR; has been held up for decades. We’ve seen, “money (is) moving,” and “accounts with obvious assets, on hold,” and even with all of this, after years and years, no one has access to funds. These account holders, many in constant communication with their bankers, have been tortured with money they can never spend. That is except for the “lucky (elite) few (SKR holders),” those that have benefited from a 1% or 2% advance draw against assets. This incredible pile up of money, held in thousands of bank accounts, has been painful, while the White Hats perform their fake-pumps and arrests and indictments of dirty bankers all over the world.

In the meantime, the Quantum Financial System has been implemented, tracking money movement up to 50 moves. Trump’s Executive Order 13818 addressed money laundering and the lawful seizure of funds for any entity caught in drug or sex trafficking, or any entity facilitating these bad actors. Every top tier bank, every central bank in the world is involved in this “money laundering” scheme. Every top tier world government is involved in this flow of corrupt money. By Jan 1, 2022, we can be confident that all money has been tracked.

The Great Claw Back is about to begin.

While there are a Dozen Retired Generals seeking to overthrow the US Government.

It’s the End Times for DS.

With B still being in office, (with the DS still in office able to issue EO’s and rig elections), the DS is finding more ways to block progress. The Chinese Elders, the 208 Nation States that participated in the original Agreement with US for NESARA / GESARA, continue to try to go around the DS US. Take this Agreement with Iraq and China, with 78 participating nations, as a good example. Every one of these 78 participating nation’s currency is pegged to the Yuan. B’s United States, and US Treasury, are not invited to participate in any way – that translates to no US Dollars may be involved by any participating Nation State. This OIL AGREEMENT PROHIBITS ALL FUTURE OIL CREDITS on Iraq’s and Iran’s oil, and all US participation.

Did you hear the SONIC BOOM?

Pay attention to this statement, because “ALL FUTURE OIL CREDITS” involves every negotiated “trade platform” involved in the RV GCR with IQD/VND/VEN, etc. That’s any and every “contract rate.” All of which are based on “Future Oil Credits.“

So what’s going to happen with the thousands of frozen, “money held on account” bank accounts, with a (minimum) amount based on pre-negotiated currency exchange rates, on future oil contracts? These accounts are no longer viable since there is no longer “Future Oil Credits” possible? What’s going to happen to the platforms that have hypothecated (borrowed against) and traded on these Future Oil Credits? This is going to be a mess. The hypothecation of Future Oil Credits took place. The banks delivered a loan against Future Oil Credits guaranteed by the World Bank, Global Collateral Accounts. Insured by Lloyd’s of London. The instruments were traded, and money was made, on something that will never be delivered. Iraq and China have just hit the big STOP on all trading outside of their control. Someone will be left holding empty hands…

What does this have to do with FOREX and with normal currency exchange, under normal international banking regulations? Nothing can (typically) stop normal exchange. If Iraq revalues its currency, we will know about it.


The question must be asked. CAN THESE 78 NATIONS PREVENT THE US’ PARTICIPATION? Is it possible that the IQD, the VND, the IRR, any of the 28+ currencies with a new IMF validated value, can have a different value in the Middle East and Asia, vs what we see here in the US on the Front bank screen/at the Teller Window? This question must be asked because, how can we have “global trade” with a disparity in currency values? It is simply not possible. Trade Agreements will be settled using international exchange values, the same values found in Asia, will be found in the US.

Trade Agreements can have sanctions. If the US is “sanctioned” going forward and not allowed to participate in Global Trade Agreements, we will definitely know about it. With your help, with the help of the millions that read Fleming’s posts, we will know exactly what’s happening. For now we can only watch the Global Fallout over the failure/cancellation of these Forward Oil Contracts.

B, the (25th Amendment) Lame Duck

This B Administration is seeking to curtail We the People’s Freedom under the US Constitution, through the passage of “Laws” no Sovereign would ever support. This Shining Nation is facing a Communist takeover, a “Color Revolution” impoverishing this Sovereign Nation State and creating the next Venezuela. This is serious business. This unlawfully elected Congress (through rigged elections), this Fake President and His Administration, is trying to subvert Freedoms guaranteed under the US Constitution. No small thing.

When Vietnam went through this same Communist takeover, the government sent military to the people’s homes, going door-to-door, collecting all “illegal foreign currency”. The government passed a law to prohibit the holding of any foreign currencies. Could B Administration do this as well? They want to take away all of our Rights and Privileges and establish Social Credit Scoring. So, yes, they could do this, working in partnership with the CCP.

Don’t Mess With US!

We have MILLIONS OF EXOTIC CURRENCY HOLDERS that are not going to be subdued easily. We the People have been waiting patiently for the Military to step forward and bring about the necessary Restoration of the Sovereign Republic of the United States, UNDER NESARA, with the elimination of these Draconian Laws, since 1871.

To all the DS, US Treasury, Military, IMF, WB, World Court, reading this, Nick Fleming is not playing your games any longer.

IRAQ WILL REVALUE – without the US and we’re set to see this tonight – or no later than the January 1, 2022.

The contract between Iraq and China is what paid off the debt of Kuwait. The UN has closed the file on Iraq, and nothing will stop this Revaluation of the IQD – the NEW IQN.

The UN took 8 months because of US manipulation, to finally close the file on Iraq. The Kuwaiti’s are now free to move on.

Iraq is now making announcements that they are Chapter 8. This leaves Iraq free to contract for oil with whatever country they like.

China is now 50/50 Partners with Iraq.

No more oil credits, this is the huge news today. How this can be managed is the question of the hour. Money is No Thing – yet the “oligarchs” have created a “have and have not” world which they seek to maintain. It’s not going easy for them…

The End is Here.

The Truth will be Shared.


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