“Post-Holiday” – MarkZ Evening Intel Stream Highlights 12-27-21


Monday Evening News with MarkZ 12/27/2021

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Really hoping Mark got some good news today.

Member: ticked off that we’ve gone another Christmas without this…

Member: Now that we are passed Christmas lets get this thing done…. No more nothing burgers.

Member: Did the whales get paid? How about the rest of us guppies???

MZ: They have not gotten paid yet.

MZ: I did get some good chatter from Iraq for the week. They are opening more and more border crossings.

Member: Iraq has nothing left to do but go to an open market economy!

Member: Mark CBI is closed for four days before the new yr it might happen then

Member:  Iraqs banks closed until Thursday. So look for the announcement of the new PM, and reveal of the new small category notes, and exchange rate!

MZ: Nothing out of Zurich today at all. But, more and more people are arriving back into Miami and Reno. I am told by contacts in the US that this has been a nightmare of logistics- getting people back in their seats…travel problems everywhere…..so they can start with whales in 4a. Don’t know if they are holding things up for that. .

MZ: if I get news overnight I will let you all know in the morning….

Member: Maybe military ops is happening now ,no air traffic

Member: i bet they disruptions are deliberate because they knew the whales were traveling

Member: No longer minute by minute??

Member: Do not mistake silence for inaction.

MZ: I reached out to my best redemption center contact and he said they are expecting things to move forward at sometime this week . They were not told any timing…just that they are working through logistics “post holiday”. I am guessing it means some “key people” are not back in place yet. I do know my redemption contacts have an early morning meeting tomorrow.

Member: CMKX deliveries tonight?

MZ: We were always told when they started would be about now- 7 ish in the evening…..so if you get a delivery- be sure to let me know.

Member: Did St. Germaine trust open?

MZ: I am being told it did….but can’t get anyone to comment…..if it has opened…..they are about ready to distribute those funds.

Member: I heard the evil ones are still trying to stop things

MZ: They will keep trying until they are dead and buried imo…..

Member: Drake said on his show Saturday things could happen between Christmas and new Years

Member: nick Fleming this morning says Americans will not be in the rv, according to Chinese elders.

Member: I do not believe it. Not for a minute.

Member: Basel III kicks in Jan 1

Member: Mark have you heard that banks have by Jan 1st to be Basel compliant, and that if they arent they will then be taken over by UST??

Member: Basel III = Jan 1 to break the BIS & LONDONs grip on CBs

MZ: Yes- This is where banks have to have physical gold to back their deposits…not paper gold…..the metals markets are about to hit the fan.

Member: How about when I asked a bank teller “When is the new currency notes coming out?” Reply from teller: “1st of the New Year!!

Member: You had said you expect a dinar rate of about $4.81. is this street rate or contract rate?

MZ: In country it may start lower and float up to about $4.81……I am still hearing we may expect a higher contract rate than that. Maybe even a couple of dollars higher then that per dinar.

Member: HEARD MAJOR ARRESTS at CNN over the past week. MGMT AND EMP…. Hold on: “Media is LAST to come down”

Member:  I sure hope this happens before the end of the month. So tired of all the disappointment of all the events that were supposed to trigger the RV . And absolutely nothing came of it. Bring on the RV

Member: When when when when when when when? Just wondering, signed Patience.

Member: Maybe we are the only people on earth this Gullible!!

Member: Finding bigfoot is easier than finding the rv

MZ: I get your frustration guys…..but do not give up…this is a “when” not and “if”. Do not get rid of your currency …if you do and when it goes…..you will never forgive yourselves. We have never been in the place we are in right now…..Do not give up in sight of our goal.

Member: In the words of Journey, “Don’t Stop Believing!” Hang in there everyone!

Member: THIS IS A WIN WHEN WE WIN!! so hang in there!

Member: Thank you, Mark! Keep praying, Patriots! Keep positive — we got this! Let’s Goooo~~!!!

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Please listen to replay for all the information

The next stream is tomorrow at 10Am est……..

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