Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “Thoughts for the Day” 2-23-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

02/23/2022 Thoughts for the day

Good afternoon, I’ve been watching the news of the last few days in which Biden has been placing sanctions upon Russia and Russia says so what you know they have their own means of moving their money. They’re tied in with the Chinese and they don’t need the swift system and they’re not part of the swift system So how can you sanction somebody that doesn’t have a clue or a hand in the Swiss system. Russia has kicked out the Rothschilds and all that bunch so they don’t control the banking there So you know why throw something out there that it’s not going to be enforceable in the first place plus there’s other most of the Asia or Europe actually buys oil from um Russia We import a hundred thousand barrels a day from Russia of oil So whether they’re going to do stop they haven’t as of yet he’d have to reopen the pipelines and everything else

And he has Biden has no intention of doing that So it’s really all kind of ludicrous As we’re sitting here watching what’s going on Biden once a war because in a war our RV is stopped The RV GCR is all stopped because we’re in a global war as they would call it And that’s what the Democrats want The Biden administration wants us to be in a war is kind of almost like Nero You know a Nero burnt Rome to the ground Well Biden’s doing that in his own little way You know he’s not paying attention to what’s going on in the world He’s not listening to the American people who can vote him out He’s hoping that if he can get a war started he can stop the elections in November that will allow the Democrats to stay in control until the end of the war

Whenever he declares that an end he’s the only one that is besides Pelosi and Schumer and them that are pushing for war to take place because it stops everything We it will end our RV it will end the GCR And because money is all of a sudden all kinds of money are kicked up for the war machine And um that’s what Biden is hoping that he will be able to do in the long run is once he starts once you declared that war then martial law takes effect and elections and there’ll be no elections in November um to undo what he has already done And really it’s it’s not a good thing You know I was hoping that we would be able to see this RV this month and from what’s still coming out of the sandbox It can still happen My birthday is Monday and that’s the end of the month

So I’m hoping that they can pull a Kuwait and just go ahead and shock everybody So anyway understand the sanctions Aren’t going to do anything except piss people off and Putin could very well be very happy with what he did right now you know because you accomplish more by making those two countries states And you did more than Obama did when he was in office as far as Ukraine is concerned the so we’re kind of watching and seeing what’s going on here it’s going to be interesting Iraq is the thing all to itself You know it will happen when it happens there and that’s all anybody can say about it So anyway have yourself a good day Bye


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