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Democrat: Saturday’s session is crucial, and it will be the end of the political blockage and the beginning of the government’s formation 

The representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mahma Khalil Ali Agha, said that Saturday’s session will witness the end of the political blockage and the beginning of the steps to form the government, approve the budget, and achieve the .interests of all Iraqis of all sects

In a statement today, Thursday, Ali Agha urged “the political forces to resolve the parliament session that will be held next Saturday dedicated to voting on the “.president of the republic

He explained, “Saturday’s session is crucial, and it represents a national entitlement that no one has interest in disrupting, as the Iraqi people are waiting for the passage and birth of the government in a manner consistent with the circumstances and data .” of what the region is going through

He continued, “Everyone must realize that the session is not for the sake of a particular party or party, but rather for the sake of the people of Iraq, their safety and security, the provision of services, the realization of the people’s aspirations and .” their rights, and it is the duty of everyone to ensure these rights and entitlements

He pointed out, “The passing of the President of the Republic will speed up legislation and passing the budget that all segments of society are waiting for, .” especially when we are facing the blessed month of Ramadan   link

Jaafar al-Sadr begins with promises to restore the state in Iraq

In the first comment of the Iraqi ambassador to Britain on his candidacy agreement to head the government: I am honored to be a candidate for a coalition that represents the country in all its sects.

Jaafar al-Sadr, the recently agreed-upon candidate to head the government in Iraq, said that he would assume his position at the head of an alliance he described as representing the nation in all its sects and working to restore the state.

Jaafar al-Sadr’s comment came on Twitter hours after announcing the formation of the “Save a Homeland” alliance between the Sadrist bloc, the Sovereignty Coalition and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and his nomination to head the government and the Kurdistan Regional Minister of Interior, Reber Ahmed, for the presidency.

It is scheduled to hold a session of Parliament on Saturday to elect a new president for the country, and then the president will ask to present the candidate of the largest bloc to head the government.

Al-Sadr said in a tweet on his Twitter page, “I am honored to be a candidate for a coalition that represents the country in all its sects,” adding, “Let us work together to restore the state that all my dear countrymen aspire to.”

The “Sadr bloc” led by Muqtada al-Sadr, one of the cousins of the new candidate for prime minister, topped the results of early parliamentary elections that were held in October 2021.

The bloc won 73 seats out of 329, followed by the “Sovereignty” coalition consisting of the two largest blocs for the year with 71 seats, while The Kurdistan Democratic Party dissolved fourth with 31 seats.

For his part, Reber Ahmed said in a tweet, “I was honored today to win the confidence of the Save the Nation Alliance by naming me a candidate for the post of President of the Republic,” pledging “to work to consolidate the foundations of a modern institutional state that meets the aspirations of citizens.”

Muqtada al-Sadr said in a tweet that the “Save the Homeland” coalition is the most numerous bloc that will be tasked with forming the government. He expressed his hope “to complete the formation of a national majority government without procrastination and delay.”

Al-Sadr added that It is customary for the Sunnis to lead the parliament, the Kurds to head the republic and the Shiites to head the government according to the quotas followed in Iraq since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003.  link

The Central Bank holds a workshop to introduce the electronic reporting system (goAML)

Under the patronage of His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Mustafa Ghaleb Mukhaif, and in the presence of the two Deputy Governors, the Iraqi Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Office held a workshop on introducing the electronic reporting system (goAML). 

The system is an integrated software solution developed by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) for use by Financial Intelligence Units (FIU’s) in data collection, management, analysis and document management. 

The system will also contribute to canceling the currently approved paper reporting system, reinforcing the Republic of Iraq’s commitment to international standards related to combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

Central Bank of Iraq information Office  23 – March – 2022  link

Powell Says Digital Dollar Must Ensure Privacy, Identification | Bloomberg


Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell outlined four qualities a hypothetical digital currency in the U.S. must have while adding that no final decision has been made on whether to proceed with creating one.

Powell said a central bank digital currency would need to ensure user privacy; it would need to be “identity verifiable,” similar to the way U.S. bank accounts are identifiable to prevent money laundering; it would need to be “intermediated,” or widely embraced by the current banking system; and serve as a widely accepted means of payment.

Powell made the comments Wednesday during a virtual panel at the Bank for International Settlements Innovation Summit.

The Fed chair warned that crypto assets “have been used to facilitate illicit activity,” and this needs to be prevented. He said some also present financial stability concerns.

U.S. central bankers are conducting research and experiments with digital currencies though Powell has stopped short of recommending a digital dollar, saying such a move would need more input from U.S. lawmakers and stakeholders.

Fed officials are currently gathering feedback on a white paper on the topic they published in January, which discussed the risks and benefits of a central bank digital currency without endorsing one.


Source: Dinar Recaps

So, Saturday is the vote for Iraqi president, then PM, then tasks need to be completed…….and, Ramadan begins in 9 days on April 2nd and lasts for around 30 days. Zip happens during Ramadan (ask me how I know), so if RV doesn’t happen w/in 9 days from today, it seems we will need to wait until May to see any more RV movement. Does that sound logical, or am I missing something. I’ve only been waiting for this since 2009. Newbie LOL!

Jam, I think at this point almost anything could happen.

I agree with your observation about Ramadan jambie. The other side of the coin is that the great majority of revaluations of currency happen during the month of April. That will occur at the CBI level with a final flip of the switch.

We win if Iraq wins……what a simple plan it was when first got our dinar in the mail…..a decade ago…….now it pays off finally.. We are all in need …that’s the glue that binds us…..we will arrive at the finish line together.

Iraq..a car, an apartment and ministries for those who attend the Saturday session..the framework sets off a surprise about bribes given to him – Urgent

Today, Thursday, the coordination framework revealed temptations presented to him by the Triple Alliance in exchange for entering the voting .session on Reber Ahmed as President of the Republic of Iraq

The leader in the framework, Aref Al-Hamami, said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), “A state and a bloc promised the deputy who enters the Saturday session from the independents or from other blocs to obtain a vehicle, an apartment, and billions as a reward for his attendance,” adding: “But the tripartite alliance was shocked by the numbers it owned.” The framework, and it reaches 135 deputies, will not end the dream of the tripartite alliance and many countries to hold the Saturday ”.session

Al-Hamami added, “The temptations were granted to the framework by ministries and others, provided that it enters the Saturday session, but the framework is coherent with all its blocs, and it possesses the sufficient number, which is the guarantor third, which includes the framework, the resolve, the Patriotic Union of “.Kurdistan and independent deputies, and they are all coherent to a large extent

And he indicated that “many countries are pushing against the Shiite House alliance, so billions are being paid for the incompatibility of the trend and the framework,” noting that the tripartite alliance promised about the privileges granted to deputies, especially the independents, for the purpose of their attendance at the Saturday .session  link

Source: Dinar Recaps


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