Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “A Case for NESARA” 2-19-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

02/19/2022 A Case for Nesara

The US is recognized around the world, as the “one of the hardest hit by COVID19.” People have suffered losing loved ones. Jobs have been lost. Businesses shut down. People have been forced to stay in their homes. The litany of offenses and suffering caused by COVID19 is long and verifiable. The compensation for this suffering is equally well documented and will return to We the People, or else….

Recently there have been many public testimonials recounting wiped credit cards, mortgages, car loans; debt is suddenly disappearing. Is this NESARA – National Economic Relief and Reformation Act? Certainly appears to be. It’s an obvious cancellation – a write off of debt for the debtor. Maybe it’s the application of the CARES Act payouts, used in an obvious way.

Money is Moving in Every Direction from a Variety of Private and Public – For Profit and Non-Profit Sources:

As of last week, the Borrower Defense Program, which forgives debt for students who are defrauded by their colleges, has been used to cancel $2 billion in debt for more than 107,000 borrowers.

How many companies received SBA PPP loans? Data collected from 124,883 8-K filings since April 3, 2020, the first day to apply under the CARES Act.

Under the CARES Act, hospitals get paid 15% more by Medicare if they classify their patients as having “a principal or secondary diagnosis of COVID-19.”

As of last week, the Borrower Defense Program, which forgives debt for students who are defrauded by their colleges, has been used to cancel $2 billion in debt for more than 107,000 borrowers.

In 2022, we’ll see a multitude of articles referring to monies spent in unusual ways. This is up to the whim of the individuals running the city/county/state government.

Take this one in New Jersey for example: NJSA 34:1B-28 Programs to promote motion picture and television industry creating a group to implement a Motion Picture and Television Development Commission to prepare and implement programs to promote a motion picture and television industry within the State of New Jersey.

There will also be a long list of individuals complaining, seeking for an accounting of money spent by these CARES Act recipients.

The actual variety of sources, both for profit and non-profit providing “CV19 Relief Money” to hospitals, and to any and every business effected by Covid19 – in any way, is huge. Along with this money comes strings attached (in small print), stating this money must be spent appropriately, or the recipient will be held accountable for “Misuse of Government Funds.” What’s not known by many of entities, is that the QFS is watching and tracking the movement of money for this “grant.” Could this be the rope the criminals hang on? Ha! What a thought. What if the Federal Government is the good actor that ultimately catches the bad actors, working against We the People? Wouldn’t that really be something?

The Ultimate Effects of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), signed into law March 27, 2020.

Since 2019, the Federal Government has paid out almost 4 Trillion dollars, much of this amount going to these very same lenders claiming hardship. Once these entities received any monies under Federal and State programs, the trickle down started. If the borrower missed a couple of payments due to CV19 hardship, they simply wrote off the total debt without a peep of complaint. This write-off isn’t a problem for the lender who can easily file under the extended CARES ACT, for additional loss and receive compensation. Under the current structure, CARES will continue for another 3 years and additional (easy) money will be paid. Companies are encouraged to file every year while CV19 crisis continues to affect their bottom line. This is debt paid in full – 100% payment applied under the CARES Act proceeds. Never before in history has this been the case.

But did the borrower really receive the benefit of NESARA? Not if they are ultimately issued a 1099 (receipt of income) by the lender. If this were done, the borrower will have a painful hit when they file taxes next year. If this is done, this CARES Act will really be a miscarriage of justice. Seems like a Class Action Lawsuit in the making. Maybe this is the reason the People will ultimately be given for the change in the IRS tax laws? Under (the original, 1998) NESARA, income tax goes away, and a flat tax is implemented.

Is this also why the Federal Government recently put an end to IRS Collections? “And if the IRS has temporarily halted over a dozen automated notices, including some for unpaid taxes there’s no guarantee this will continue.” There’s no guarantee when faced with the possibility that outstanding balances may still accrue interest. The real question here is this, is the IRS also a recipient of funds through the CARES Act? There’s a reasonable question We the People deserve to have answered. Ultimately we will know the answer to this question.

The stories that RV GCR followers have been told is that this Government bailout money came from a loan “from the Chinese,” and if true, “the Chinese” are the same Royal Family members that negotiated the oil contracts with Iraq, and the Zim Bond Redemption, with UST and with the World Court, in support of RV GCR. This is the Tier 1 and 2 in RV GCR Folklore. Now these same “Chinese” are preparing for or have already received a huge payout.

Payouts for all (“on hold” SKR) accounts must occur, as well as payment of all debt, by February 22, 2022. IRS must go away. All debt must be wiped. Under NESARA this has always been the plan. Call it CARES, or SBA PPP, or SRP, or whatever acronym de jeur. Yes, eventually the true story will be told. For now though, suffice to say there are incredible happenings to consider. There are incredible benchmarks all over the world, that verify the original concept of NESARA.

February 22, 2022 is the Ultimate Back Wall

The 209 Countries that are participating in RV GCR are queued up and waiting for the buckshot-shotgun blast that launches everything. This weekend as the flame is lit, and just like in the Olympics, this flame is lighting the way for all survivors and all People, leading the charge to Peace and Prosperity for 1,000 years. We the People will be in this charge toward ultimate Freedom.
• Freedom from all DEBT – you can’t wipe it for a few million and not benefit everyone.
• Freedom from IRS/TAXATION – you can’t stop collections for hundred million and not help everyone.
• Freedom from BAD ACTORS – to the any CARES Act/PPP recipients that act unethically, to the City/County/State/Federal agencies, the For Profit and Non-Profit entities, any that have taken this CV19 Relief Money; if these entities don’t manage further distribution to the benefit of We the People and according to the Agreement, there’s a noose with your name on it.

This is NESARA for US and it’s happening right now.


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