The Survival Economist: The US Dollar is a Dead Currency Walking


The Survival Economist
Premiered Jan 13, 2022

The US Dollar has long been the world’s number one denomination in world currency supply. It represents 62% of total holdings in foreign exchange in central banks around the world. But, it is in for a tough race from up-and-coming strong currencies. The Japanese Yen and the Chinese Yuan are both giving the Americans a good run for their money.

The Swiss franc is too (surprisingly). There is $6 trillion in foreign exchange holdings around the world at any given time, on average and the US Dollar represents almost two-thirds of that. The “dollar as we know it”, went belly up in 1971. It has been a dead currency walking ever since. All monopolies are bad. A US Dollar monopoly is also in that category. The power that comes with a monopoly (hegemony) is usually abused and then the abused people rebel and create a war.

The powers that be (those who control the flow and value of currency , The International Monetary Fund and The Central Banks, see the imminent demise of the dollar and are positioning to implement a collapse of the world economy so that they can trot out their one world global digital crypto currency that they will have total control of . They will cause the collapse through quantitative tightening and increasing interest rates which will have a catastrophic impact not only on the U S economy but also the world’s as well.

This will be blamed on failed Trump economic policies resulting in his not winning a second term additionally setting the stage for the banksters wet dream of a one world digital currency. US Dollar does not need to collapse. Only to devalue massively against Gold. Then a multipolar currency World could emerge with free floating Fiat currencies. No reserve currency, only reserve ASSET, Gold. Multiple bilateral swaps can be easily arranged to facilitate commerce between countries. Currencies would devalue or revalue LOCALLY against gold, with international arbitrage así a balancing tool.

Easy as pie. Viable. Tools in place. Oh, US Dollar purchasing power would go down the drain. And Also US exorbitant privilege, and military bases off shore. US would still be huge global player, but under same rules as everybody else. Nobody can rebel against The Banksters. Saddam Hussein tried and failed and his nation was destroyed. Ghadafi tried, was killed and his nation was destroyed. China tries and trade war/media attacks/civil unrest ensue. It’s all about the Benjamins. Those in power/control of the US Dollar are the worst kind of criminal mafia, using government assets to keep that power structure and position safe.


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