“King Confronts Prince Over Missing Cattle” by Miron – 3.28.22


Entry Submitted by Miron at 11:35 AM ET on March 28, 2022


Dear IDC family, 

More evidence in the local newspapers of Royalties here in Africa while the population starves…in MSM can you believe??While Zimbabwe pays new zim dollars in wheel barrows for a 5lt cooking oil ??

Do you honestly believe the SELF CENTRIC USA GURU’S talking redemption???

USA propaganda within GURU’S minds are self evident…listen to Monday’s shows…available…nothing for 7billion bit much for the COLONIZERS GAME PLAN FOR War forever…neo cons have captured everything USA UK…Jerusalem capitol while everything else is BS of nothing…Patriots sacrificed for NAUGHT AS NOTHING TRUTHFUL…every gets transmitted ???

It’s all about sucking dollar payments to USA even in charity of Self report, While 7 billion starve to feed themselves in USA propaganda to regime change Russia who has fought a fair gold back payment system. 

Go list to Mr C and the GURU’S bond payments imminent and debt written off…

Complete disregard of Humanity for self as this devastating USA UK ILLUMINATI imf Cabal continues is ENDURANCE GAMES. 

MY PERSONAL opinion is to All…these gurus seem to be pure Cabal as their podcasts are Biden corrupt GAMES,  Nothing truthful only self serving not to be censored by YouTube Google.

Weapons Seller’s drug dealers…insiders in Government subterfuge BIDENS CAREFULLY crafted words…

I say this game has many months to shake this quite falsefuly tree.

Sad that even gurus stare half truths , which are Ultimately as Pys-ops of self corruption,  purely in a self served greed game.

Thank you all for your gift of imminent,  but I’ve seen all your gifts, it’s mostly self service.  

EVIDENT BY THE RATE YOU ALL WISH FOR ZIM NOTES…while sacrificed nothing for Zimbabwe Sovereignty and is SADC people now HOSTAGE TO SANCTIONS GAMED MARKETS 

Markets are far free from any games , I’m nothing but I understand money to be goods,

Not toilet paper dollars held by WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION 



you’re threatening 7 billion of Humanity with propaganda.

This is a warning to Every CABAL LIE..

you’re definitely doning your worst 

I ask anything of God ? This can’t be the rewarded , while so much unimaginable harm has come through so much deceitfulness ???

I’m thinking we have long long to go to see Zimbabwe resurrected. 

Please reassess your times pan as gurus are looking for rewards NOT ACTUALLY AGREED UPON.

This will take some time ( probably not Iraq as it mercenaries money promised to kill) Years ago.

All else is still open…therefore no dates nor soon.

Truth Transparency Justice


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