Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Update “Iraq has Opened the White Papers” 1-13-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

01/13/2022 Iraq has “Opened the White Papers”

January 13, 2022


The Iraqi leadership, including the newly elected leadership – including the many newly elected Presidents; didn’t like the previously published IQD “International Rate.” This disagreement caused a slight delay while this new starting/floating rate of over $11 US, was formally approved and changed. Nothing else in the White Paper was changed. Today we’re told that Iraq is planning a Saturday announcement.

Unless something changes this IQD REVALUATION holds promise for every participating nation but leaves US out of the picture. This is exactly where we sit today. Will we or won’t we here in US – or anywhere in North America for that matter, participate and benefit from EXCHANGE/REDEMPTION?

Today, the proof that corruption continues apace is widely available. Like today, when the US Supreme Court ruled (sort-of) against Biden’s Mandates, formally allowing these Un-Constitutional acts-against-the-law. Health care workers are required by this Mandate to be fully vaccinated. The Supreme Court latched on to the fact that hospitals and medical-care workers are paid by Medicare and Medicaid and as such are a contractual US Federal Government entity. As a contracted “employee” Health Facilities have an obvious obligation with many (formal) strings attached and have a right to dictate an employee’s health choices. An obvious “Win” for Team Biden.

While Team Biden appears to be winning, it’s all a mirage, a fake staged event. Washington D. C. is practically deserted and thanks to several stalwart sleuths, it’s on film. The cement pylons and chain-link fencing topped by barbed wire, is being further installed, blocking access to several buildings including the White House.

The Convention of States and the ultimate withdrawal of every State from the US Federal Government is underway. Forty-eight states now have activated their National Guard troops, in preparation for something. What that something is we can only guess. We’re guessing it’s to protect each state’s borders as they make changes that must be brought about. It’s out with the old, in with the New Financial System, New Government Administration, New Laws, New Everything. This is the beginning of US’ Great Reset, not to be confused with the Globalists’ Great Reset. We here are definitely not confused.

There are two paths to take. One is toward FREEDOM and NESARA, with everything New. The other is separation from the World Stage, with Sanctions and Lock-down. Two short days isn’t too long to wait and see which Road is Taken.

We’ve got Troops Carrying Guns, seen on our city streets. Another “” for RV GCR folklore. Banks here in North America, including Canada, US and Mexico; are no longer exchanging ANY FOREIGN MONEY, unless it comes in from a tracked account and is sent digitally. How much further will these delays continue before Tier 4 notifications start? The answer to that question is, not very far. The actual Back Wall is the International Revaluation of the IQD. When that announcement is made public to a global audience, and if this announcement is made while all of North America is blocked, we will know exactly where we stand. If this Great Reset doesn’t include NESARA – with Abundance for All – and Fair and Lawful Dealing under a Restored United States Republic with the 1776 Constitution, then we’ve stepped into another paradigm. Not the one we planned for, nor is this one we can support. The One Obvious Thing that we here, in the RV GCR movement can say about this is we’re not going to settle for anything less.


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