Dinarland Highlights for March 8, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 3.8.22

Mountain Goat

From Iraq the news this period is mostly all about what to do with the exchange rate once again. Yes, this saga continues… How do you change the rate without blowing up the economy?  …There is only one way and that is to complete the project to delete the zeros then reinstate the dinar, put it on a float and a basket of other currencies to protect if from massive inflation… Remember we are in VERY exciting times…We are going to get this reinstatement and we are going to go to the bank shortly…hold on to your currency…Please do not give up we have gone this far!



International Monetary warns Iraq and announces its position on the dollar exchange rate”

If they had their way the currency would have been lowered even more.  I believe they were proposing 1600 dinars for every dollar...by increasing the value of the dinar it makes Iraq less competitive on an international level...


Frank26 (KTFA)

I believe…Mustafa is now asking for the IMF to once again reconsider the NEER (Nominal Effective Exchange Rate).  The NEER is the start of the calculations and the REER (Real Effective Exchange Rate) is the end.  What they’ve established is a spectrum…to where they truly want to reach…they recalculated the exchange rate and they used the PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) IMO…a comparison of a basket of goods and services…from there you calculate… the NEER…that is the least you can do the exchange rate…we are now able to calculate the REER according to the price of a barrel of oil right now…They determined the the NEER…was above $1.00…it was determined the recalculation of the REER is $1.50

People used to tell me, ‘Man, the Iraqi dinar is a scam man.  It’s fake.’   I go ‘you’re conflating things.‘  You see the dinar itself is not fake.  It’s not a scam.  It’s not a fraud.  It’s a real currency.  You can go into Iraq and you can spend it.  The people use the Iraqi dinar to commit fraud, to commit scams.  It’s different.  Investing into a currency that’s not a scam…The process of buying and selling currencies is not a fraud…But yes there are people out there who have used the dinar to commit fraud.  And there’s people out there that use the dinar and crazy stories to scam people out of money still



[via PDK]

The Federal court summons the minister of finance and the governor of the Central bank of Iraq to appear in a special session of the exchange rate of the dinar.”

This is very positive news… According to that article they are ready to move forward. They have done everything they were supposed to do and their people need that prosperity. This is huge news coming out of Iraq. No exact time in the article as to when they are expected to appear.  My Iraqi contacts say it is this week…within a couple of days. They expect this whole thing to be put to bed at anytime…we have yet to hear anything negative today.

They did not choose the new President in Iraq today…they are hoping to choose one in the next session. Which may be Monday of next week…Also I hear the Finance Minister and the Governor of the Central Bank needs to meet with parliament before the next session…so before next Monday.


Desert Advisor

Article quote:
A recent report revealed that the rise in the price of a barrel of oil to excel levels of $100 contributes to shifting the budget of some countries by the end of the currency year 2022…the report showed that Iraq needs to see a barrel at a price of $64.25 to turn it’s budget into a surplus.

As long as the barrel is over $64 Iraq is looking to strengthen their economy.


Walkingstick and Frank26 (KTFA)

You’re seeing lots and lots of, dozens, hundreds of articles that are all talking about raising the value of the currency and the new exchange rate and all that good stuff.  That theme is alive and powerful.  That animal is growling really loud…they know what’s coming.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Kurdistan decides to reorganize fees and taxes and activate the electronic revenue system

This article imo is a doozy.  It is telling me they are now ready to trade outside the borders…This all bodes very well for our study. The outcome is likely to be very promising and quickly now…I have always made the claim that, “the longer they take the more money we make.”   With oil now $125+- at barrel, secures that. imo Lets see how they work this out.. They are working it out!!! The automation is proof they are!!!. imo.


Godlover (KTFA)

Barrel of oil surging. 130 in US & Europe.  Is there a magical number we’re waiting for?

the magical number is…when they are ready & not before.


Sandy Ingram

During the crisis in the Ukraine the Iraqi dinar is holding steady…what many people believe is one day we will wake up and the IQD will be worth a lot more against the US dollar.  This belief is supported by the fact that Iraq may not be interested in joining the world financial platforms but appears from their actions to be very interested in raising the value of their currency

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