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Samson » February 15th, 2022

Criticism Of The Government And Assurances That The Budget Will Not Be Passed Without Adjusting The Dollar Exchange Rate

15th February, 2022

Political parties criticized the government’s financial performance and the failure to carry out reforms that serve the people, stressing that the next budget will not be voted on without changing the dollar exchange rate.

A member of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Mahmoud Al-Hayani, told Al-Maalouma, “The rise in oil prices came to serve and benefit the government, and the people did not get anything from it, especially since the general citizens suffer from the high cost of living in light of the high prices as a result of the decision to increase the value of the dollar against the dinar.”

On the other hand, the representative of the State of Law coalition, Firas Turki, confirmed to “The Information”, that “the coordination framework stands by the reduction of the dollar exchange rate in the 2022 budget, as the budget will not be passed without making adjustments to the exchange rate.”

On the other hand, the representative of the coordination framework, Muhammad Al-Ziyadi, told Al-Maalouma that “the framework will set a condition when voting on the next prime minister, as the candidate will not pass without getting a word from him to reduce the exchange rate, but by going to the opposition, then he cannot Setting the conditions, rather asking for a price adjustment.”

In a related context, the representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Ibtisam Al-Hilali, told Al-Maalouma, “The framework is determined to obtain all parliamentary signatures within Parliament in order to restore the dollar exchange rate to its predecessor, stressing that the government has achieved its goal of raising the exchange rate, and there is no longer a justification for its continuation with this.” approach”.  LINK

Announcing The Completion Of The Procedures To Return 170 Million Dollars From One Of The Corrupt Outside The Country

15th February, 2022

The Federal Integrity Commission announced, on Tuesday, that it was able to complete the procedures for transferring $170 million smuggled from one of the corrupt abroad, indicating that the money recovered before its exit to Iraq is large and its details will be revealed.

The commission said in a press briefing that was followed by “the information” that “the commission, through the looted funds recovery division to Al-Kharj, was able to complete the procedures for returning and transferring more than 170 million dollars from a corrupt and smuggled person out of Iraq.”

She added, “The money recovered before smuggling, which was seized in Iraq, is large, and its details will be announced in a chapter on holding a special conference for all operations to recover smuggled funds.”

On Tuesday, the Federal Integrity Commission revealed that Iraq for the first time managed to penetrate international banking secrecy, explaining that this came through the efforts of the Integrity Commission and the Iraq Money Recovery Fund.  LINK

Integrity confirms opening 373 files to receive convicts and defendants and recover smuggled money

02/15/2022 11:12:10

The Federal Integrity Commission confirmed that it worked on (224) judicial decisions in absentia to receive the convicts and fugitive accused wanted by the judiciary during the year 2021, noting during the announcement of its annual report that it had opened (116) files to receive the accused and fugitive convicts; It was proven that they left Iraq, including (6) ministers and those of their rank, and (79) of those with special grades and general managers.

And it added that it had organized (257) files to recover the smuggled money, including (4) files related to ministers and those of their rank, and (58) files against people with special degrees and general managers.  LINK

Including 54 ministers and those of his rank.. Integrity considers about 19,000 criminal cases

02/15/2022 10:35:18

The Federal Integrity Commission announced today, Tuesday, that it has worked on (18,964) criminal cases during the past year.

The authority indicated during its conference to announce its achievements report for the year 2021, that the number of defendants in these cases reached (11605), 15290 charges were brought against them, including (54) ministers and those of his rank, (101) charges, and (422) charges were brought against them. Accused persons of special grades, general managers and those of their rank (712) were charged.

She pointed out that (632) judgments of conviction, including one judgment against a minister, and (42) judgments against (23) people with special degrees, general managers and those of their rank.


Experts : A new Iraqi era of tracking corruption… Switzerland’s coffers are not safe

15th February, 2022

Specialists in the file of integrity and transparency considered, on Tuesday, Iraq’s access to “banking secrecy and the contents of the treasury in Switzerland”, as a major breakthrough for what they described as “safe havens for the corrupt”, while the financial advisor to the Prime Minister considered this step a “success” for diplomatic efforts and the parties concerned in this. command.  

Mazhar Muhammad Salih told “Nass” (February 15, 2022): “The moves to recover Iraqi funds employed in hidden investments or safe havens as they are called outside the country, which had previously been seized, began to record success,” stressing that “those involved in this matter are classified as under the category of financial crimes, they face charges of assaulting public money.   

Saleh added, “These efforts confirm the success of the Integrity Commission in the external field to recover funds, since it was entrusted with the tasks of the Iraq Funds Recovery Fund under Law No. (9) of 2012, which was amended more than two years ago.”  

For his part, the head of the Al-Nahrain Network to Support Integrity and Transparency, Muhammad Al-Rubaie, confirms that “Iraq exploited a legal loophole that enabled it to access the numbers contained in these accounts, including amounts and account numbers, as well as the people they are affiliated with,” noting that this development constitutes “a major breach for senior officials.” Corrupt people who considered banks in Switzerland safe havens for their bank accounts.”   

Al-Rubaie added, “Access to these account numbers and the amounts they contain and their returns will improve Iraq’s international classification, given that these havens are no longer safe for money laundering, and Iraq is no longer a country of impunity.” development, despite the urgent need to make an amendment to the Stolen Funds Recovery Fund Law.  

And he added, “These funds should be subject to international experiences in harnessing them to improve infrastructure in poor areas, in order to avoid the involvement of the residents of those areas in the corruption system, as it is not logical to return them to the Ministry of Finance in order to enter them into the government’s financial cycle again in the budget.”   

Al-Rubaie stressed that “Iraq does not face any difficulty in obtaining its money in international banks through international coordination, but the government worked seriously during the year 2021 in the file of recovering the funds.”  

 And the Integrity Commission announced, earlier today, Tuesday, that Iraq had legally “penetrated” international banking secrecy.   And the commission revealed in a statement, “Iraq for the first time managed to penetrate international banking secrecy, explaining that” this came through the efforts of the Integrity Commission and the Iraq Funds Recovery Fund.   

The commission indicated that “the penetration was carried out through legal procedures according to which Iraq was able to access the contents of the treasury in Switzerland.”  

She added that “Transparency International’s reports for the year (2021) indicated a clear improvement and progress in the classification of Iraq among the countries of the world within the report of the Corruption Perceptions Index issued by the organization.”    LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » February 15th, 2022

Counting On Activating The Chinese Agreement To Revive The Iraqi Economy

15th February, 2022

The economist Diaa Mohsen called, on Tuesday, the next government to adopt the price of a barrel of oil at 70 dollars in the next budget, because it is a reasonable price in light of the high oil prices, noting that the continued rise is an irreplaceable opportunity for Iraq to recover from its economic crisis if followed by a decision to activate the Chinese agreement.

Mohsen said in a statement to “Information”, that “all reports of oil experts confirm that the rise in oil prices will continue or remain at more than 90 dollars during this year and next year, in light of the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the economic openness of the world and decisions to coexist with epidemic.” He added, “In light of those reports and the reality of oil prices, I call on the next government to adopt the price of a barrel at 70 dollars in the current year’s budget, as it is logical and commensurate with the rise in the oil market.”

Mohsen explained, “Iraq has an irreplaceable opportunity to invest funds in the investment budget and activate all projects that were suspended in previous budgets, and activating the Chinese agreement and advancing infrastructure will be an additional factor to get Iraq out of its economic crisis.”

It is noteworthy that oil prices rose on Monday, heading towards their highest levels in more than seven years, amid fears that a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine would lead, as Brent crude futures reached $95.73 a barrel, after recording earlier the highest level during the day at $95.91.   LINK

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