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02/13/2022 Update on the News Today

According to boots on the ground in Iraq, we’re hearing now that the Iraq government has $7 Billion more reasons to despise the US government, since giving $7 B of Iraq’s money, money that the US Federal Government had been holding from Iraq, to Afghanistan. This is not being discussed in any news outlet. There are no online articles to reference.

What is being discussed in news media outlets is Afghanistan’s $7 B and not Iraq’s:

“WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Friday to create a pathway to split $7 billion in Afghan assets frozen in the U.S. to fund humanitarian relief in Afghanistan and to create a trust fund to compensate Sept. 11 victims.” The other $3.5 billion would stay in the U.S. to finance payments from lawsuits by U.S. victims of terrorism that are still working their way through the courts.

There are some obviously creative acts in play….

Is this Iraq’s $7 Billion, or is it Afghanistan’s $7 Billion? Obviously, the funds have been locked down, “On Hold” and not accessible by any party. The unanswered questions about this money and any and all money held in accounts “On Hold,” is legendary. At the very heart of it all is racketeering, money laundering done legally – with the US Treasury, the banks, this Biden Administration/Biden Family Trust, all strictly following the Law, with the Banks and the Attorneys continuing to profit from fees.

As was so clearly outlined in Tony Bobulinski’s expose on Hunter Biden, Joe and the Biden Family’s dirty dealings, the Biden Administration is taking a lesson from both Clinton and Obama, taking in their quid-pro-quo donations, as fast as the money can fly into their Private Family Trust. This “Biden Family Trust” vehicle provides for anonymity and zero oversight. This same “Biden Family Trust” is used, according to Bobulinkski, for the Chinese entity is CEFC, “the Goldman’s of China’s” payment to entities supporting the Big Guy.

Does the QFS know? Yes, this money is tracked, and then recognized as legitimate because presently the Laws support this. There’s “Legal” and there’s “Lawful” and they don’t necessarily jibe. This correction is planned to take place under NESARA with the Restoration of our Original Constitution of 1776, when the quid-pro-quo can finally be handled and the Bad Actors Held Accountable. In the meantime, the path of money movement has been logged.

In the meantime, the crises continue. Biden under a Secret Agreement with China has been sending the US’ oil reserves to China. This is Treason similar to CLINTON’S URANIUM ONE sale of the US’ Uranium resources to Russia. Now the US Fed’s oil reserves in Texas are almost gone. These treasonous acts that harm We the People, are being tracked and logged and there will be a reckoning.

The big question is still up for discussion. How long do we have to wait for this “reckoning” to occur?. If Iraq is losing $100 M a day with the present fixed rate of Dinar, how long can they allow this loss to accrue? Oil is now, $93 and rising. It’s a certainty that selling oil at this price with the present Dinar can’t be sustained at a loss of $500 Million dollars every single week this is delayed.

According to a financial minister in Iraq, the new Dinar rate is approved to start at $3.20 USD/1 Dinar and will float with the market. The dinar rate will rise quickly, as the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq) pulls in the (old) obsolete Dinar notes from all over the world to launch the GOLDEN DINAR. As soon as oil reaches a value of $120 a barrel for sweet crude, Iraq is planning to fix the rate of dinar at $3.20. Iraq can RV anytime. Today, tomorrow, is on the table. Now that Iraq’s presidential election is solved we are looking at $3.20 immediately.

UNLESS there’s an invasion of Ukraine this next Wednesday, which Biden is presently broadcasting through every media outlet that will give him or his spokesperson the opportunity. And if this “war” begins everything stops. War shuts the money supply down. War Powers are complete and all encompassing. Once the War Act is initiated everything stops and that might be what they (the Deep State), are counting on.

Will we hear about Iraq’s new currency before Wednesday? It’s possible. The IMF likes the 1st and the 15th for announcing new rates. Although there’s one more month in this first quarter. That’s one more month for this to drag on until further actions can take place that make this difficult situation even more difficult. We can only stay informed and stay tuned, as we wait and see what will occur.

The guessing games continue while the Military Industrial Complex / Deep State is handled.

Stay well.
The End is Near..


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