The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 2-22-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 2-22-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – Sort of a bonus call – if you will – Didn’t expect to do one tonight but here we are it is Tuesday February 22nd and you’re listening to the Big Call –Thanks everybody for tuning in again tonight wherever you are whether you are getting this live or on the replay– all over the globe – we look forward to having a really neat call tonight for you

I don’t think I have a whole to tell you that I can say but here we are 2 -22 – 2022 and you remember I had major intel on last Thursday night’s call and I was saying that was probably going to be our last call – I didn’t expect to do another one – and really up until 6PM tonight I didn’t expect to do this call –

The information that we received from this past Wednesday all the way through to this afternoon was pointing to us being notified today – Now we weren’t notified today – I doubt we will be notified tonight meaning before midnight – but all of the information has been coming in saying  we would get this around lunch time  – we had it talking about an hour after lunch – we had another piece of information that said we’ll get this an hour after the market closed – which would be 4 pm and they trade for about a half hour after that –  cleaning it up – so I figured between 5 and 6 maybe we would get notified and after 6pm we knew that was not the case –

Now just to be fair – I said on Tuesday night’s call – I am going to do everything but call it and I did everything but call it –  but the information we received late this afternoon and really early this evening is saying that this could go at any minute – of course we’ve heard that kind of talk before –

We’ve also heard No 1  I’m not supposed to talk about rates – I’m just going to say that the rates are very very good – I think we all will be super pleased with the rates – so that’s positive – and what we’re hearing now bond holders .. remember we are kinda tied and linked to the bond holders getting their notifications of liquidity – access to their funds  – they have not gotten yet and we had information they were supposed to get those over the weekend – Not  yet –  so they are still waiting – just like we are –

But – the good news is Iraq was going to be released from Chapter Vll or chapter Vlll – I forget which chapter it was – cause it was 7 and we talked about it got released from Vll – from the United Nations and were already in Chapter Vlll – so let’s say whatever chapter it is – that was the last thing that needed to happen according to people that we talked to

Well, that occurred today – Iraq was released from Chapter Vll or Vlll  by the United Nations TODAY – (2-22-22) so we’re really happy – now this thing can go –  and now what we’re hearing is that the bond holders / bond sellers really – cause they are no longer holding the bonds – the bond sellers and us in tier 4 are on a double barrel shotgun start –

That means that they are going to be notified and we should get notified at approximately the same time – or during the same process – and you ask – When is that supposed to occur?  I believe that it’s very possible that this occurs overnight tonight – and we literally wake up to the emails in the morning – and maybe this things happen like that or maybe we get this in the morning tomorrow – but I think we’re right on the very edge of it occurring for both of us – the tier 3 bond sellers – and u s tier 4 – double barrel shotgun start –

I love that analogy – cause we can picture that – so that means Iraq’s done their thing – they are finally done – they’re okay – we’ve got things that are going on out there – that are there really to help us – I am going to call them diversions – there are some things out there around the globe that are just diversions for us going – and remember the public is supposed to go with us

They are supposed to go when we go – Now they are not going to redemption centers – the Public will go to a tier 1/2/3 bank 0 but they will go to whatever banks they want – and the good news is all of the tier 2 / 3 and 4 banks did get fully compliant and connected to the Blockchain technology of the QFS – everything is together – everything occurred – everything is ready to go

So from a tech point of view – it appears everybody’s on board –and if they are not on board by tomorrow – boy – they are going to miss out – they might miss out all together – if they are not connected – but I think everybody is on – everybody’s connected

So – we should get notified overnight or in the morning – and if we get it early enough and we call the toll free number that we get – we should quite possibly get started with exchanges tomorrow afternoon –

Now if we get notified later for some reason – and it’s later in the morning around lunch or after – we might not get to start tomorrow but we might start Thursday – either way is a “WIN” for is – we know that – just getting the emails and the toll free numbers is a “WIN” for us – If we get to start our exchanges tomorrow afternoon or evening – it’s a WIN / WIN

Now here’s the other thing we know – redemption center staff are in – they were on call today  – a few people went in but tomorrow it’s a full day for 8am – 10 or 11 at night – depending on location – which redemption center fully staffed for the next 12 days –

So they are ready to rock this thing – but I have not done the math to see how long that goes but it probably takes us around into March 5th  or so with 12 days – and that’s the changes in the redemption centers –

Now some redemption centers may shut down sooner because they’ve got all the zim holders and a lot of the currency in  dinar and dong and then some redemption centers may stay open a little longer depending on the demographics – the area of town – depending on a lot of factors –ok so it’s not a cut and dried time line –for every redemption center but I believe they want most redemption centers to be available and open for the next 12 days –starting tomorrow (Wednesday) Feb 23rd  So somewhere around the 5th or 6th of March redemption centers for the most part will be shut down –

Alright – that’s all good – so consider that – if you’re traveling consider that – if you make your appointment in the first 3 – 4  days  with the toll free number you could set your appointment – with a person – on the phone – set your appointment for when you will be available to do it – even if it’s after the 12 days we’re talking about – but you better get confirmation of that appointment in writing that you can print out – for the redemption center –

I am not talking about going to any tier 1 bank – I am talking about redemption centers – cause we will have some benefits by using those – there are benefits to it – and I would say – we have covered so much of this from the NDA to the perks – to the – only thing maybe we’ve not talked about is the debit credit card that you will get – should receive this at y our redemption center appointment – it has 3 computer chips in it and thicker than normal about 3 times – pretty thick – and designed to be used when you move funds from your mother lode account to one of your other accounts or to wire it to somebody else –

It’s kind of your total access card to your account – it is not something you would use willy nilly to go to the restaurant and just buy a meal – it’s not that card – you want to get a different credit card or debit card – I think most of us will use a credit card – we have some protection with that – use credit cards and then pay them off a day or two before the due date – every month – I’ll find out about it – I will get a report on it – I will get something printed out – that way you don’t have to monkey with it – I think they will be able to help us with that – I really do – I am going to set it up with the bank where they do that for me – where they debit the balance that is owed a couple days before the due date –

I am excited and feel really good about where we are –  so let’s see what happens in the next day or so –

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins:  57:25

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