“Stand Down Order/RV Intel” by Texastreeman – 2.13.22


Entry Submitted by Texastreeman at 11:59 PM EST on February 13, 2022

Good evening Family,

Well as you remember thru my last intel report I gave. I told you be looking at the 23th. Of Feb.

Well, well if you notice it’s around the corner. But now it has been moved out to April.

The war with Putin/Biden will happen. Our orders was to stand down.

This gives the alliances more time to take down more deep state thru indictments coming out.

It won’t be a major war, just a time delay war.

Now the question you need to be asking yourself. IS !!

Why is Biden still in office. Why is the usa.corporation still allow to stay in business. ( because the usa.corporation must have not shut down on Dec 31st 2020. )

No company.
No President
No Military
Would allow a country to keep on running in a bankruptcy movement.
Unless we all got disinformation !!

Because if it was Bankruptcy and they allow the usa.corporation keep running. Then they are guilty of allow crimes on humanity to happen.

If and I say If the disinformation was giving out false to throw more cabal out in the opening.So we could arrest more.

Now let’s look at the RV. We all know everything is done. The treasury has said everything is Done.
DOD has said It’s all done and is just waiting for the word to GO…

So we know come Wednesday we could start. BUT, BUT THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN. They can say we was ready. But the war stop us !! All planned for this.

The war will be allow to happen. But you say wait..wait. What about Nesara/Gesara act. NO ONE CAN START A WAR.

It has not been made public yet.. So as for the books it’s their but not into law for the people. Yes it’s funded. The Republican is funded.

This does not good.. No good !!

Till the alliances remove biden and his team.
And that won’t happen till the war starts. Then they ( Alliances ) can go in and arrest biden for war crimes.

They try on the election fraud. THEY ZERO OUT ON THAT MOVE.

They try to wake people up.

So the next move is to show the people Mr.B is and cause war crimes.

This move takes President Trump out of the pic. So the people don’t start a civil war here and stop us longer. So Then that allow President Trump to return.

At the same time. The indictments will come out in March.

You ask well how long will this war and the RV go on. 30 days.

Now don’t forget the Truckers convoy.
You see NO EBS didn’t happen after Super bowl.

You see No TRUCKERS stop the super bowl.

Stop believing when someone tells you a date it will happen.

Why… Why.. Because just as I told you last time.. To make you look over here, while another chess piece move is over there.

Guys you must know how the game is being played.

Now you ask me. Well they said Iraq is ready. Everything is done.

Wrong. You guys are missing a key piece. About 9 months ago. They told you Iraq can’t go till oil gets as high as $120 barrel.

What is it now $93.

You are asking how long will we have to wait for oil to reach $120.

30 days.. War will cause the price of oil to go up. Plus usa reserve in oil is very low.

So Iraq knows this as well as every country. So Iraq can make money up for the lost of oil this last couple of years.

So I’ve been right before over the years. And I’ve been wrong as well.

But the pieces is all falling into place for this to stop the RV so the war can roll out. Now it’s not going to be a long war.

Just long enough for Putin to take control of Russia old country’s again so they can fall under GESARA.

That’s right. The lost piece we needed to happen ! Putin..

So sit back.. There is nothing we can do..but to sit back and stay calm.

Yes we are at the end of the chess game, movie.

Who remembers couple of years ago. They was telling us it could happen on APRIL 1ST. Lol..

So relax. Allow this to finish up.
The Truckers
The war
The mandates
The Indictments
The Mr.B make his move..

Then we may be close to GO..

Take care


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