“Re: The Truth about When we will RV” by Danlboon – 2.21.22


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 11:12 AM EST on February 21, 2022

“The Truth about When we will RV” by Angel of Light – 2.20.22

There appears to some misinformation going out as these numbers stated by Angel of Light don’t match up to what We The People are to receive per NESARA and the Debts cleared around the world with the gold needing to be SOLD as every country needs to have the proper assets to purchase the gold, thus ‘NO’ cleared Debts.

There does not need to be 100% gold on hand in the banks for the USN to be VALID and it appears that the FRN you have on hand is NO longer VALID, yet in truth for the FRN to have equal exchange with the USN for up to one year and not stop immediately on Feb 22, 2022 as the US Treasury has the gold already on hand that was recovered from the City of London, Vatican and DC.

Is it the QFS will only work if the countries purchase the gold as an asset in exchange for their own assets, thus the African third world countries and others that really do not have much assets will stay in poverty no matter how fast the QFS works and if the gold can be sold?

1 kg = 2.2046 lbs, 1 metric ton = 2204.623 lbs, 1 lb = 16 oz, 1 kg = $61,000 USD for gold at present rate, $3,812.50 USD per oz, thus 20,000 kgs of gold sold per week is only $1,220,000,000 (1.22 billion), which means to make just a trillion dollars sold it will take 820 weeks = 15.77 years, but to clear the $30 trillion in debt for the USA it will be 473 years.

Just for ‘one’ people to receive the $100,000 per monthly NESARA payout it will be 19.67 kgs of gold sold to pay for one year or $1,200,000 annually, or only 1,016.8 people covered for the amount of gold sold per week, and for about 200 million people in the USA it will be 1,967,000 weeks or 3,783 years to pay for it this way for gold to be SOLD, and this is just for the people to be collecting it now!

To make this positive is that We The People are the ASSETS since we were born and we Do NOT need gold to be SOLD to make sure We The People can collect on the promised NESARA monthly payouts, as these payouts should NOT be based on the liquidity of the different tier bonds for this RV to be VALID, as NESARA and the RV are separate things, as some gurus state NESARA will only happen once the RV is Complete which is long after Feb 22, 2022.



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