Dinarland Highlights for December 30, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 12.30.21


[via PDK]

There is a lot of anticipation and speculation right now. My redemption center folks …got another update this afternoon letting them know to expect to work this weekend. Hopefully this means we will see something happening…We are hearing fantastic intel dribbles coming out of Iraq right now. It is almost nonstop with individual pieces of information as to it preparing to happen sometime over the next 2 weeks. That is for international…They could certainly go in country even sooner.

[Dinar is happening I read the daily updates out of Iraq they are making progress every day.]

Exactly…we know Iraq will be revaluing their currency at some point.

We know it is going and its going soon…

I have not gotten any tentative, speculation on timing yet…even from redemption folks…but they are still being told they will be working this weekend. So buckle up…hopefully we will know more by tomorrow now that I have more contacts that are scrambling to get back into place. I had really thought we were on “snooze” until next week…but looks like things are at “go” now.


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground TV report]

FIREFLY: News saying today getting Iraq cleared of Chapter VII will enable Iraq to spend on the private sector and really have a positive impact on the economy and grow to a stable level never seen before.

FRANK: That’s tangible to the articles that we’re reading…Remember what I told you, Chapter VII equals your currency to float internationally

Turns out they told the citizens of Iraq you cannot get the 25k, 10k, the 5k no longer in the banks, no longer in the ATM machines…they’re being taken out of circulation.  Why?  The articles said to the citizens because we’re going to introduce a new category note to you.  Then it said the world “small” later on.  Holy cow!  Obviously if it’s a small note it needs a different exchange rate.  But they can’t tell them exactly the exchange rate.  So what they do instead they talk about purchasing power, adding value to it etc.  The citizens are well aware that they are on the precipice of what is going to happen.

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: We are here at the bank with our friend.  He says…the CBI this week had meeting all week with chartered banks [about?] the process of deleting the zeros and a rate change.  He knows this for a fact but he’s not sure when.  Looks to be in early 2022.  The CBI is working behind the scenes and getting things lined up for possible rate change.

FRANK: Everything is happening in the early part of 2022...



First, I would like to express my gratitude to this site for allowing opposing views by the gurus, to be available to their followers. It shows a high degree of integrity and credibility… Second…the banks are supposedly closing early in preparation for the RV of the dinar. They are actually closing early etc., do to staff shortages brought about by the Holiday vacations, Covid illnesses & isolation protocols, and/or a severe shortage of new employees as replacements. Many bank branches are trying, unsuccessfully, to function with as little as 50% of their usual number of employees being unavailable. This is fairly common knowledge and should not be misinterpreted…


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Guru Frank26]

Let’s say the “glory days”.  What was it $3.22…what’s the “glory days”?  The float…so we want to get it up to that level – $3.22.  No you don’t…That was 18 years ago you should add at least 10% inflation factor in it…let’s float it up to $3.86…can we go past $4?  yeah…when they reach the REER it has to hit a 2% compliance.  They will reach it within 2% during the float.  That is the goal.  



One of the first things Iraq must do is end the currency auctions and begin to float the currency as the economy grows. This would allow it to gradually appreciate over time where the central bank can manage the dinar through the foreign exchange.


Mountain Goat

…as we head into early 2022, we are at by far the best situation even since 2012-2013 to see the project to delete the zeros occur and then followed by the reinstatement.

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