Dinarland Highlights for March 3, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 3.3.22


…Misinformation is going around about CBI though that has to be corrected. It was stated that they will cap the IQD international rate at $5.00 which is not possible. The in country rate will be ~ $3.20 jumping international and floating up from there



Still they are talking about the change in the exchange rate…with all this chitter-chatter going on about the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, it’s not just happening within Iraq, now the IMF is getting involved...the Central Bank of Iraq is actually taking into consideration a lot of input from the International Monetary Fund…IMO you can’t really trust anything that the IMF and World Bank have to offer or suggest…

Sounds like Allawi [MOF] is saying we have to plan this out before we make a big change.  Here’s the thing that gets me.  I can’t imaging that slightly changing the exchange rate would cause so much commotion.  I really don’t…it’s easy to adjust…they can make the adjustment fairly easy versus if you have to really plan out a reinstated rate.  That’s different.  This is where I’m constantly tossing back and forth in my head…are they talking about making a change or are they talking about revaluing the currency back up to the original exchange rate because this seems like a whole lot of hassle…But I don’t want to jump to any conclusions.  I definitely don’t want to blow smoke up people’s tookus.


Sandy Ingram

Ministry of Oil: Revenues last February amounted to more than $8 billion

the average daily value was 3.3 million bpd while the average price per barrel was $92.08.  Oil now stands at around $101.30 and is expected to increase even more…



[via PDK]

…I am still being told to expect bond payouts from today the 3rd through the 6th with full payouts… I was always told that 3-5 days after the bonds started paying….and we would see the currency reset. So I expect 3-5 days after bonds start paying out I expect us to start exchanging…As of this morning my redemption folks will be on call this weekend. So no negative news…just quiet…quiet could be good. 

Good articles out of Iraq today about changing the exchange rate.


Frank26 (KTFA)

There is a plethora of articles that simply talk about the plans, the number one priority of a new exchange rate for the citizens that’s coming.  It’s exciting.  It’s motivating…It’s coming to an end.  I think I can say it with a little more confidence, even with a little more authority because they are the ones saying it.


Nader From The Mid East

The exchange rate, where you guys called the program rate…It was made for what?  To punish us.  We’ve been punished a lot I think.  It’s enough punishment.  Whatever you hear from the IMF or from the bank of the world, the CEO of the CBI, Finance Minister, it’s all bullshit…the rate, if it revalued tomorrow it’s gonna make things better.  It’s not going to hurt the economy.  It’s going to help the economy 200%-300%…

a businessman like me when I go to the United States to sell my things you know how much it cost me when I exchange for 1460…Just my trip to pay for…plane and the hotel…food and all that?  When you want to come over here..it costs you nothing…you need $5 or $6,000 to make a trip to Iraq…when I come to United States…Almost $20,000 for a week…don’t believe anything the IMF, the World Bank…it’s [raising the rate] gonna help the economy People will have more money.  People will spend more money.  People will start traveling…people will do a lot of things with the exchange rate.  People can come to the United States. Can go to Europe … and have purchasing power.  For now we have nothing.

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